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Injured? Here’s How Our Car Accident Lawyers Work For You.

The Millar Law Firm specializes in car accident cases involving injuries. You may be worried about how to pay for medical care, how to recover lost pay due to missing work, and how to receive fair compensation for your injury. We can help immediately. Learn what your accident case may be worth by calling or contacting us today.

Whether the accident was in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, our expert car accident lawyers will talk to you on the phone, in-person, or by email—at no charge. Our friendly and award-winning personal injury lawyers can give you great legal advice and start working on your claim TODAY.

No risk: We require no money up-front and we are not paid a legal fee unless you win money.

Simply Hiring a Top-Rated Injury Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Many people worry about the cost of paying a well-known attorney to handle their case. However, insurance industry studies show that accident victims who hire a car accident lawyer usually wind up with more money after the car accident lawyer is paid, than an adjuster was willing to offer before an attorney was hired.

How can this be? This is because even at the settlement stage, insurance adjusters and defense lawyers require everyone (victims and their lawyers) to be able to prove their claim as if the case were being determined in a Georgia courtroom. If an adjuster knows that you do not have an injury attorney, he or she will assume that you are not going to be able to “beat” the insurance company in court, and he or she will almost always automatically discount the settlement offer, usually by a lot.

The First Steps: Investigation and Your Notice of Claim

Often, an auto-insurance adjuster will tell an accident victim that their case has a very low value. This is especially true if the injured person has not yet hired a car accident lawyer.

When we represent you or your family, the law firm will immediately begin to investigate your case and notify the at-fault insurance company about your claim. When an insurance adjuster knows that you have hired a good car accident lawyer with a proven track record of success, your case is far more likely to be taken seriously. Your value of your claim will almost inevitably increase.

Top Ways to Investigate Your Car Accident Case

Investigation of a car accident case almost always begins with determining and proving who was at fault. If you do not already have an accident report, our firm will usually begin your case by getting the police report and the 911 calls and recordings. We interview witnesses and police officers. We also review your past and present medical bills, records, and history and help you prove the full extent of your injuries.

Investigation of the accident scene is just one of the first things we do to determine the facts of a case. Here are some of the things our attorneys and investigators do as we investigate motor-vehicle accident cases:

Photograph the scene and the cars, trucks, or motorcycles involved in the crash.

Interview other drivers, passengers, and eyewitnesses.

Obtain video from traffic cameras, nearby businesses, and police cars.

Hire top accident reconstruction experts to build and prove your case.

Review your medical care with your doctors, to prove all of your injuries.

Find and prove all relevant medical bills and lost wages, past and future

Georgia law requires you to not only prove who was at-fault in a collision, but also that all your injuries and lost pay were caused by the negligent driver. A good car accident lawyer will carefully build and present your case to the insurance company or defense attorney so that all of your damages are considered.

Your Damages: How Maximum Compensation Is Recovered

Ivory Roberson, Atlanta car accident lawyerGeorgia law allows you to recover the damages you are legally entitled to after a car accident. This means you may be paid your current, past, and future medical bills and other legal damages, such as pain and suffering.

Legal recoverable damages can include:

  • Expenses known as “Special Damages,” such as medical costs and billing, and past and future lost pay and earnings.
  • Harms and Losses known as “General Damages,” including physical pain and suffering and lost quality of life.
  • Future losses such as the costs of surgery or forced retirement due to a catastrophic injury.

Expenses, or special damages, can often be calculated by the car accident lawyer, or in more complicated cases, by an expert witness, such as a doctor or an economist. General damages are usually negotiated by the attorney with the insurance company’s adjuster or lawyer, or decided by a jury at trial.

How much compensation you are entitled to depends on the amount of your past and future medical bills and how long you suffered or will continue to suffer from your injury.

Fast Action Brings Better Results

Don’t delay. Fast investigation, immediate notice of claim, and prompt medical care are among the top things that can help you recover more compensation. Millar Law Firm attorneys offer sensible, practical legal advice about what steps you should take next. If you contact us today, we can even help you deal with problems like getting medical treatment when you do not have health insurance.

Delays, especially in getting your medical care, are often used against you by the insurance adjuster. A short delay of one or two weeks in seeking treatment after your crash may result in an adjuster arguing that you were “not hurt,” even if your injuries are obvious. Getting your injuries treated and properly documented are key to maximizing your motor vehicle accident claim.

Settlement Negotiation: Getting the Most Out of Your Case

Settlement agreement from a car accident that took place in atlantaOnce you have recovered from your injuries or your condition has reached maximum improvement, the next step is usually to negotiate settlement with the insurance company. The insurance company will try to pay out as little as possible—often by making excuses, like: You were “not badly hurt.” If you were seriously injured, they might make the accusation that your injuries were pre-existing.

In Georgia the best way to achieve a fair settlement is to present a demand package fully documenting everything, proving to the insurance company that you can beat them in a courtroom battle, if necessary. Our firm prepares demand packages that include:

  • Police and accident reconstruction reports
  • Photos of your injuries and the damage to your car, truck, or motorcycle
  • Your medical records
  • Your medical bills
  • Lost pay and earnings
  • Special narrative reports from your doctors explaining your condition
  • Expert reports explaining your future medical and economic losses

In most injury cases in the Atlanta area, the insurance company will only make a full and fair settlement offer when the adjuster or defense lawyer have been convinced that you have the evidence necessary to win your case in court.

Fortunately, many cases will settle once this level of proof is shown through a well-documented demand. However, if your case does not settle, you should have the proof needed to take them to court and win! The Millar Law Firm provides this level of proof and presentation; it is how we consistently achieve great results both inside and outside the court house.

Going to Court. Will a Lawsuit Be Necessary?

Most cases that are well-prepared and well-documented, and where prompt and necessary medical care was received, can be settled without a lawsuit. Cases involving complicated medical conditions or disputed facts may have to be filed in court. This is true also when the insurance adjuster is being especially stubborn and refuses to compromise.

In these cases, our attorneys will discuss your legal options with you and prepare you for what’s next. Even after a suit is filed, very few cases actually make it to trial. With the right preparation, it is very possible your case will settle after the insurance company reconsiders and makes a larger offer.

Should your case be called for trial, you can rest assured The Millar Law Firm will be ready. We have tried over 100 cases to verdict, and you are invited to review our case results here. Some of our best cases have been referred to us by judges who have seen our work in their courtrooms!

Handling Georgia Personal Injury Cases Since 1993

Your Best Choice: An Esteemed Atlanta Car Accident Law Firm

Does the law firm have top reviews and case results? What awards, honors, and special recognition does the firm have? Most reputable law firms share this information online.

Our attorneys have been AV rated (the top peer-rating award for lawyers), rated as Super Lawyers (another attorney-nominated top-tier award), and rated a perfect “10” on AVVO (rated by both attorneys and clients). In addition, we have earned an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Our Experienced Staff Achieves Top Results

Our legal staff is among the most experienced in Georgia. The average practice experience of our attorneys exceeds ten years. Most of our senior paralegal support staff have over twenty years of experience in personal injury law. You will have a difficult time finding a more qualified, experienced, and results-driven law firm.

Our attorneys and paralegals routinely attend Continuing Legal Education seminars all across the U.S.A. to stay on top of the latest legal trends and techniques. In the past two years we have attended legal seminars and trial colleges in Atlanta, Savannah, Decatur, Pensacola, Vail, Boston, Houston, and many other locations.

Neighbors Who Work for You

Many of the television commercials and billboards you see in and around Atlanta advertise law firms that are not even based in Georgia. When you call them, your call may be routed to a call-center in Florida, Alabama, or another state, and your case assigned to “local counsel” in Georgia.

Unlike those heavy advertisers, The Millar Law Firm has offices in Atlanta and South Atlanta. Our lawyers and staff are located right here. When you call us, your call is answered by the same experienced legal staff who will investigate and help with your case.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Infographic

Trusted Local Legal Advocates

You need an attorney located near you. Why trust your case to a firm from another state that will simply assign it to “local counsel”? Let us be your trusted personal injury attorney near you. Our firm regularly handles cases and has trials across the metro Atlanta Area. We have essential knowledge of the local courts, law enforcement, and judges that you need.

Our Reputation Precedes Us

Insurance companies track everything that car accident lawyers and injury law firms do. Adjusters know when you do not have an attorney and they know which Atlanta firms file cases and fight hard, and which ones will settle for less than full value.

Our Local Knowledge Can Help You

Imagine that you do not have medical insurance and need to see a doctor right away. Or that you are hurt and losing money because you cannot get to work. Do you know how to find a doctor or clinic that can treat you? How do you get a rental car when the insurance company is not calling you back? This is where our local resources and twenty-six years of networking can help. Call or contact us today. We are great at solving these and other unique problems that go along with being hurt in a motor vehicle wreck.

Georgia Car Accidents We Handle

We handle automobile injury cases in Atlanta and across the State of Georgia. These include:

  • Interstate highway accidents and crashes (I-75, I-85, I-285, I-16, and others)
  • City street and state highway crashes (the busiest streets and highways in Atlanta include our interstate highways, Peachtree Street and Buford Highway)
  • Intersection, stop sign, and traffic light collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Hit-and-run cases
  • Death and paralysis cases
  • Wrecks due to failure to yield or maintain lane
  • Injuries caused by DUI/drunk drivers
  • Head-on crashes
  • Distracted driving cases
  • Negligent and careless drivers
  • Speeding and reckless drivers
  • T-bone collisions
  • Multiple-car incidents

Our Atlanta-Area Law Firm Stands Out

Georgia’s top car accident lawyers are most likely to be attorneys who specialize in personal injury law. Because our lawyers work only on personal injury cases, we are ready and able to immediately explain your legal rights after a crash and give you the best advice. Our experience is specifically relevant to your injury, not other areas of legal practice.

  • We are NOT high-volume “TV” lawyers.

Our Mission: To Provide Fast, Helpful Client Service

Our firm takes special steps to help provide you with the best possible service. We assign at least two attorneys and two paralegal assigned to each case we accept. Our phones are answered 24/7, and we contact our clients regularly with updates and client satisfaction calls to ensure you are getting the best customer service.

Other Ways The Millar Law Firm Can Help

Uninsured and Underinsured Drivers (known as “UIM claims”). Unfortunately, due to the explosive growth in our area, many drivers on the roads in and near Atlanta do not have auto insurance. If you happen to be hit and injured by one of these drivers, you can be out of luck unless you or, in some cases, your employer has UIM coverage. Don’t expect an insurance company to explain that this coverage may be available—many times the claims handler is hoping you will not discover that UIM coverage exists. We check for UIM in every case we handle. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out this additional coverage exists.

Fighting the ‘canceled’ insurance policy or excluded driver. We have seen many cases in Atlanta where an insurance company tried to deny payment of a claim because the at-fault driver’s policy allegedly canceled just before the wreck, or the driver was allegedly excluded. Sometimes these excuses for refusing to pay your claim are bogus, such as when the policy was not properly cancelled or the car had been loaned to a “permissive driver” who is, in fact, covered by the policy.

Doctors who won’t see you because your injury is from a car accident. Many people are surprised to find out that their Georgia primary care doctor and some medical clinics refuse to treat them because the injury came from a car accident. We run into this several times per year in and near Atlanta. Some medical providers may refuse to accept your insurance for the same reason. Should this happen to you, call us. We have several successful ways of dealing with this problem.

Our Promise: To Work Hard and Offer the Best Possible Legal Service

Our mission is simple: to serve our clients like family. Most of our injury clients are referred to us by your Atlanta neighbors, former satisfied clients, other lawyers, and even judges who have seen our work. We promise to work hard to help you recover a settlement or award and to minimize your personal and medical costs.

Speak With a Lawyer Within Minutes at No Cost

When You Need Immediate Help, We Are Here

Our phones are answered 24/7, and our website offers operator-chat support. If you have been injured after-hours or on a weekend or holiday, call us and speak to an attorney today. Your call will be promptly answered and in the case of any serious injury, one of our attorneys will speak with you on the phone within minutes.

We are ready to explain how to recover money to cover your medical expenses, lost pay, and the damage to your car, SUV, or truck. We can usually begin to investigate your case on the same day you call, email, or chat with us.

Determining How Much Your Car Accident Case Is Worth

Assessing the value of your claim requires full investigation of the facts, the law, and your medical condition. Although it is not always possible to give you an exact figure right away, it is likely that one of our attorneys can give you some idea of case value, and whether it is necessary to hire a car accident lawyer. We pride ourselves in only taking cases that will result in a good experience and outcome for you, the injured client.

Proving Your Injuries and Recovering Money After a Car Accident

Money doesn’t mean happiness will be restored after a car or truck crash, but it certainly helps you get back on your feet. We help with that and keep you informed and involved every step of the way toward your recovery. Some of our clients have received quite a lot of money at the end of their case, which has gone a long way toward relieving some of their burden and worry.

Types of Car Accident Injuries The Millar Law Firm Handles and How We Prove Them:

Car accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries. Generally speaking, we can and do handle any injury that is proven to have been caused (known as ‘proximate cause’) by your crash. Although some injuries are more common than others, this does not mean the insurance company will not fight to keep from paying maximum compensation.

Neck and Whiplash-Type Injuries.

One of the most common injuries we handle are whiplash or neck injury claims. This type of injury is often caused by rear-end crashes but can happen in any traumatic collision. Insurance adjusters often try to claim that these injuries are a minor inconvenience, are being exaggerated, are pre-existing, or don’t exist at all. Do not be fooled. Neck injuries need to be taken seriously and can often include damage to discs or ligaments. See a doctor right away if you are having severe neck pain after a collision.

Back Injuries.

Another common injury caused by car accidents is damage to the upper, mid, or low back. Because back pain is a common complaint among people generally, insurance adjusters often fight back injury cases and try to claim that the back pain or injury was already there before the wreck. If you are having back pain after a car accident, don’t wait to see a doctor or hospital. Get treatment right away to document that this is a new injury. It is not uncommon for back injuries to be quite severe and valuable cases.

Wrongful Death.

For twenty-six years The Millar Law Firm has successfully handled many wrongful death injury claims, including cases where the victim was, at first, blamed for causing the crash. We carefully investigate the cause of the accident at no charge to you and your family. We have recovered millions of dollars for the surviving family members of wrongful death victims. For more information, please review our Georgia wrongful death service pages.

Head, Face, and Brain (TBI) Injuries.

Head and brain injuries can occur in both high- and low-speed car accidents. If you or a loved one is having headaches, dizziness, or memory or personality changes after a crash, it is important to be evaluated as soon as possible. TBI, or traumatic brain injury, can be proven by clinical observation and/or by diagnostic studies such as MRI’s.

Other injuries.

Our firm can handle any injury suffered in a car accident, such as broken bones, road rash, burns, lacerations, shoulder injuries, and more. We work carefully with your doctors and accident reconstruction experts to prove the cause of your injuries.

Helpful Local and Georgia Laws Related to Car Accident Cases

Georgia Automobile Insurance and UIM

Georgia requires every driver to have insurance coverage of at least $25,000.00 per person and $50,000.00 per accident to cover ‘at-fault’ bodily injury and property damage. Georgia law requires an insurance company to have an insured sign a waiver declining uninsured or underinsured (UIM) coverage or when purchasing lower UIM than bodily injury limits, or you are automatically covered to at least the liability insurance limit.

“At Fault” State

The State of Georgia is what is known as an at-fault state, meaning that the driver who caused the accident and injuries is to pay for all damages caused, such as your injuries, lost pay, and the damage to your car.

Punitive Damages Caps

Georgia has a $250,000.00 damages cap for awards of punitive damages in personal injury cases. This cap, however, does not apply to drunk driving cases. There are no caps for general and special damages (meaning for your pain and suffering and proven economic losses).

Georgia Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

For most car accident injury claims, Georgia has a two-year statute of limitations, meaning that if your case is not settled within two years, you must file a lawsuit before the two-year anniversary of your injury to preserve your right to recover money. There are some exceptions to this rule, so be sure to do some additional research or call a personal injury lawyer if you are near or beyond the two-year limitation period and no lawsuit has been filed.

Don’t Settle Your Injury Case Before Speaking to an Attorney

Do Not Sign A Release or Settlement Agreement Too Quickly

Automobile collisions never come at a convenient time and insurance adjusters may contact you claiming to offer help, but they may try to get you to settle early for a low settlement offer before you know the full amount of your medical bills, lost work and pay, or damage.

It is important that you do not sign a settlement release until the full extent of your current and future damages is known. Once you sign the release, you may not be able to recover more money in the future, even if you discover that your injures or losses are greater than you knew when you signed the settlement agreement.

Don’t Give A Recorded Statement Without First Getting Legal Advice

Insurance adjusters can and will use your recorded statement against you. If you tell the adjuster you are “fine” when you are not certain, the adjuster may use the statement to claim you are exaggerating your injuries if it later turns out your condition is more serious. In most cases involving a motorcycle or automobile crash, we recommend that you decline to give a recorded statement or written statement to an insurance adjuster and politely let the adjuster know he or she will soon hear from your car accident lawyer.

The First Settlement Offer is Rarely The Best Offer

One of the goals of an insurance company is to settle your injury claim as quickly as possible and for the least money possible. If you are approached immediately by an adjuster with a settlement offer while you are still under treatment, beware. If you settle your claim before the full extent of harm is known, or if you accept the first offer made, it is almost certain you are leaving money on the table.

Even if you choose not to hire a car accident lawyer, it is probably in your best interest to take advantage of the free consultation most lawyers offer. You owe it to yourself to find out what your case may be worth.

Receive Trusted Legal Advice From The Best Lawyers Near You

Our experienced automobile attorneys can help and advise you about how to deal with these common questions and issues:

  • How do I pay my hospital and medical bills after a crash?
  • Can I recover past and future lost pay?
  • What should I do to get my car repaired and recover diminished value?
  • How much do Atlanta area car accident attorneys charge in fees?
  • What are the best kinds of lawyers and law firms to work on bodily injury cases?
  • Can my medical costs be reduced so that I can take home more of my settlement?

Our attorneys have over seventy-five years’ combined personal injury experience. Most members of our support staff have over twenty years’ legal experience, each. Very few Georgia law firms have our depth of experience. Chances are, no matter what you come up against, we have seen it before and can give you immediate expert advice.

How Long Does a Typical Car Accident Case in Atlanta Take?

We recommend that you do not settle your car accident injury claim until you are done with your medical care, or until your future medical condition and needs are known. Thus, many car accident cases will settle two or three months after your medical care ends. If a lawsuit is necessary—either because the facts of your case are in dispute or the insurance company is refusing to make a fair settlement offer—civil suits in the Atlanta area usually take between one and two years after filing before they are called for trial.

Contact Our Law Firm Immediately

We have built our firm and our careers around the core values of personal service, continuous improvement, commitment, and professionalism. Because we value all of our clients, we welcome you to come in at any time for a meeting with your car accident lawyer—try that at a high-volume television or billboard law firm. Call or contact us, and you will immediately see we are serious about our core values.

How much compensation you are entitled to usually depends upon the extent or severity of your injury or injuries. It also depends upon the amount of your past and future medical bills and how long you suffered or will continue to suffer from your injury.

Ready to hire our firm, or just want to have your questions answered at no obligation? The Millar Law Firm’s phones are answered 24/7. Call 770-400-0000 (think “770-Four-Million”), use the contact form on this website, or chat with our operator. Contact us today and speak with a car accident lawyer today.