At The Millar Law Firm, our lawyers have more than 50 years of combined personal injury experience. Many of our support staff members have over 20 years of legal experience, too. Very few law firms in the Atlanta area have our depth of knowledge in personal injury law.

After a car accident, our highly-experienced legal team can help ensure that your medical and financial needs will be covered, including medical care and bills, property damage, past and future lost earnings, and any future needs.

Whether you were the driver, a passenger, an innocent bystander, or a pedestrian, you have certain legal rights. When a dangerous, distracted, or negligent driver hurts you or a loved one, getting and paying for prompt medical care is critical. Your claim will need to be investigated and established with the insurance company or business so you can be compensated appropriately.

Learn what to do and how much your accident case may be worth by calling or contacting us today. Our expert lawyers are available by phone, in-person, or by email to provide legal advice at no charge. We can and will start working on your accident claim today.

Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience. But not knowing what to do next or where to turn for answers can add to even more stress.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take after an accident that can ensure a better outcome for recovery and protect your rights to compensation. Here are five crucial tips if you’ve been injured in a car accident in the Atlanta area.

1.   Get the medical care you need right away

You may be reluctant to get necessary medical care and treatments – perhaps because you think your injuries are not serious or you don’t want to spend the money on medical bills. However, seeking medical treatment can be essential in your recovery and proving the extent of your injuries after an accident for a claim. Avoiding or delaying medical attention may invite the at-fault driver’s insurance company to argue that you have “little or no injuries.”

If you do not have health insurance, there are resources and advice that a skilled law firm can offer. We can help minimize the risk of insurance adjusters accusing you of not being hurt or defeating your claim with arguments about exaggerated or pre-existing conditions.

2.   Notify your insurance company

Once the initial shock of the car accident passes, you should notify your auto insurance company.

Most often, your insurance company will be helpful. It is recommended and probably required that you explain what happened to your claims representative.

You may begin receiving calls from an adjuster on behalf of the at-fault driver. This is an important time in your case. What you say can have a serious impact on the outcome of your claim.

Insurance adjusters can and will use your recorded statement against you. If you tell an adjuster you are “fine,” they may use that statement later to claim you are exaggerating your injuries. The adjuster may also ask you to estimate how fast you were going or when you first saw the defendant’s vehicle. The adjuster is usually hoping you will make a mistake or say something that can hurt your case.

In most cases involving a motorcycle, truck, or automobile crash, we recommend you decline to give a recorded or written statement. Instead, let the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster know they will hear from your car accident lawyer.

4.   Do Not Sign a Release or Settlement Agreement Too Quickly

The first settlement offer is rarely the best offer. An insurance company’s goal is to settle your injury claim as quickly and for the least amount of money as possible. If you are approached with a settlement offer immediately or while still under treatment, beware. Settling your claim before the full extent of harm is known or accepting the first offer means you are likely leaving money on the table.

The value of a car accident injury case is almost always based upon the seriousness and lasting effect of the physical harm. In some cases, the value may be limited by the amount of insurance available or increased by an attorney’s reputation and skill.

We don’t recommend signing a settlement release until the full extent of current and future damages are known. A settlement release agreement is a binding contract that can end your ability to collect additional compensation. Once you sign the release, you may not be able to recover more money in the future — even if you discover that your injuries or losses are greater than expected.

5.   Hire a Top-Rated Injury Lawyer to Help with Your Case

After a car accident leaves you injured, the last thing you need is more stress caused by inquiries from insurance adjusters and having to collect evidence and documentation to prove your case.

Hiring a personal injury attorney can remove this burden, so you can focus on your recovery. Once you hire an attorney, they will take over the process of investigating and speaking to the insurance company.

Many people worry about the cost of paying a well-known attorney to handle their case. However, insurance industry studies show victims who hire a lawyer usually receive more money – even after paying an attorney.

How can this be? Because an adjuster assumes without an injury attorney, you will not be able to beat the insurance company in court, nor that you know how to present evidence of medical bills and all financial losses suffered. Therefore, the insurance company may delay settlement or automatically discount the settlement offer to those representing themselves – and usually by a lot.

The Millar Law Firm offers sensible, practical legal advice about the steps you should take for your personal injury claim. Contact us today so we can review your case and explain your best course of action for receiving compensation for your injuries.

Damages and Compensation Available in an Atlanta Area Car Accident

According to Georgia law, you may be legally entitled to recover damages after a car accident that was not your fault. This includes current, past, and future medical bills and other damages, like pain and suffering. You may be entitled to reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses for your medical bills, even if health insurance paid for your care (subject to certain subrogation requirements).

Attorney Anthony Jones, listening

How much compensation you are entitled to will depend in part on your past and future medical bills and suffering from your injury. Cases involving permanent injury or an impairment rating from a doctor will generally have a higher projected value than those where complete recovery is expected.

In most instances, compensation can be recovered through a settlement negotiation.

During this process, your lawyer will present all damage, medical, and economic evidence to the insurance adjuster and issue a settlement demand. If the case cannot be resolved through negotiation, you may choose to file a lawsuit.

Types of damages recoverable in a car accident case:

  • General or non-economic damages are payments for your physical pain and suffering and lost quality of life caused by the trauma of an accident. These damages are intended as payment for short-term or long-term trauma and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Special or economic damages include reimbursements for past and future medical expenses, property or vehicle damage, and lost employment earnings.
  • Punitive damages are a separate category of damages intended to punish or deter an at-fault driver who was especially reckless or derelict. These damages may be applied to cases of drunk or drugged drivers, road rage incidents, or hit-and-runs.
  • Future losses include the costs of future medical bills or lost salary or earnings due to an injury, usually catastrophic, that keeps you from going back to work either fully or partly.

Our Investigative Process for Car Accident Cases

Millar Law Firm Attorneys getting the best settlements or lawsuit judgements for our clients

From the moment you contact The Millar Law Firm, we will be committed to working hard to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. During your initial consultation, one of our experienced attorneys will listen to your accounts of the accident and let you know your best course of action. We will also review likely outcomes of the case and discuss the typical length of the legal process for cases similar to yours.

The investigation of the car accident case will begin with determining and proving who was at fault. If you do not already have an accident report, our firm will usually start by getting the police report and 911 calls and recordingsWe will also contact and interview witnesses and responding police officers. Our team will investigate the accident scene and any evidence that can help build your case.

Georgia law requires proof that the other driver was at fault, and that all injuries and lost pay were a direct result of the accident. A good car accident lawyer can carefully build and present your case, so all your damages are considered.

Here are a few types of evidence we can use to build your case:

  • Photographs of the scene and the cars, trucks, or motorcycles involved in the crash
  • Video from traffic cameras, nearby businesses, and police cars
  • Medical records of care from your doctors to prove all your injuries
  • Proof of past medical bills and lost wages as well as future estimates
  • Testimony from car accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals

How Much Is a Car Accident Case in the Atlanta Area Worth?

Injury car accidents, by year, in Atlanta: one-thousand-one-hundred-eighty in 2017, nine-hundred-seven in 2013

Assessing the value of your claim requires full knowledge and investigation of the facts, the law, and your medical condition. This starts with totaling medical bills, property damage, and lost pay, in addition to taking stock of the seriousness and permanency of your injuries.

Infographic: Examples of medical expenses that are important to document if you incur them after a motor vehicle accident

Georgia law allows an accident victim to be compensated for economic losses, including past and future expenses caused by the wreck, and current and future pain. Cases with a short recovery time may not have a value as high as instances of permanent injury.

Total crashes by year in Atlanta: sixty-three-thousand-nine-hundred-eighty-four in 2017, forty-three-thousand-seven-hundred-seventy-six in 2013

An experienced lawyer can often estimate the value of an injury case during a free consultation. But remember, this is not exact. It is not always possible to provide an accurate figure until more is known. The extent of your recovery, the amount of available insurance, and the driving history of the at-fault driver will all impact your case’s value.

During your free consultation, our attorneys can share if we think it’s necessary for you to hire a lawyer. We can also give you an idea of your case’s value.

The Millar Law Firm takes pride in only accepting cases we know will provide a good experience and outcome for injured clients.

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Types of Car Accident Cases We Handle

Since 1993, the firm has expertly represented your neighbors in Atlanta and across the State of Georgia. Cases we handle include:

Car Accident Injuries We Handle

No two car accidents are alike. And that means there’s no limit to the type and severity of injuries that may occur because of an accident. At The Millar Law Firm, we have experience supporting clients with all kinds of injuries. Here are a few of the injuries we’ve handled:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and back
  • Amputations
  • Leg and knee
  • Hand and foot
  • Internal and abdominal
  • Shoulder
  • Soft tissue
  • Spinal cord
  • Head and brain (TBI)
  • Facial
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Chest
  • Burns
  • Wrongful death
  • Any other car-accident-related injuries

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Attorney to Handle an Auto Accident Case?

 Most reputable personal injury law offices provide a free initial case consultation and operate on a “contingent fee” or contingency agreement. This means you are not charged legal fees unless the firm actually recovers money for you or your family through settlement, a jury verdict, or judgment.

Personal injury legal fees in the Atlanta area can vary, but generally range from one-third for most settlements to 40% when a lawsuit must be filed.

Our lawyers will evaluate your case by telephone or in-person at no charge and discuss the fee arrangement with no obligation or pressure to retain us.

The Millar Law Firm has been handling car accident cases for almost three decades. We specialize solely in personal injury law, which is a very specialized area of law. It requires knowing and understanding insurance legalities, how to interact and negotiate with adjusters effectively, how to discover all of the available insurance coverage information, and how to collect the damages you deserve.

We know the Atlanta area’s local laws, local legal system, and local roadways and highways – and just as importantly, we know how to combat the tactics of insurance companies and adjusters.

The Millar Law Firm has been independently rated among the best lawyers in Atlanta. Please take a look at the reviews posted to this website and Google My Business for the law firm’s Atlanta and South Atlanta office locations. There are well over 100 five-star reviews. Some of our best cases have even been referred to us by judges who have seen our work in their courtrooms.

Our firm and attorneys have also been awarded top “AV” and SuperLawyer ratings. These ratings are done by anonymous surveys of other lawyers to ensure the results are genuine.

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