Personal Injury Client Testimonials for The Millar Law Firm

“I was very pleased with the job that The Millar Law Firm did on my case. Joe Baker was always professional and always answered all of my questions. I will recommend them to others in my situation.”

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- Larry Nelson

“Everyone at The Millar Law Firm was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It was refreshing to deal with honest professionals to help us during this time. We also appreciate how protective they were of our girls who were involved in this accident.”

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- Taiti Pitts and Roderick Pitts
Client Cassandra Gilliam

“I was completely satisfied with the service I received from the firm. Everyone always explained things. My calls were always returned in a timely manner. The attorneys would often rotate calls to me to just to check up and see how I was doing and asked if I need anything.”

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- Cassandra Gilliam
Client Dranetta Love

“The Millar Law Firm provided great service. Any time I called, Joe was there to help. He wasn’t concerned with his time, but more so my time. He wanted to make sure I understood what was going on with our case. I would recommend The Millar Law Firm to anyone. Not too big, but big enough to get the job done.”

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- Dranetta Love
Client Angela Dotson

“Kristen Pitts and the staff at The Millar Law Firm have been very professional and courteous during the whole process. I wouldn’t have been able to handle the stress of this situation without them taking it into their own hands!”

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- Angela Dotson
Client Brandy Dukes

“I never would have thought my settlement would be as much as I have received. I am very pleased with the staff at The Millar Law Firm and would refer them to anyone.”

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- Brandy M. Dukes

“Thank you Mr. Millar so much. I will be back one day.”

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- Greg George
Client Anthony Love

“I was very pleased with The Millar Law Firm, LLC! They were very professional and handled my case in a timely manner. One thing I really liked about the firm was that they gave me right expectation and was very honest. I was very pleased with the way they kept in contact with me. I was well advised and kept informed during the case. I would suggest that if you want an attorney who will be honest and go after your claim or case, choose The Millar Law Firm, LLC.”

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- Anthony Love

““Simply The Best” Compassionate, Caring, Conclusive. I could not be more satisfied with the final outcome of my auto accident case. I fervently recommend to anyone involved in an auto, truck, motorcycle, or personal injury accident to call Bruce Millar and his dynamic legal team of professionals. When you need the BEST results call the BEST team, The Millar Law Firm.”

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- Dr. Joey Fortner CAGA, Ph,D

“I felt confident that I had chosen a great law firm the fist time I called this company. First impressions are very important and that starts with whoever answers the phone, this sets the tone for what is to follow. From that point they assured me that they would do their best for me. They kept me informed about everything happening during my case, returned my calls and answered my emails. I was treated professionally at all times. They understood my specific business and needs. They were personal and that shows me they cared about my case. They projected confidence that they were capable of doing a great job for me. The case is over and they are still in contact with me. Personal care……”

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- Darnell Anthony

“All I have to say is they did a great job.”

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- Terrell Coleman

“Kristen Pitts was very professional and caring about my case. She kept regular contact on how I was doing health-wise, and all around Bruce Millar provided me the best advice as far as settling or going to trial and the risks involved. Thank you for your great service!”

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- John Githongo

“Dear Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Millar, My husband and I would like to thank you for all the work you did for my husband’s accident. After he was hit by a driver under the influence and unfortunately had his car totaled, there were not very many lawyers that wanted to take on his case because our insurance company had such a bad reputation of being such an impossible company to deal with. You didn’t just take on his case, but received the highest amount possible which was 25,000. We are extremely grateful to the two of you for putting all your time and efforts into such a relatively small money value case. Mr. Sullivan was a true professional. He worked hard and diligently for my husband. We spoke long and hard about proceeding with the case concerning Mr. Benedicts’ signature. Understanding you are true trial lawyers we had confidence in you both. My husband felt horrible about requesting to accept the 25,000 and not to proceed further. Our lives are difficult now, a new job for my huband, my health as well as my daughters. She is starting a new very expensive medication called XYREM which is 10,000 a month before insurance. Continuing with going to court, taking off work etc., it was just more than we felt we as a family could handle right now. It had nothing to do w our confidence in you both as attorneys. We can’t say enough good things about your firm. Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Millar, you both came across as attorney’s who want what is right and just. We thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. If we can in any way put a shout out about your firm in any way possible, please just ask. I hope you understand our decision. Sincerely,”

- David and Catherine

“Dear Steve, Thank you so much for helping me so much! I am so lucky to have met you. This experience was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, and with your help, I made it through. You have given me so much more than what a lawyer should. You have been my wonderful lawyer, therapist, and friend too. I will never forget you or the kindness and patience you showed me. I really wouldn’t be healing so well if I hadn’t met you. Keep in touch and thank you again!”

- S.D.

“Kristen Pitts was wonderful to work with. She was sympathetic, charismatic, and very detail oriented. She was very straight forward and reachable for any questions I had for her or the paralegals. She was able to settle my case for what is was worth and had my best interest at heart. I will refer this firm to my friends, family, and colleagues. They are excellent at what they do!!”

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- Vita Sanders

“I am very pleased with the [way] my case turned out. I came into this case not knowing much about how a lawsuit works and [what] I was getting into. My attorney, Kristin Pitts, explained everything well and I would like to thank her for her job well done. She took time to follow-up with me and explain everything step by step. Thank you.”

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- Mykeela Cox

“My experience with the firm was a very good one. All of the lawyers were very professional and friendly. I would refer them to anybody that I know who needed a good lawyer, and wanted to win their case.”

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- Jacob King

“I’m so happy I chose The Millar Law Firm to represent me in my case. I would recommend [them] to anyone needing legal help. Love the staff!!”

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- Anonymous

“I was treated very well by The Millar Law Firm and I recommend them to anyone in need of good lawyers.”

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- Nola J. Blayton, Former Client

“Excellent representation. The Millar Law Firm exceeded my expectations and communicated my case to me in a clear and concise presentation. I’m thoroughly satisfied!”

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- Anonymous

“The “A-Team” of The Millar Law Firm showed a level of knowledge, preparedness, and communication that only a top shelf professional organization could provide. They provided the medical expertise to insure a favorable decision but beyond their professionalism, they showed how much they truly were concerned for my well-being. My personal thanks Millar, Debbie, and Kelly for always being there for me.”

- Daniel C. Shin

“Dear Bruce: I hired your law firm after reading the testimonials on your website. Being from a different country (Baja California, Mexoco) and trying to trust a lawyer from a long distance was a very difficult thing for my wife and I. Your law firm did everything you promised you would do. I very strongly recommend your firm to anyone looking for a lawyer. Spartanburg, South Carolina”

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- Pierce and Valerie O’Shaunghessey

“Dear Mr. Millar: Thank you so much for the professional way you handled my son’s case. You were compassionate, thorough, and unrelenting. The monetary compensation you obtained for my son will give him a new chance in life. May God Bless you. Sincerely,”

- P.R. Harris

“Bruce and Christinia handled our case as if it was the only case that they had. Christinia kept me posted and updated in everything that was occurring in my case. I’d definitely come back and suggest that if you want to win your case, this would be the place to go.”

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- Katherine

“I am really happy about how this law firm handled my case. I was very confident from the very beginning. If I have any legal matters in the future, I would let this law firm handle it. Locust Grove, Georgia”

- Stacy Hiett

“Dear Bruce, We have just moved to Florida, but I wanted to write and say thank you for all you have done for my family. Over the past twelve years, you and your firm have always been more than I can say, I really don’t know how to say what you have meant to us. If we ever need a lawyer, you are the first person we will call!”

- Dwanyne Weems

“I am a claims adjuster so unfortunately I cannot disclose my name, however I would like to say that The Millar Law Firm provided excellent customer service and they were able to professionally resolve my situation and keep me in the loop. Thank you to all the staff involved in my case!”

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- Anonymous

“Mr. Millar, You did a wonderful job on my case. I was referred to you by a friend who you had represented on another car accident case. I felt like you and Debbie always took very good care of me. You kept me informed about my case and you and your staff met with me whenever I needed something. I was very satisfied with your advice and the amount of my settlement. Thank you.”

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- Tommy Herndon

“Dear Mr. Millar, Thank you for the prompt work you did in settling my case! I used to work as a claims manager in the insurance industry, and I have seen many attorneys who drag their feet and don’t work hard to represent their clients. You and your staff kept me informed of what was happening in my case at all times and quickly got me a settlement I feel was very good. The Millar Law Firm is a credit to the legal profession. I will refer others to your firm if I get the chance. Eatonton, Georgia”

- Gloria Baker

“Mr. Millar, Thank you for the great job you and your staff did on my case! I got great personal service from your law firm. Your staff is the best, always friendly and professional! Thanks again. Stockbridge, Georgia.”

- Mike Tate

“I thank God that this law firm fought for me and helped me out. Thanks, keep up the great work.”

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- Anonymous

“Mr. Millar, I just wanted to let you know you have been a tremendous help to me. You have been patient, caring, objective, honest and I trust your judgment. I thank our Creator for allowing you to help us. Forest Park, Georgia”

- Debbie Youmans

“Mr. Millar, I have worked since I was 14 years old, and I am not the kind of person who runs to lawyers with every little thing. I was so afraid when I had my accident, I did not know what to do. I was referred to The Millar Law Firm by another professional, and I just wanted to say that I felt very comfortable with your law firm from the first day. I was welcomed in the door and you took my case into your own hands. I just told you what I needed, and I needed help. You and Joe were always interested in me and my case, and I have been very happy with your staff and the results of my case. Stockbridge, Georgia”

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- Jewell Johonson

“My name is Ian Young and my experience with The Millar Law Firm, LLC towards my case was excellent. They made me feel comfortable with them handling my case and I was pleased with the outcome of the settlement. Overall, I give The Millar Law Firm 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

- Ian Young

“Dear Mr. Millar: I am writing this letter to express my endless gratitude to you and your staff. After the car accident my girlfriend and I were in, we were hopeless, wondering how we would ever be able to afford to recover all the damages we suffered. You worked so fast and kept us informed with everything that was going on that I never felt any lack of confidence in the settlement I was due and that you would get. Without your help, we wouldn’t have known how to get what we needed from the insurance company but after the settlement, we were able to pay all our bills and even got my girlfriend’s facial scar and my car repaired, and were able to return to work. I don’t think I will ever be able to express how impressed we were with your kindness, courtesy, and willingness to speak and meet with us. Thank you again.”

- Matthews Sharpe

“Thanks for all you’ve done. I would recommend to all my friends. Thank you The Millar Law Firm!”

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- Angelo Stewart

“The Millar Law Firm handled my motorcycle accident case. You were great with my case, very efficient, it was a pleasure to deal with y’all. I got basically everything I wanted and needed from my case. Hampton, Georgia”

- John O’Dell

“There was no stress and everything was always taken care of swiftly.”

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- Tamara Lagasse

“The entire team assisted me with all the help I needed when I was in the accident.”

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- Georgianna Wilson

“Thanks for providing me peace of mind through the process.”

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- Billy Chapman