Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

cars crashing at an angle


Car Accident
cars crashing at an angle


Car Accident
cars crashing at an angle


Car Accident

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in the crowded metro of Atlanta is a challenging endeavor, particularly while recovering from an accident. The process can indeed be stressful—we understand. Hiring a bad attorney can cost you, while hiring a great one, can do the opposite. Given that injury accidents occur infrequently in one’s life, most Atlanta residents may not be experienced in attorney shopping.

Why Should I Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer for an Accident?

After someone is injured in an accident, figuring out the full cost isn’t simple or straightforward – when compared to a non-injury accident. Insurance companies try to guess, but they often miss the mark. This leaves the person who got hurt stuck with bills for an accident they didn’t cause. The reason it’s hard to put a price on injuries includes the complicated way medical bills work. On top of that, injuries can cause other financial problems like lost wages (or using up your paid time off), future medical expenses, and dealing with the pain and difficulties caused by the accident. By hiring a personal injury lawyer they do the work to prove the correct cost of the accident, and prove who was at-fault.

What is the Main Goal or Objective for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Our main goal is to obtain the highest compensation possible for our client by settling with the insurance company. This covers all immediate and future costs tied to the accident. Our strategy aims to prevent any financial loss for our client, potentially even securing a financial advantage. Settling out of court not only speeds up the compensation process but also reduces legal expenses for the law firm.

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim/Lawsuit Without Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Yes, it’s possible to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit by yourself, a process known as “pro se” representation. However, navigating legal procedures, communicating with insurance companies, and assessing the value of your claim can be challenging without legal experience. Insurance companies, with their skilled legal teams, often resist paying claims without a fight, knowing that individuals without legal representation may hesitate to take a case to court. This can make settling outside of court more difficult. While you might handle straightforward or minor cases on your own, for complex cases with severe injuries or legal disputes, a personal injury lawyer can be invaluable. They can significantly improve your chances of securing higher compensation and smoothly navigating the legal process.

What are the Different Kinds of Personal Injury Law Firms to Choose From?

There are a wide variety of personal injury law firms to choose from in Atlanta. They come in all shapes and sizes. We are a smaller firm, that has focused strictly on personal injury law only for 31 years. Other types of firms include:

  • National, branded, television law firms: These firms employ hundreds of attorneys, and will typically push your case through a system.
  • Larger regional personal injury law firms: These are also firms that are on TV, who employ hundreds of attorneys. These are known to fill the billboards around Atlanta. Their approach is similar to national branded firms.
  • Small boutique firms: We would consider our firm a small boutique firms. We have a few personal injury attorneys and we mainly focus on giving it our all for each case we take on.
  • Solo Practitioners: These are law firms that are just one attorney. They do very littler advertising and rely on word of mouth. They don’t need a quantity of clients to pay the bills, but what can be challenging about working with them is they don’t have time to update you or connect with you since they can be very busy.

Do All Personal Injury Law Firms Focus Strictly on Personal Injury?

One important consideration when choosing a lawyer is the focus of their practice. Some law firms, initially specializing in areas other than personal injury, may expand their services to include personal injury cases when their original focus isn’t as successful. The drawback of working with such a firm is that they may lack deep experience in personal injury law. Our firm stands out in Atlanta because we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to personal injury law since our inception in 1993.

Getting Started With a Personal Injury Lawyer

How Do I know if I Have a Personal Injury Case?

To identify if you have a personal injury legal claim, several important aspects come into play:

  • Negligence by Another: If your accident was caused by another person or a business’s mistake, this raises your chances of having a valid personal injury claim. However, if the accident was your fault due to a negligent decision on your part, then you likely don’t have a case.
  • Proof or Evidence: You need some kind of evidence or someone who witnessed the event to prove that the other party was negligent. Without evidence, it’s tough to show that the other person or business was at fault. Our lawyers work hard to gather strong evidence to support your case.
  • Injuries: Simply put, if there are no injuries, there’s no personal injury case. You need to have suffered some kind of injury to pursue compensation for personal injury.
  • Insurance Coverage: Having insurance coverage is essential to pay for the damages from the accident. For car accidents, having underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) is useful if the other driver isn’t covered enough. A common issue in dog bite cases is when renters don’t have insurance.

Missing any of these components can make it hard to win personal injury compensation. If you’re unsure about any of this, don’t worry. Our attorneys can help you figure out if you have a case or not.

Is there a Fee for Consulting with a Personal Injury Attorney Regarding my Accident?

There is no fee for consultations with our law firm. Most personal injury law firms tend to not charge for consultations.

What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Take On?

Our law firm takes on the following cases:

And many other types of accidents involving negligence and injuries.

Not every personal injury law firm handles the wide range of claims mentioned previously. Some may specialize exclusively in car accident cases, while others focus solely on workplace injury accidents.

Signing a Contract With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Do Personal Injury Lawyers Sign Up Any Injury Case?

The willingness to take on a case varies from one law firm to another. Many law firms are hesitant to accept cases if they believe the client has little to no chance of winning. However, it’s always beneficial to consult with a law firm, as some may welcome the opportunity to tackle more challenging cases, whereas others might not.

Can I Back Out of My Contract With a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Yes, you can usually cancel your contract with a personal injury lawyer, but the details will depend on what your agreement says. Most contracts will tell you how you can end them, but you might have to follow certain steps or pay for the work the lawyer has already done. It’s a good idea to read your contract carefully to understand any rules or costs for canceling. Before you decide to end the contract, talking to your lawyer about your concerns might help solve the issue. If you still want to go ahead with canceling, it could be helpful to talk to another lawyer to make sure you understand everything involved.

What am I Agreeing to When I Sign a Contract with a Personal Injury Lawyer to Represent Me?

Every contract is unique, with no two being exactly alike. It’s essential to meticulously review any contract before you sign it because its specific terms might not match the general overview provided here. Commonly, our contract requests the right to represent you in your accident case, outlines the percentage of compensation or fees the law firm will receive if we achieve a favorable result, and explains how communication and decisions about your case will be handled. It also specifies the conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement. Given the unique nature of each case, there may be additional clauses not covered in this summary, underscoring the importance of thoroughly reading the contract. This overview is intended to give you a basic understanding.

Can I Have Two Different Personal Injury Law Firms Represent Me for the Same Accident?

In Georgia, you can’t have two different personal injury lawyers or law firms working for you on the same accident case at the same time. If you want to hire a new lawyer for the same accident, you need to end your agreement with the first one before signing up with another. But, if you’re dealing with two separate accidents, you might be able to have one lawyer for each. Just make sure to read and understand the contracts you’re signing to know what’s allowed and what you’re agreeing to.

Does Signing a Contract With a Personal Injury Lawyer Mean I’ll Be Rewarded Money?

No, not at all. The contract is just an agreement.