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The Millar Law Firm Experienced Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Mission: Excellence and Experience

The Millar Law Firm has one simple mission: to give you fast and helpful legal advice along with the best possible Settlement or Award in your Georgia injury case.

You will receive a level of service and experience few law offices can match. The average experience of our legal staff, including lawyers and paralegals, is over 20 years in personal injury law!

Worried about how to pay for medical care, how to repair or replace your car, how to recover lost pay, or just want to know if you have a good case?   Call or email and speak to a friendly attorney today.

Why Choose
the Atlanta Advocates?

  • The Millar Law Firm’s attorneys have been been practicing injury law for more than 26 years.
  • Most of our cases come from repeat referrals from other attorneys and former satisfied clients. This is a real vote of confidence in our strength and success rate.
  • Our lawyers focus continuously on improving their legal skills. We invest in the latest technology and continuously update our team’s legal education.
  • The firm’s lawyers have more than 75 years of combined legal experience and most of our legal support staff has worked for 20-plus years in personal injury law.  We believe it would be difficult to find a more-experienced legal team anywhere!

A Law Firm Focused Solely on Injury Cases

Because we specialize in personal injury, we are experts at what we do.   We do not handle criminal and divorce cases one day, and personal injury the next.  Our entire staff is trained to handle the special concerns you face, such as how and whether to speak to the insurance company or adjuster, how you can pay for medical care, dealing with car damage and rental issues, how to recover lost pay, and helping you through the challenges you and your family face when injured.

What makes our firm different?  Client Service, Reputation and Experience

Your case will have the personal attention and resources it deserves.  Each case in our office is assigned at least one attorney (most cases have two) and two paralegals.  We also maintain a well-staffed office. This means that there is almost always someone available to speak with you about your case immediately, or within a very short time.  

We encourage anyone evaluating our firm to read the reviews and testimonials posted on this website, and more importantly, on the Web in places like Google Reviews.  Some law firms post fake reviews or heavily edit the reviews that they do post. All of our reviews are 100% genuine and unedited. We are proud of the high number of 5 star reviews we have received and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Experience Counts

Senior partner and firm Founder, Attorney Bruce R. Millar, holds a Doctorate of Law from Emory University School of Law, one of the top law schools in the United States.  Bruce Millar has over 25 years experience as lead counsel in serious injury cases, has nearly 100 jury and bench trials in State and Federal Court, and is AV Rated by Martindale-Hubble, the top service for lawyer rating.  Mr. Millar personally reviews all cases that the firm is contacted about and manages all cases in our law firm. Many law offices cannot or will not offer such personal attention to their clients.

At The Millar Law Firm we have four attorneys and over 12 support staff.  Combined, our attorneys have over 60 years of legal experience. Our support staff has 5 senior paralegals (Deborah Criste, Janet Van Wie, Joseph Baker, Jennifer McGrath, and Julie McNulty) each with over 20 years of experience in the legal field.  We believe it would be difficult to find a more competent and experienced legal staff in any law firm in the State of Georgia. This means that your case will have a highly experienced and knowledgeable legal team on it from beginning to end. Between us, we have seen and handled nearly every conceivable situation, injury and legal situation imaginable and are ready to help you at a moments’ notice.

Call today and have your important questions answered by a lawyer.

When you call our firm for the first time about your injury case, you will have the opportunity to immediately speak to an attorney who can actually answer your questions on the phone, at no charge.  Unlike many “TV” lawyers who use a call-center or investigators to pressure you to “sign now” and speak to a lawyer later, when you call Millar Injury Lawyers we can usually put you through to one of our friendly attorneys immediately.  After hours or on weekends, your call is patched through to our staff live, or we will be sent a email or a text to have you called, emailed or texted back within a few minutes.

FAQs: You have real concerns and questions, we have answers.


How much is my injury case worth?

We are often asked what an injury case or claim is worth.  When you call our firm, we will do our best to try to answer that question.  But the honest truth is that this sometimes can be a difficult question to answer in an initial consultation.  We can’t promise to tell you in all cases what your injury case is worth over the phone, but we can tell you, based on the facts of your case and your injury, what things may make the case worth more or less, and whether you should hire an attorney.  We promise to never pressure you or your loved ones into signing up with our firm “now.” We want you to make a comfortable and informed decision.  Insurance studies have been conducted that show most people who hire an experienced and reputable injury lawyer end up recovering 2-4 times more money even after the law firm and medical bills are paid than persons who try to negotiate their own settlement with an insurance company.


What about medical bills and lost pay?

In Georgia, medical care must often be paid for by an injury victim in advance of receiving a financial settlement or verdict in an injury case.  This can be difficult and stressful, especially if you have no health insurance, or are not able to work due to your injuries. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience in helping people through the challenges of obtaining the right medical care and in helping recover lost past and future pay due to an injury.


How much will this cost?

There is no legal fee unless The Millar Law Firm recovers money for you. Like most injury lawyers in Georgia and throughout the Country, we generally charge a 1/3 fee (33%) in most cases that settle before a suit is filed and 40% if a lawsuit is filed.  Beware of attorneys who charge less than this, because they have to cut costs somewhere. Unfortunately this can mean that the firm lacks the financial power or the staff to stand up to the insurance companies, who can and will try to make cases difficult and expensive to resolve.  Low budget or low cost attorneys are cheap for a reason – they have a hard time getting clients to hire them.


How much will I take home after a settlement or verdict?

It is our philosophy to never settle a case without giving you a complete break-down of what you will take home after the legal fees and medical bills are paid.  You will never get surprised with a settlement you were not expecting, prepared for, and approved by you. Our clients are always given the choice to file suit or continue to pursue the case when or if you feel a settlement offer is too low, or is unfair.  Our goal is to make sure you are treated fairly by the at-fault defendant and/or their insurance company and fairly and compassionately by our law firm.


Will your case go to court?

Every case is different.  But most injury cases do settle before seeing the inside of a court room. Many cases can be settled without suit being filed, after your medical care is complete and the case is fully worked-up.  We will never pressure you to file suit or go to trial unless it is your choice.

 You can, however, rest assured that from the moment your hire our firm, we prepare every case as if it will go to trial.  We believe this is the reason you hired a lawyer in the first place. Insurance companies know that persons who are not represented often lack the skills and resources needed to beat them in court.  Therefore, Insurers and Adjusters rarely make decent settlement offers to unrepresented accident victims. Insurers also know which lawyers and law firms will take a case to trial and can win. Our firm has a long history filing lawsuits and winning them at trial, which often helps us receive better settlement offers and, if necessary, win in Court .  We suggest you do not hire any personal injury lawyer who cannot tell you about a recent jury trial victory.


What cases do you accept?

Our firm only accepts and handles personal injury cases.  This allows us to specialize and focus on what we do best.  Cases that we handle include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, motorcycle accident cases, dog attacks and bites, trip and fall cases, slips and falls, construction accidents and injuries, work place / job injuries, medical injuries, premises (negligent) security, and other personal injury matters.  No matter what kind of case you have, please call and discuss your legal matter with us. Our commitment to you is that even if we are not able to accept your case, we can often refer you to a lawyer or law firm that can help you. Our long years of experience and practice in the legal community means we have valuable relationships with other attorneys and firms.  Call us for any legal matter — If our firm cannot help you, often we can find or recommend someone who can.


Where do you handle cases?

We practice throughout the entire State of Georgia.  Although the Firm may not be able to accept a very small case far from our home office, we regularly handle catastrophic and serious injury cases and wrongful death cases throughout the State.  We have the staff and resources to handle the toughest cases anywhere in the State of Georgia.


Can you take my case if I live outside of Georgia and I was injured while visiting Georgia?

Yes.  Given our city’s size, large airport and interstate highways, we often handle cases for people who live in other states (or Countries, in some instances) and were injured here in Georgia.  We have successfully handled more than 50 cases for people who live in other states. In today’s world, with the internet and other technology, most of the paperwork can be handled remotely.  And, if necessary and the case requires it, we have and will visit you in your home state. In some instances it may be necessary for you to travel to Georgia for a court or deposition appearance.  We are very experienced with this, and can make the necessary arrangements to make the entire process as smooth as possible.


How much time do or will I have to bring an injury or death case?

Georgia has a two-year statute of limitations on most personal injury claims.  This means that a case must be filed, or the claim settled, usually within two years after the time you were injured or a family-member killed.  There are some exceptions — for example, Georgia allows an injured child (but not his parents’ medical bill claims) until two years past age 18 to file a tort case).  However, we recommend that you do not put off contacting or hiring a lawyer until the last minute for many reasons.  Hiring an attorney – the right attorney, who is an expert in your type of case — can often make the difference between winning your case and losing, should crucial evidence or witnesses disappear.  Additionally, waiting until the last minute can make it very difficult for a law firm to accept your case due to lack of time to investigate, locate evidence or properly prepare a lawsuit for filing.


What happens when I call or email your firm?

We will do our best to have you speak to an attorney immediately.  Usually this means as soon as you call. If an attorney is not available, we can often call back within a few minutes.  When you fill in our submission form, an email is sent to our staff and our attorneys, and someone will contact you right away by phone or email.  If you give us a phone number we will call. But it is up to you, if you prefer to hear from us by email, that is no problem at all.

Your information is confidential and we do not share it with anyone without your permission.

Any information you submit is completely confidential.  We will not share your information or your email address with anyone without your permission.  And, we would only do so with your permission and at your instruction to help you find another attorney should you contact us about a legal matter that we cannot handle for you.

Georgia Car, SUV, Motorcycle and Truck Accident Cases with Injuries

We routinely handle car / suv, truck and motorcycle accident cases where injuries are involved in our area and all-over the State of Georgia.  After an accident we find that most people have many questions about how their automobile and medical / health insurance work, as well as about how to handle the damage to their car and who is responsible for a rental car.  Call us now, we can answer those questions for you immediately. We will get you started on the road to making a full and fair recovery.

Dog Bite, Slip and Fall, Work, Construction and “other” non-vehicle injury cases

We know that often the most serious injuries result from accidents where you do not have the protection of a motor-vehicle around you.  Such cases can be even more devastating than a car or truck accident case, and usually require immediate investigation. When you contact us, we will immediately begin to gather the information needed to prove your case, as well as offering you the help and advice you need to deal with medical bills, health insurance (or lack of insurance) and other issues you will be dealing with.  We have a great deal of experience in these matters. We can help immediately.

Wrongful Death Cases

One of our areas of specialty is wrongful death cases.  Please know often that time is of the essence in such cases, as it may be important to set-up an estate for the victim before the case can be settled or litigated.  Our firm has assisted with many wrongful death estates and petitions as part of our representation in the wrongful death case.

Cases for children and disabled adults

Many people do not realize that Georgia has special rules that apply when a child or disable adult is injured.  In such cases, especially when the injury is serious, a guardian and/or conservator may need to be appointed to make case decisions and to have a settlement approved by a Probate Court.  We have vast experience in these matters. Our firm routinely handles 5-10 probated settlements each year for children and disabled adults. If you are the parent or guardian of a child or adult injury victim, make sure you hire a law firm that knows how to handle these special cases.

Catastrophic and permanent injuries, scars and traumatic brain injuries

Large and complex cases involving permanent losses, scars, brain injuries or other catastrophic injuries often require special expertise and deep pockets.  Our firm has the experience and resources to handle these matters. We routinely handle serious injury cases requiring us to prove the extent of brain injury, scaring and emotional damage, permanent physical limitations, and permanent inability or reduction in the ability to work and enjoy life.  Our firm regularly works with and employs accident reconstruction experts, life care planners, expert medical providers in the fields of neurology and orthopedics, prosthetic experts, life care planners and economists, in order to prove the most serious cases and injuries.

Do you have questions about your potential case?

Call or email us now, we are happy to speak with you at no charge and to put our experience and resources to work for you.

Practice Areas

Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Injuries

Hurt in a car accident? Call or email us today for fast help. We will answer your questions at no charge!

Car Accident Lawyer Services
Truck Accident Injuries

Truck Accident Injuries

If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a truck accident, please contact us.

Truck Accident Lawyer Services
Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents come with serious and life threatening injuries. We can help.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Services
DUI Injury Accidents

DUI Injury Accidents

If you have been hurt in a drunk driving or drugged driving accident, call us today.

DUI Injured Victim Services
Negligence Cases / Negligent Injuries

Negligence Cases / Negligent Injuries

If you have suffered a injury due to the negligence of a person or company, contact us.

Slip and Fall Injury Legal Services
Work / Job Related Injuries

Work / Job Related Injuries

We help injured workers obtain all of the compensation they need and deserve. Call us today.

Work Injury Lawyer Services
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Associations & Awards

Meet the Atlanta Advocates

Earning Your Trust

You need lawyers that are focused exclusively on accident, injury and negligence law.  We help all people in Georgia injured by the negligence of other persons or companies with immediate needs, such as how to pay for your medical needs and bills even when there is no medical or health insurance and determining how much your case is worth.

Why Work With Us?

  • We focus extensively on motor vehicle accidents and other negligence claims, such as premises liability (slip and fall injuries, dangerous premises, dog bites, and negligent security). We try to be our very best in just a few areas of the law.
  • Our lawyers have experienced huge success in going up against large companies and organizations. We encourage you to review our case results to see how we have helped our clients.

Everyone at The Millar Law Firm was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It was refreshing to deal with honest professionals to help us during this time. We also appreciate how protective they were of our girls who were involved in this accident.

– Taiti Pitts and Roderick Pitts

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Giving Back to Our Community

At The Millar Law Firm, our staff believes that serving and assisting those that have been injured by the negligence of someone else is very momentous but so is helping those neighbors that are in need. We believe in helping our local communities thrive and making the world a better place for our families and the generations to come by helping when we are called upon and many times, even when we’re not.

Our lawyers firm have been in the south metro area for 25 years and have always desired to help local charities, fundraisers; from little leagues to specialty hospitals. We have donated money to…

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*All information submitted is secure & confidential

All submissions will be sent immediately to our attorneys and legal staff, who will reach out to you, free of charge, and advise you on the next steps to take.

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