Our Experience:  Large Claims Against Drunk Drivers and Negligent Businesses

We help injured persons and their families receive the compensation needed to recover complete justice.  Some examples of our drunk driving settlements and verdicts include:

  • $1.75 Million (full policy limits) Recovered against a drunk driver and a tavern that over-served alcohol for causing a crash that killed a local fire-fighter.
  • $350,000 ($50,000 policy limit) Our firm recovered, and our client was paid a settlement of six-times the limit of the drunk driver’s insurance policy after his insurance company failed to pay the settlement demand and later tried to blame the victim.
  • $320,000($25,000 policy limit and only $9,000 in medical bills) After the insurance company failed to pay the claim against a drunk company employee, our firm took the case to trial and received a verdict of over three-hundred-thousand dollars.
  • $465,000 – DUI settlement against the United States Army.  Our client was injured after an on-duty Army officer became intoxicated at a dinner hosted by Top Brass.

Fast Help When You Need It Most

We understand that when you have been hurt, you have medical bills, and your car has been totaled or damaged by a drunk driver, you need legal advice right away.  

Contact us today to discuss your case.  When you call, email or chat with us, you can speak to a lawyer from The Millar Law Firm free of charge.  

By contacting us today, we can discuss (consultations are free) the facts of your case and the options available to you to recover money for your bills and trauma.  If we can accept your case, the law firm will represent you on a contingency-fee basis. This means that you won’t pay any fees for our services unless we recover money for you.

Drunk Driving Accident Cases We Handle In Atlanta and Across the State

Common drunk and drugged driving cases we accept include:

  • Rear-end collisions caused by intoxication
  • Head-on or crossing the center line crashes
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Brain Injuries and Paralysis (spinal cord cases)
  • Fractured bones and Herniated Discs
  • Wrongful Death
  • Claims for Negligent Entrustment of a Vehicle to a Drunk Driver
  • Lawsuits against businesses for serving intoxicated customers

How are DUI Accident Victims and Families Compensated in Atlanta?

In many cases, the drunk driver’s insurance company can be made to pay for the injury and all of the harm caused.  This means that if you were hit by a drunk driver with insurance, there is often at least some insurance coverage that can help.  If a business is responsible for over-serving alcohol to a customer, the company may also be responsible for the damages caused.

Georgia law allows those who are injured by drunk drivers or who lose family members in DUI accidents to be paid for losses through personal injury and wrongful death claims.  Usually this means through a settlement or legal action filed against the impaired driver or, in some cases, a business for over-serving alcohol.  

Holding Negligent Businesses Accountable in a Georgia DUI Injury Case

A case against a business such as a bar, tavern, restaurant or store, for knowingly serving a person beyond is the point of intoxication, knowing her or she is likely to soon be driving, is commonly called a Dram Shop case.  See O.C.G.A. 51-1-40.

Pain and Suffering  

Like other negligent drivers, pain and suffering is compensable when you or a loved one is hit by a drunk driver.

Punitive Damages  

In addition to paying compensation for injuries suffered in an accident, the party or parties responsible for a Georgia drunk driving crash may be ordered to pay punitive damages as well. These damages are meant as a form of punishment and to discourage future driving while drunk or drugged. Unlike some other types of personal injury cases, there is no cap on damages in Georgia drunk driving accident cases. Driving drunk is often considered reckless, which can result in a much larger payout than your standard car accident lawsuit.