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Car Accident Lawyer

The Millar Law Firm has specialized in car accident injury law for over 29 years. When you need experience and immediate help, put our expertise to work for you.

After a car accident you may have many questions such as:  How do I get a rental car? Who is responsible for my medical care and lost pay?  And, How much my case is worth? Answers are a phone call or an email away.   

Contact the office today and you can be connected to a friendly, knowledgeable (and most importantly an) experienced attorney who can answer your questions.  Receive a free, in-depth consultation by telephone or in-person with a car accident lawyer. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and maintaining an open line of communication with clients.

 Our team of attorneys, paralegals and accident investigators will help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries, loss wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.  Studies show that insurance companies offer more money when victims of negligence and car accidents are represented by an attorney. Let us fight the insurance company for you. We will carry the load, while you recover.


Hospital Emergency Room entrance.
Image of a car smashed
A bike on the ground next to a car

Truck Accident Lawyer

Injured in a trucking accident and need a great legal team?

Here is how we can help you! Many lawyers advertise for truck accident cases, but do not actually have experience in handling trucking claims.  The Millar Law Firm has handled dozens of serious truck accident cases from multi-million-dollar claims, to smaller road-wrecks.  

Truck accident claims require special experience and expertise.  They are not simply larger car wrecks. This is because in the more-serious injury cases, the trucking company and its insurance carrier will begin their own investigation within hours, and sometimes, minutes of the crash.  To counter this, you need your own team of attorneys and accident reconstruction experts who will begin to investigate as soon as you contact your attorney. 

After a truck accident, important evidence must be discovered and preserved, such as witnesses statements, driving logs, dash cam video, truck maintenance and inspection schedules, and onboard electronic data.  Very often, this evidence can be used to prove that the crash was due to the negligence of both the truck driver and his or her company. To do a proper investigation takes the right staff, the right experts, and the right resources.  

In an accident with a large commercial truck you may also have many questions, such as who is responsible and how will my medical expenses and lost wages be paid? When you call or contact our firm, you can speak with an experienced attorney right away, at no charge.  Many of your most important and urgent questions can be answered as soon as you call or meet and speak with us. 

Trucking cases can be some of the hardest fought claims. Here at The Millar Law Firm, we push back against big trucking companies. We’ve gotten clients millions of dollars for the injuries caused by trucking accidents. Let us help you with a free consultation today.


A truck turned over on its side
truck rolled over

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you have been hurt or have lost a family member in a motorcycle accident that was not the biker’s fault, you deserve compensation.  Many motorcycle crashes involve severe injury, leaving victims and families with many questions, such as who must pay for emergency room and surgery bills and future medical care (in some cases, lasting a lifetime), and how to recover future lost pay and income benefits?

The Millar Law Firm has answered these questions for many of your fellow citizens of Georgia and can do the same for you.  We have recovered millions of dollars for bikers who have suffered catastrophic injuries, which means astronomical medical bills.  We encourage anyone looking for a successful and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to review our recent case results.  

Call us today and you will be able to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Today. Our consultations and case reviews are free and our mission is to work hard to get you fair and fast results.


A motorcycle on the ground flipped over

Bike Accident Lawyer

The first question you should ask your lawyer is whether he or she has handled many bicycle accident cases.  If the answer is “no,” we suggest you keep looking.

You need and deserve a lawyer who specializes in accident cases involving bicycles.  It is very likely that your bike accident happened because the at-fault motorist did not see you.  Insurance companies for cars and trucks frequently try to pin the blame on bike riders, even when the accident was clearly the driver’s fault.  Insurance adjusters will also often try to minimize your injuries or blame you for failing to wear enough protective gear, or some other excuse.

We have handled numerous serious bicycle accidents all across Georgia, and we can answer your questions today.  Many of our bicycle accident cases have involved serious injuries requiring hospitalization, surgery, paralysis and wrongful death.  We understand that you may have many questions such as how to prove your case, where will the money come from, and how will my future needs be taken care of? 

 Our office is available to speak with you or a family member of an injured bicyclist today.  Our phones are answered 24/7. When you call our office, you will be patched through to a compassionate and experience attorney right away, or your call will be returned swiftly by an attorney (not a call center, like many TV law firms), even at night or on the weekends.  We provide a free, in-depth consultation. We are committed to thoroughly investigating and helping you build the strongest biking claim possible.


Drunk and Drugged Driving Car Accident Lawyer

The Millar Law Firm represents Georgia residents and visitors who have been hit and hurt by drunk, drugged and intoxicated drivers.  We’ve all heard about drunk DUI drivers who seriously injured or killed others who walked away from the car or truck accident without a scratch or with only minimal injuries.  When you have been injured or have lost a loved one because of a driver who is drunk or high on illegal or prescription drugs, you want justice.

Our law firm can help you, today. Our firm has successfully recovered over millions of dollars for clients injured by DUI drivers.  The State of Georgia allows victims injured by DUI and intoxicated drivers to make claims or bring legal action for both compensatory and punitive damages.  Business, such as taverns or stores that serve or sell alcohol to noticeably intoxicated drivers can also, in certain cases, be held financially accountable for drunk driving accidents – this is known as the Georgia Dram Shop Law.

When you or your family have been devastated by an intoxicated driver, the damages that you may be entitled to include medical bills, lost pay, pain and suffering and punitive damages.  In Georgia, punitive damages are allowed as a way to punish drunk and drugged drivers and to discourage them from doing it again.  

Have questions?  Contact our firm to learn more about how we can get the most money for your drunk or drugged driving injury claim.  Even if you are not ready to hire a lawyer yet, you may call or email and speak to a friendly and knowledgeable attorney to have your questions answered with no pressure or obligation to hire the law firm.  Our mission is to help you receive Justice.

An image of a police officer arresting a drunk man

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accident cases often require a very determined, thorough and specialized attorney.  As you may already know, in Georgia, when a pedestrian is hit by a car or truck, it is not uncommon for the at-fault driver to flee the scene (known as a hit and run) or for the police to blame the victim.  This is especially true when the person hit by a motor vehicle is badly hurt or has been killed and cannot tell first responders what happened.

In over 29 years of personal injury practice, attorney Bruce Millar and the Millar Law Firm have handled many pedestrian accident cases.  We have a team of investigators and a highly experienced staff of attorneys and paralegals who have not only handled many pedestrian accident clams, but have taken these challenging cases to trial. 

Prompt and detailed investigation are our keys to success. You may have many questions, such as doesn’t the pedestrian always have the right of way?  Or, how does insurance pay for things such as medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, and permanent injury and loss of quality of life.  Call or contact us today and our attorneys will speak with you and evaluate your case at no charge.


A bike on the ground next to a car
A crosswalk signal screen, telling a person to wait

Dog Bite Lawyer

Whether you have been bitten, attacked or knocked down and injured by a dog, our dog bite lawyers may be able to help.  Homeowners, business or renter’s insurance usually covers dog bites and attacks. However, as many victims soon discover, dog owners and small businesses often do not want to accept full responsibility for the attack or may refuse to turn your claim over to their insurance company.

We are ready to answer your questions, such as: What should I do when the dog owner refuses to talk to me or pay my bills?  Can a child, a guest, a neighbor or a delivery person bring a dog bite claim or case? How do I obtain or get an animal control report made?  Can I recover the cost of medical care, rabies shots or scar repair (scar revision)? And, what if I was bitten by a Pit Bull, Akita, Chow or other dog breed that has a ‘reputation’ for being dangerous?

The Millar Law Firm is among the leading dog bite attorneys in Georgia.  We handle several new serious dog bite and attack cases each month and have seen all of the dog owner’s excuses, many times.  A large percentage of our legal practice is now dedicated to representing and recovering money for children and adults who have been bitten or seriously mauled.  

Georgia dog bite cases are often serious, high value claims.  In most cases, we recommend that you speak to an attorney before attempting to settle with the dog’s owner or their insurance company.  Even if you are not sure if you need or want to hire a lawyer, please call or contact us. We will answer all of your questions free of charge and let you know how we can be of service.

A dog biting a persons hand

Slip & Fall Injury Lawyer

If you slipped or tripped and have been injured due to the negligence of a business, store, retailer, apartment or condo, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost work and pain and suffering.

When a Georgia business or property owner has failed to keep its premises safe and free from a slip or trip and fall hazard, our expert slip and fall lawyers can help.  Georgia law requires property owners and managers to keep areas free from slippery substances, uneven floors and steps, trip hazards, dim lighting, and other dangerous conditions. 

 Many times, your slip and fall could have been prevented if the property had been correctly maintained and inspected. In fact, Georgia law requires that property owners to keep their premises and approaches in a reasonably safe condition. For example, a slip and fall in a grocery store on a wet and/or slippery substance can be prevented if store employees and/or owners are checking the aisles and walkways frequently to discover the hazard and ensure the safety of customers. Slip and trip and falls may also occur from undiscovered tripping hazards, holes, uneven walkways, fallen merchandise, and in many other ways. 

Fast action to preserve your rights is often necessary.  We recommend that you discuss what to do after your slip/trip and fall with our office or with another attorney as soon as possible. It is usually very important that you notify the store or premises, that you begin medical care right away, and that a legal request to preserve evidence such as video surveillance recordings be sent to the business.

Want to learn more?  Call or contact us for a free telephone consultation with an attorney today.


A person on the ground calling for help
Businessman slipping on a wet floor drops phone and briefcase

Dangerous Drugs & Product Lawyer

When you have been injured by a dangerous drug, pharmaceutical or product, or have suffered severe and harmful side effects from a prescription, you have certain legal rights.  You may have a claim to seek recovery of your medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of your quality of life.

In some cases, injuries can occur despite the proper use and/or consumption of a medication or product.  Other times, a negligent defect in design, manufacture, storage or maintenance of a product has harmed you. 

Our law firm is here to help you.  If you have been harmed by a dangerous or defective product, medication or drug, our Georgia lawyers will investigate and discuss your possible legal options.  Contact our firm today to find out how we can fight for you.

Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have been hurt on a business or in a private area, such as a store, shopping mall, apartment complex, or a private home, we can investigate and help you today.  In many cases we can help you recover compensation for medical expenses, earnings loss, and more.

Georgia law requires that property owners to maintain their premises and approaches in reasonably safe conditions. This applies to any known hazards, covering many areas from slippery and dangerous entrances, hallways and aisles, to negligent security.

Premises liability cases we handle include negligent security (robberies, rapes and sexual assaults), construction defects, rotted and decaying porches and railings, and many other injuries caused by negligent failure to keep an area safe.

Under Georgia law, property owners generally have a duty to conduct reasonable inspections of their premises and take action to repair, improve or remove any known hazards so as to protect those that come onto their premises lawfully. Some premises owners such as stores, gas stations, restaurants, clubs and apartment complexes may be required to have security measures to keep customers and residents safe if there is a known danger.

A crime scene with the premises blocked off

Wrongful Death Lawyer 

For the past 29 years, The Millar Law Firm has been representing Georgia families who have lost loved ones due to the negligence of another person, company or government.  We fully investigate and handle wrongful death cases in the Atlanta area and throughout the entire State of Georgia.

We will consult with you and your family free of charge and our cases are handled on contingency fee agreements, meaning that we never charge you a fee unless we recover money in your case.  There are up-front or out of pocket charges when you hire the firm.

Some wrongful death cases can be very expensive and complex.  Because of our past success, highly experienced staff and investigators, and our many years in practice, we have the necessary resources and connections to handle almost any wrongful death case. We invite anyone looking for a wrongful death attorney to review our case results and client testimonials, both here and on independent attorney review websites.

Call or contact us at any time and speak with an attorney today.  Our consultations and case evaluations can be done by telephone or in-person and are always free of charge.

A wrongful death document

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Placing your retired elderly parents into a professional assisted living home should never be a risk. Unfortunately with the abuse offered by under-trained, and overworked medical unit staff at these homes, it is a serious risk of abuse. The abuse is  prevalent throughout Georgia. We want it to stop, and if your loved one is experiencing it, we want to help you take legal action against the nursing home abuse company. Check our Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer page to learn more.