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Navigating the aftermath of an injury can be daunting. You may find yourself pondering:

Rest assured, we’ve guided countless Atlanta residents through these very concerns. Let our legacy of success inspire confidence in your journey to justice.

Empowering Your Pursuit of Justice

Experiencing an injury due to another person’s or business’s negligence can be overwhelming, and while one might expect automatic compensation, the reality is different.

The onus of proving the case rests squarely on your shoulders. Insurance companies and at-fault parties often downplay or outright reject claims unless they are convinced that you possess the legal might to triumph over them in court.

Research consistently indicates a compelling truth: victims represented by attorneys tend to secure larger settlements—even after deducting legal fees—compared to what insurance companies typically offer those without legal representation. Allow us to be the force that amplifies your voice and ensures you get the justice you deserve.

Understanding the Worth of Your Injury Case

In Atlanta, the valuation of an injury case is primarily influenced by the severity of the injury and the associated current and future medical expenses. It’s undeniable: the experience and prowess of your attorney play a pivotal role in ensuring you receive the comprehensive value of your claim. Your representation can be the difference between a minimal settlement and receiving what you truly deserve.

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What You Deserve from the Negligent Party

The consequences of someone else’s negligence shouldn’t fall on your shoulders. You are entitled to compensation for:

  • Both past and anticipated medical expenses.
  • Wages lost, encompassing the time you’ve been absent from work.
  • Damages to your vehicle, residence, or other personal property.
  • Impacts on your quality of life, both immediate and in the future.
  • Permanent injuries, disabilities, and scarring.
  • Emotional distress, including past and future pain and suffering.
  • Any additional repercussions stemming from the injury.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Law Firm?

From the moment you reach out to us, our primary aim is to offer you unparalleled legal guidance tailored to your unique circumstances. We don’t just provide legal counsel; we guide you through the entire aftermath of an accident. This includes navigating medical care, liaising with professionals ranging from law enforcement to medical practitioners, and negotiating with insurance claim adjusters.

You’re never alone when you’re with us. Our attorneys are ready to discuss your case as soon as you reach out, whether it’s within business hours or after. In most scenarios, we can arrange a meeting within 24 hours, ensuring prompt action on your case.

We understand that every client’s situation is unique, so we offer consultations in our office, your home, hospitals, workplaces, or even digitally. Our primary objective is to alleviate the overwhelming emotions you might be experiencing, allowing you to concentrate on healing.

Remember, possessing seasoned legal representation can significantly tilt the scales in your favor in a personal injury case. Insurance companies won’t hesitate to challenge you, and without a skilled attorney by your side, you might find yourself at a disadvantage.

A Legacy of Achievement

Our track record speaks volumes. We’ve secured settlements and verdicts for our clients that range from $5,000 to a staggering $25,000,000. This diverse range of victories fortifies our firm’s reputation, as we’ve demonstrated our prowess in negotiating with insurance companies, be it for modest claims or substantial ones.

Mastery of Local Laws

Our experience extends beyond just cases; we are intimately familiar with Georgia’s and Atlanta’s personal injury laws. This deep understanding equips us with the confidence and knowledge to adeptly navigate negotiations with insurance companies.

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Exclusively Devoted to Personal Injury Law

While many law firms may claim experience in personal injury, a cursory glance at their websites often reveals a smattering of unrelated practice areas. These firms may juggle whatever comes their way, but not us. Since 1993, our unwavering focus has been on personal injury law. This dedication has not only set us apart but has been a cornerstone of our success.

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Atlanta Is Our Turf

We’re not just acquainted with Atlanta; we know it inside out. From its courts to its intricate web of roads and highways, our experience spans every county in the metro area. While large national firms may struggle to find their bearings in the areas they claim to serve, our deep-rooted connection to Atlanta positions us perfectly to serve our clients with unmatched insight and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Claims

In Georgia, the majority of injury cases grant you a two-year window to file a lawsuit, whether in State or Federal Court. This time frame is commonly referred to as the statute of limitations. Yet, this doesn’t imply that you should be complacent. If you’ve suffered due to another’s negligence, it’s prudent to act promptly, lodging a claim against the culpable party or business. Swift action enables the defendant or their insurance provider to assess the situation and earmark the necessary funds. More often than not, cases are amicably settled well within the two-year threshold.

At The Millar Law Firm, our primary goal is your victory. This means we don’t bill you unless we secure compensation on your behalf, either through a settlement or at trial. You’re welcomed to a complimentary consultation, and our expert legal advice won’t cost you a dime. Even if you’re uncertain about the strength of your case, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our attorneys are here to discuss your situation, without any charges or obligations, be it over the phone or face-to-face.

A proficient personal injury attorney meticulously prepares each case as though it’s destined for the courtroom. In reality, our firm, much like other esteemed injury law practices, successfully settles the lion’s share of cases without the need for a lawsuit. And even when we do proceed to file, many cases are resolved well before reaching the trial stage.
However, the distinction between a substantial, just settlement and a mediocre outcome frequently hinges on two factors: rigorous preparation and the firm’s reputation. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys seldom put forth their best offers—except in cases where policy limits are involved—unless they’re convinced that both you and your legal team have the prowess to challenge them in court and emerge victorious.
Our philosophy is straightforward: every case we take on is prepared with the precision and rigor needed for a courtroom battle. This dual-pronged approach positions us to accept a fair settlement when it’s on the table, while also ensuring we’re primed to fiercely advocate for you if the scales of justice aren’t tilting in your favor.

In personal injury cases, the duration it takes to receive a settlement can vary widely and hinges on several critical elements. These can range from the severity of your injuries to the insurance company’s stance on liability (or fault) and even the specifics of the insurance policy in question. As a general guideline, once a settlement has been agreed upon, you can typically expect the settlement check to be in your hands within a few weeks to a month after finalizing the agreement with the insurance company.

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The Power of Local Experienced Attorneys

While expansive national firms might boast a vast brigade of lawyers, quantity doesn’t always translate to quality, especially when it comes to understanding the intricacies of local cases. When was the last time you witnessed an entire team of external lawyers successfully navigating an Atlanta-centric case?

For nearly three decades, The Millar Law Firm has been at the forefront of representing personal injury cases right here in Atlanta, extending our reach to every corner of the metro area—including Fulton, Dekalb, Clayton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Henry, and other surrounding counties

Dedication and Experience: Personal Injury Cases Managed by Our Atlanta Legal Team

Top Reviews — Recognized Among the Best Lawyers in Atlanta

The Millar Law Firm has received well over one-hundred 5- Star Google Reviews for our Atlanta and South-Atlanta locations. 
We have top scores on AVVO (perfect 10.0 rating), an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and our attorneys have been voted Super Lawyers by other Atlanta lawyers. 

Personal Injury Cases and Claims We Handle 

Our firm regularly handles car accident claims. Many of these accidents happen due to rear-end collisions, head- on crashes, failures to yield, speeding or driving too fast for conditions, or distracted or reckless driving. In most of these cases, an attorney can help you immediately by offering advice about what to do first after an accident and how to avoid common errors and legal pitfalls, such as giving an un-represented recorded statement to the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster. 

Large truck accidents involving semi-trucks and 18- wheelers in or near Atlanta should be investigated immediately, before evidence can disappear. Call an attorney experienced in trucking cases as soon as possible. Even if your truck wreck happened weeks or months ago, there is still much that can be done to investigate and prove the fault of the truck driver or the carrier. Very few Atlanta law firms can match the twenty years of experience we have in handling catastrophic injuries and wrongful death trucking cases. 

Motorcycle accidents are not simply two-wheeled car accidents. Many motorists do not see the bike-riding victims they injure or kill, and then try to blame the biker. To make matters worse, the injuries suffered in motorcycle crashes are often much worse than other motor-vehicle accidents due to the lack of protection surrounding the motorcyclist. We have recovered multi- million dollar settlements and verdicts for head injuries, paralysis, and serious back and neck injuries resulting from motorcycle and car or truck collisions. 

Georgia’s Dog Bite Law Firm.  The Millar Law Firm located in Jonesboro, Clayton County, Georgia are attorneys who specialize in dog bite and attack cases and claims.  Keep reading to learn more about our firm’s experience and helpful information about local Georgia City and County animal control laws and ordinances. 

You need lawyers who know and understand dog bite laws in this area.  We handle dog bite claims across the entire state of Georgia, with a special focus on South-Metro Atlanta areas including Jonesboro, College Park, Morrow, Forest Park, Riverdale, Lake City, Henry County, Stockbridge and McDonough, Georgia. 

We specialize in handling car and truck and pedestrian accident cases caused by drunk, drugged, and intoxicated drivers. Cases we have handled include both drivers and pedestrians hit by drunk or high drivers. In many cases, claims are also investigated and brought against taverns, bars, or restaurants that may have contributed to the accident by over-serving alcohol. 

Since 1993 we have helped Atlanta Southside and Clayton County residents receive money for their serious personal injury cases. 

Years of Focused Experience in Personal Injury

Unparalleled Legal Experience at Your Service

Bruce R. Millar, our Senior Attorney, is not just a lawyer; he’s an embodiment of dedication and legal prowess. A proud 1993 alumnus of Atlanta’s esteemed Emory University School of Law, Millar’s commitment to the legal profession’s core values has consistently set him apart.

Esteemed by colleagues for his exceptional work and unwavering dedication, Millar boasts the coveted AV-Preeminent rating from Martindale Peer-Review—a testament to his high caliber. Furthermore, he holds a perfect 10.0 rating from AVVO, a reputable attorney-client rating platform.

But the accolades don’t end there. Millar’s profound legal insight and relentless work ethic have earned him a spot on the Super Lawyers list, a prestigious recognition bestowed upon him by fellow luminaries of the Atlanta legal community. With Millar on your side, you’re not just getting an attorney; you’re securing a legacy of legal excellence.

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The Millar Law Firm: A Legacy of Triumph

At The Millar Law Firm, our experience in injury law has empowered countless clients to secure compensation, cumulatively soaring into the tens of millions. Our legacy boasts numerous recoveries that surpass a million dollars, encompassing a myriad of cases from car and motorcycle accidents to incidents involving trucks and impaired drivers.

Our unwavering commitment to our clients translates into an impressive success rate, exceeding 95% in securing verdicts or settlements for the cases we take on.

Refuse to Compromise

In a landscape saturated with “television” advertisers and high-volume settlement firms willing to accept the bare minimum, we stand distinct. Unlike many who are content with modest settlements, we are tenacious in our pursuit of maximizing the value of every case we champion. This dedication involves an immersive approach, where we collaborate intimately with you, your medical team, and other experts to ensure a holistic understanding of your ordeal and its implications.

It’s common knowledge: insurance companies often initiate negotiations with meager settlement offers, gauging which attorneys might readily acquiesce to such terms. They’re astute observers, noting which firms consistently accept subpar offers versus those that relentlessly advocate for their clients. At The Millar Law Firm, we take immense pride in the fact that a majority of our cases are referrals from past clients, fellow attorneys, and even judges. They’ve witnessed our tenacity firsthand and recognize our unwavering commitment to ensuring our clients receive the justice they deserve.