Our Case Results

Six-Figure Homeowner’s Insurance Settlement For Motorcycle Crash Caused by Dog Attack


Our client was riding his motorcycle in a neighborhood near his home when a loose bike-chasing dog ran into the road, knocking him over. He suffered a broken ankle. The dog owner first refused to notify her insurance company, then denied that she had negligently failed to confine her dog to her property. After a hard-fought lawsuit, the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance company paid a six-figure settlement.

Large Settlement Eventually Paid by Defendant Driver Who Unsuccessfully Blamed “John Doe”


Our client was injured in an accident on Interstate 85 near Atlanta, when the at-fault driver swerved into her, causing both vehicles to crash. The at-fault driver tried to blame a phantom “John Doe” for cutting her off. We filed suit and discovered that the defendant had been driving all-night and that it was likely she had fallen asleep. When it became clear that the negligent driver and her Insurance Company would lose at trial, they agreed to a large confidential settlement.

$400,000 Mediated Settlement from Disputed Rideshare Accident


Our client claimed that a rideshare driver ran a red light. The driver and her passengers claimed they had a green light. Both our client and the rideshare driver were given tickets that were dismissed. Our office was able to discover an eyewitness who had moved to Louisiana. This witness testified that the rideshare driver had a red light, after which the case settled at mediation.

$400,000 Recovery For Post-Concussion Syndrome Caused by Rear-End Accident


A local resident was rear-ended by a negligent driver. She suffered a whiplash type of injury and did not strike her head on any hard objects. However, she began to suffer severe headaches and saw a neurologist who diagnosed post-concussion syndrome. The Insurance Company argued that our client’s headaches were caused by a long history of migraines. After filing suit and taking depositions, we were able to recover $400,000 for our client.

Policy Limits Recovery for Wrongful Death of Local Police Officer


Our firm was able to help the family of a local police officer who was killed in the line of duty when he was struck by an elderly driver who had run a stop sign. Although the amount of money recovered by the family was limited due to the at-fault driver’s insurance limits and lack of personal assets, we were able to help the family recover additional funds under the police officer’s and his mother’s Georgia under-insured motorists’ policies. Additional money was recovered under Workers Compensation.

$389,000 Recovered for Family of Three Injured While Eating Breakfast


As our clients were eating breakfast at a well-known local chain, a driver lost control of his work van and crashed into the side of the building. It was not a high-speed impact, but enough to knock the family from their booth onto the floor of the restaurant, causing minor injuries. We were able to prove that the van’s brakes failed due to negligent maintenance. The Millar Law Firm was able to recover a much larger than normal settlement due to the negligence of the van’s owner.

$225,000 Total Recovery For Minor Injuries Caused by Drunk Driver


Three of our clients were riding together when they were struck by a DUI driver. Although each of our clients had less than $10,000 in medical bills, our office discovered that the at-fault driver had three DUI’s, one before the accident and another shortly after. The initial settlement offers were very small, so we filed suit. Just before trial the DUI driver’s Insurance Company agreed to pay a total of $225,000 to settle the cases.

$300,000 Recovered From Oncoming Car After Passenger’s Driver Fails to Yield


The Millar Law Firm received a great result when we recovered $300,000 for a passenger whose driver turned left in front of an oncoming car. The settlement was paid by the oncoming driver. Although this looked like an impossible case, we were able to prove that the oncoming driver was speeding by getting the vehicle’s data and using calculations to prove that our passenger’s driver should have been able to complete her turn.

Homeowners Insurance Policy Limits Recovery for Fall From Neighbor’s Ladder


Our client volunteered to help a neighbor cut some tree limbs. The homeowner agreed to hold the ladder while the client used a saw, but walked away. Our client fell and was injured. An insurance adjuster interviewed our client while he was heavily medicated and before he hired our law firm and tricked him into making some damaging admissions. We filed suit and proved that the homeowner was negligent, after which the same insurance company paid-out its policy limits.

Policy Limits UIM Settlement for Road Rage and Assault by Vehicle


Following a non-violent argument with a friend, the friend took our client’s car keys and prepared to drive away in our client’s car. Our client reached into the window to recover her keys, and the Defendant accelerated, striking the victim with the car and causing injuries. The at-fault driver had no automobile insurance. Our office was able to recover the policy limits of our client’s Georgia uninsured motorist’s coverage.

$221,000 Mediation Result for Injury Caused by Negligent Welding


A Georgia delivery man was injured at work when the step on the back of his commercial box truck broke as he was standing on it, causing a shoulder injury. Our personal injury attorneys, through the use of a welding expert, discovered that the truck manufacturer had only attached the step with a “tack” or temporary weld, making the step unreasonably dangerous.

Large Confidential Settlement (seven-figures) for Tractor Trailer Accident


Our client was sideswiped in her car by a tractor-trailer on Interstate 75 in Henry County, Georgia and suffered two herniated disks, for which she needed surgery. The trucking company tried to blame our client for causing the wreck. After our accident reconstruction expert examined both vehicles, the company asked The Millar Law Firm to mediate and paid a seven-figure settlement.

$300,000 Dog Bite Lawsuit

Our client was in his yard when a neighbor’s roaming pit bull began to attack and injure his dog.  While trying to separate the dogs, the pit bull bit his hand causing a serious injury.  After we were able to prove that the pit bull was at-large in violation of a county ordinance, the insurance company agreed to settle the case for the full amount, or policy-limit, of the dog-owner’s insurance policy.

$600,000 Construction Accident

As the manager of a local-fast food restaurant one of our client’s duties included climbing a ladder attached to the rear-wall of the building to inspect the roof.  Unfortunately, while he was climbing the ladder, it detached from the wall, causing him to fall to the ground and break his ankle.  We discovered that the building had been renovated a couple of years earlier and that the contractor had failed to screw the ladder into the framing stud.  The construction company tried to point the finger of blame at one of its sub-contractors, but in the end, the Jury found that the General Contractor failed to properly supervise its workers and inspect the work.

$100,000 Slip and Fall Accident

A local car dealership decided to wash cars in its parking lot on one of the coldest days in years in the State of Georgia.  Unfortunately, water from the hose ran across the parking lot and froze, creating black-ice on the asphalt. When our client’s family visited the dealer that morning, the daughter fell as soon as she set foot outside the family car, injuring her leg.  Using weather records, we were able to prove that the ice did not naturally form due to rain or snow, but was created by car-washing on a cold morning.

$400,000 Slip and Fall Accident

Our client tripped over a rug being used by an employee to cushion her feet while standing at a credential-checkpoint.  The defense argued that the rug was open and obvious and that our client should have seen it.  However, discovery and deposition testimony were used to show that the security officer diverted our client’s attention away from the rug and that a corner of the rug was wrinkled and sticking out into the walk way.

$50,000 Car Accident (Victim had only $4,000 in medical bills)

After the insurance company failed to pay a reasonable settlement demand, Bruce Millar and Anthony Jones recovered a $50,000 Jury Verdict even though the victim had only $4,000 in medical bills.  At trial, the defendant claimed on cross-examination that he left the scene of the accident because he had suffered a head injury.  However, testimony from the police officer cast doubt on his excuse because the defendant made no injury complaint and did not request an ambulance.

$275,000 Disputed Commercial Truck Accident

Late one evening in Henry County, Georgia a tank-truck made a left turn onto Hwy 155.  Our client struck the truck on its side, sending him to the hospital for treatment of a neck injury.  The trucking company tried to blame our client for speeding and failing to see the shiny-metal tanker, which the defense claimed should have reflected our client’s headlights.  Using an accident reconstruction expert, we were able to prove that the truck pulled out at the last moment and that it was too late for our client to stop in time to avoid the crash.

$140,000 Recovered After Trailer Detached From SUV

While driving on Interstate 75 near Atlanta, a small trailer loaded with household furnishings suddenly became detached from an SUV.  Although our client was following at a safe distance, she could not avoid being struck by the trailer, totaling her car.  She suffered back and neck injuries, but had no medical insurance to pay for medical care.  Using our network of medical providers, we were able to secure medical care with an orthopedist and physical therapy and help her recover $140,000.

$250,000 Broken Chair at an Atlanta Hotel

In the spring of 2020 our office recovered $250,000 for an out-of-town visitor who was injured at a major Atlanta hotel chain when the chair she sat in collapsed.  The incident happened when she sat in a chair in the business center.  We were able to prove that the chair had become damaged while in-use by others at the Hotel and should have been inspected and removed from service before our client was allowed to use it.

$1,250,000 Truck Accident Policy Limits Recovery

In 2020 we recovered the full policy limits of a small-trucking company who’s tractor-trailer driver rear ended our client who was stopped in traffic on Interstate 75.  The traffic snarl was caused by a driver whose car was poorly-maintained, and who broke down in the left-center lane.  Our office was also able to recover that driver’s insurance limits and our client’s Under-Insured Motorist insurance policy limits.

$160,000 Car Accident Lawsuit

Our client worked for a rental car company. They had to drive a rental car to another location. During the drive the client was hit by a driver who ran a red light. Our client was left with fractured ribs, severe bruising, and an eye contusion. Our attorneys were able to get our client $160,000.

$175,000 Car Accident Lawsuit

A minor rear end car accident left one of our clients with shoulder issues. After having it examined our client had to undergo shoulder surgery. Our attorneys were able to prove how the car accident messed up our clients shoulders, resulting in a good settlement.

$150,000 Personal Injury Case

Our client was sitting in a chair at the Atlanta Sheraton. The chair collapsed while our client was sitting in it, resulting in a long term serious knee injury. Our client had to have knee surgery performed. Our lawyers were able to prove that the chair was unsafe for anyone. It resulted in victory for our client.

$500,000 Slip and Fall Injury

A handicap ramp was poorly constructed. It resulted in our client being seriously injured after walking on the ramp. After our lawyers reviewed the accident scene, we were able to prove how the poorly designed ramp was responsible for the injuries.

$160,000 Slip and Fall Injury

Client tripped, fell, and suffered neck and back injuries at a nation haircut chain.  The Millar Law Firm filed suit and was able to collect a confidential six-figure settlement on behalf of client.  Client’s fall was caused because barber unintentionally failed to remove cord from around client’s feet after haircut.

$100,000 Dog Bite Lawsuit

Our client was horrifically and viciously mauled by two loose pitbulls owned by a neighbor. The dog-owner attempted to avoid liability and evade service after we filed suit, but we successfully uncovered a hidden renter’s insurance policy and got our client the policy limits.

$1,000,000 For I-75 Trucking Accident

A negligent semi-truck driver failed to stop for slowed traffic, because he was following another truck too closely.  The first truck changed lanes to avoid stopped cars, but the second trucker failed to see the cars stopped in his lane of travel and hit three stopped cars, causing serious injuries and death.

$40,000 Car Accident (only $4,000 in medical bills)

A local resident was rear-ended by a hit and run driver.  An eye-witness wrote down the license tag of the at-fault driver, who was found but denied being involved.  The Defendant driver claimed that the damage to her car came from another, different accident.  Once suit was filed, the defendant confessed, but only after lying to the police and her own lawyers.  When the truth was discovered, the defense quickly settled for compensatory damages plus an additional amount for “stubborn and litigious conduct.”

$800,000 Personal Injury Burn

Pressure Cooker Explosion and Burn

After several years of litigation in Federal Court, our firm jointly with another law firm we associated, received $800,000 for a client burned on her neck and chest when a pressure cooker explosively decompressed.  The pressure cooker had been advertised on Infomercials and YouTube as “one of the safest pressure cookers” ever marketed.  Investigation discovered numerous similar incidents involving the same make and model cooker.