Atlanta Drunk Driving (DUI) Injury Lawyers

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Atlanta Drunk Driving (DUI) Injury Lawyers

What Sets The Millar Law Firm Apart in DUI Injury Claims?

Championing the Rights of Victims Against Drunk and Impaired Drivers

At The Millar Law Firm, our dedication runs deep in representing victims harmed by drunk and impaired motorists. We staunchly believe that such drivers must face the full weight of their recklessness, and we relentlessly pursue the compensation our clients rightfully deserve.

Under no circumstances do we represent or defend individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Such drivers endanger innocent lives, and aiding them is contrary to our core values.

Should you find yourself bearing the scars of another’s impaired judgement, know that our mission is unwavering: standing with you, for you.

A Meticulous Investigation Can Unlock Additional Insurance Coverage

In the realm of DUI injury claims, a meticulous investigation is pivotal to uncover every avenue of available insurance coverage. Through our detailed probes, we have, on multiple occasions, revealed hidden insurance layers previously unknown to the victims. With increased coverage unveiled, the prospects for obtaining higher compensation rise significantly.

Diving Deep into Georgia’s Dram Shop Cases

In Georgia, holding businesses—be it bars, taverns, restaurants, or stores—accountable for recklessly serving alcohol to individuals who then drive is termed a “Dram Shop” case, as outlined in O.C.G.A. 51-1-40. The Millar Law Firm has an impressive portfolio of successfully managed Dram Shop DUI claims.

For instance, if our investigations reveal that an intoxicated driver had been at a store, house party, or restaurant prior to the accident, we delve deeper to ascertain if the establishment or host had acted negligently by serving or selling them alcohol and then, fully aware, allowed them to drive.

Seeking Punitive Damages Against DUI Offenders

In Georgia, driving under the influence isn’t just dangerous—it’s deemed reckless. Such recklessness can lead to the awarding of punitive damages, designed to act as a stern warning against future instances of DUI. Uniquely, Georgia DUI injury claims stand apart from other personal injury cases in that there’s no cap on the damages that can be awarded for DUI-related accidents.

Pursuing Compensation for Pain and Suffering in DUI Accidents

Being a victim of a DUI accident in Georgia may entitle you to compensation for both the physical and emotional trauma. However, despite the evident negligence of drunk drivers, insurance companies often resort to either refuting or downplaying pain and suffering claims. But with a seasoned DUI injury attorney by your side, the scales can be balanced in your favor.

A Comprehensive Look at Damages in DUI Injury Cases

Beyond standard compensations, there exists a broader spectrum of damages victims can claim in DUI injury cases. At The Millar Law Firm, we advocate for your right to recover compensation for:

Our Track Record: Robust Claims Against DUI Offenders and Irresponsible Establishments

The Millar Law Firm stands out with a legacy of triumphant outcomes in DUI injury cases:

  • $1.75 Million (Full Policy Limits): Secured against both a drunk driver and a tavern found guilty of overserving. The tragic crash took the life of a local firefighter.
  • $350,000 (Policy Limit of $50,000): Despite the insurance company’s initial refusal to honor the settlement demand—later attempting to shift blame onto the victim—our firm prevailed, obtaining a settlement that was six times the policy limit of the offending driver.
  • $320,000 (Policy Limit of $25,000 with Medical Bills of Only $9,000): When faced with an insurance company’s reluctance to settle a claim involving a drunken employee of a company, we championed our client’s cause in court. The result? A verdict exceeding three hundred thousand dollars.
  • $465,000 Settlement Against the U.S. Army: Our client’s life was upended following an incident with an inebriated on-duty Army officer, who had been overserved at an exclusive event hosted by military leadership.

With us, justice isn’t just a concept—it’s a commitment.

Tackling Drunk Driving Cases in Atlanta and Throughout Georgia

We’re dedicated to addressing the full spectrum of DUI cases, ranging from Atlanta’s city streets to every corner of our state. The categories of cases we take on include:

  • Drivers impaired by marijuana.
  • Individuals compromised by excessive use of over-the-counter medications.
  • Drivers under the influence of illicit substances, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin.
  • Motorists abusing opioids or prescription painkillers.
  • Those driving while intoxicated by alcoholic beverages.
  • With our experience, we strive to make Georgia’s roads safer for everyone.

The staff here is wonderful! They have helped me through each step of my case and are very easy to talk to and always provide helpful answers. They have made this process much less stressful. I would recommend them to anyone suffering from a vehicle collision. 

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Melissa V.

Kickstarting Your DUI Legal Claim: A Simple Guide

Initiating a DUI legal claim with us is a straightforward process. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Reach Out: Give our firm a call. We pride ourselves on providing complimentary consultations, ensuring all your questions are addressed without any strings attached or financial obligations.
  • Case Evaluation: Schedule a session with one of our seasoned injury attorneys. We’ll meticulously assess the details and guide you on the potential strength of your claim.
  • Focus on Healing: While you prioritize your well-being and recovery, we’ll shoulder the legal intricacies, striving to secure justice and rightful compensation.

Our Commitment: No Victory, No Fee

We recognize the potential financial strain of legal pursuits. Thus, we champion a clear-cut “No-Win, No-Fee” policy. Simply put, if we can’t secure a financial victory for you, you owe us nothing in legal fees.

Ready to Take the Next Step? Reach out now at 770-400-0000. Let’s embark on this journey together.