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Located in Jonesboro, We Serve Ellenwood, Riverdale, Forest Park, Clayton County and All of Atlanta

Located in Jonesboro, our team of personal injury lawyers is committed to serving Clayton County and the entire Atlanta area.

Whether you need an expert car accident lawyer in Ellenwood, a skilled work injury attorney in Forest Park, or a lawyer for a serious injury anywhere in Georgia, we are ready to investigate your case at no cost to you.

Our team of experienced and competitive attorneys, are ready to evaluate your personal injury claim. For over 30 years the Millar Law Firm has helped victims of dog bites, drunk driving accidents, truck accidents, nursing home abuse, and many other injuries.

If you have been negligently injured, we are here to help.

You don’t have to drive to downtown Atlanta for high-quality legal representation.

The Millar Law Firm has been winning cases in South Atlanta for over 30 years. There is no reason to drive to downtown Atlanta and entrust your case to a “television” personal injury law firm that may not give your car accident the attention it truly deserves.

Accidents and injuries are inconvenient. This is why we offer the choice of electronic meetings and sign-ups or the convenience of meeting you wherever you are. Whether it’s through efficient communication over the phone or welcoming you to our office in Jonesboro, the choice is yours. Our mission is to serve and accommodate you.

After a serious accident, you may find yourself unable to work or drive. Our team of experienced accident and injury attorneys is here to provide support and guidance throughout your recovery and claims process.

As a leading firm known for our client service, we are committed to working closely with you.

With a proven track record in personal injury law our attorneys and helpful legal staff are ready to do whatever it takes to protect your rights and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Law Firm

Your injury case is special and unique. Our legal representation begins with listening carefully to you!  Your case is unique and we seek to understand your injuries, your special needs for medical care, and the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Fast and detailed investigation.  We will investigate what happened at the accident scene.  Most Clayton County cities such as Jonesboro, College Park, Forest Park, Riverdale and others have their own police departments.  Our law firm will obtain the police or incident report, interview officers and eyewitnesses, get car and body cam video, 911 audio recordings.

Your medical needs. On the medical side, our accident attorneys will gather information about your injuries and provide solutions if you need care but do not have medical insurance.  We will obtain ambulance reports, ER and medical records and we will meet your doctors to better understand and prove your injuries to the insurance company.

Your Injury Settlement. Insurance adjusters fight hard to pay the least amount of settlement compensation.  Once you recover, we will first seek to negotiate a full and fair settlement.  We are well-known to the insurance industry as injury attorneys who will file lawsuits and try cases to verdict at the Courthouse located in Clayton County, near Jonesboro.

Strong relationships. Over the years, we have established relationships with local law enforcement agencies, accident reconstruction experts, medical offices and other professionals.  We regularly employ a support network of legal and medical professionals to put your case together.

Additionally, because our personal injury law firm has been in Clayton County for 30 years, our injury lawyers and office staff are familiar with the local city and county government and court system in ways that attorneys from distant parts of the state or Metro area may not be.

Other Reasons Why You Should Consider Our Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyers

Our primary objective is to maximize compensation. We limit the number of cases that our attorneys handle at one time. This means that our firm can ensure that each case receives the necessary detail, attention, and time required to secure the highest settlement value. This commitment to diligence and excellence is a fundamental reason why our clients frequently refer their family and friends to us.

Our commitment to providing exceptional client service is unwavering. We approach every individual and their respective case with utmost care and respect, treating as if they were family. This stems from our deep-rooted concern for people. We fully understand that an accident can significantly escalate stress in a person’s life. Therefore, we believe that interactions with a personal injury law firm should not amplify this stress, but rather, should alleviate it.

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The Millar Law Firm represented my stepdaughter for a car accident she was involved in. We experienced nothing but compassion and professionalism! Would most definitely recommend Bruce and his team to anyone who is in need of a car accident attorney. They really are wonderful.

five stars
Timothy B.

Questions We Receive About Our Jonesboro Location

We have compiled a list of questions that potential clients have asked us about our Jonesboro location. Here they are.

When is the Jonesboro office open?

Our dedicated staff is available round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. Our attorneys maintain office hours during standard business hours to address your legal needs promptly and effectively.

Do you take walk-in appointments?

At our law firm, providing excellent client service is our top priority. We do accept walk-in appointments. However, to ensure that our attorneys and staff will be available and ready to meet with you immediately, we recommend calling ahead to schedule an appointment. We also understand that circumstances may arise where a walk-in appointment is necessary, and we are more than happy to accommodate you in such cases.

Do you have other locations?

In addition to our Jonesboro location, we have two other convenient office locations. One is situated in the heart of downtown Atlanta, while the other can be found in McDonough, Georgia.

What area’s or cities does your Jonesboro office location serve?

We serve the entire State of Georgia and, when necessary, our firm partners with out-of-state lawyers and firms to best serve our clients. Area cities in which we regularly handle personal injury and accident cases include Atlanta, College Park, Ellenwood, Riverdale, Forest Park, Morrow, Lovejoy, Lake City, Conley, Bonanza, Stockbridge, Fayetteville, Union City, and we are more than willing to assist residents in McDonough as well.

Do your personal injury lawyers at your Jonesboro office take on any cases outside of personal injury?

Our law firm has devoted itself solely to personal injury law for three decades. By specializing in personal injury law are able to effectively guide our clients through the complexities of Georgia’s legal system.

How many employees are staffed at your Jonesboro office?

Our Jonesboro office comprises a dedicated team of 15 to 20 in-house attorneys and support staff. Our legal team has an array of skilled professionals including case managers, paralegals, experienced accident lawyers, and other office staff. Our structure allows us to prioritize individual attention and ensure that each case receives the care and focus it rightly deserves.

Is your Jonesboro office open on holidays?

We are open on many holidays, and we are glad to meet you by appointment on nearly every holiday.

Experience and Focus: The Personal Injury Cases Handled by Our Jonesboro Attorneys

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases Our Jonesboro Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers Handle

We work hard to ensure that the auto insurance company fully compensates you for the accident.

Car, truck and motorcycle accident cases we accept include the following:

Our Jonesboro Personal Injury Attorneys Fight to Recover Compensation for You

Insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. Automobile, business and homeowner’s insurance companies put profits before people and often try to get injury victims to accept a quick, lowball settlement. We understand these tactics and have been dealing with them for 30 years.

Our lawyers do not handle a high volume of cases, and we are prepared to take any case where the insurance company is not making a fair or reasonable settlement offer to trial.

Negligent companies, drivers or homeowners may owe you compensation for: pain and suffering, inconvenience, past and future medical expenses, lost income, and in some cases, punitive damages.

If another insurance policy is accountable for an accident, your private health insurance company may not cover the medical costs resulting from the incident. This scenario could initiate a process known as subrogation. In such a case, if the other insurance company fails to pay or you neglect to file a legal claim, you might find yourself financially liable for the accident expenses. Our team of attorneys primarily aim to assist victims of accidents in securing a settlement to alleviate their burden of medical bills.

An accident can disrupt your work schedule, or worse, cause you to lose your job. This often leads to a serious loss of income. Insurance companies frequently sidestep the responsibility of covering these losses. Our job is to fight diligently to ensure this type of expense is included in your accident settlement.

Owning a vehicle is a significant investment, and the costs associated with repairing it at a body shop are often substantial. While most insurance companies are generally competent at covering these costs, it’s not always a guarantee. Our team of attorneys works diligently to ensure that you’re duly compensated for any vehicle damages incurred.

An accident can be so overwhelming that it diminishes one’s quality of life. Our committed legal team aims to demonstrate the ways in which an accident has imposed hardships and adversely affected your life.

An accident can potentially result in lifelong alterations to an individual’s physical state, with some injuries never fully healing. These enduring changes to a person’s body can, however, be subject to compensation. Our dedicated attorneys strive to secure such compensation for our clients who have unfortunately suffered permanent injuries.

Hiring an attorney can enhance your chances of securing compensation for pain and suffering, a category of damages that insurance companies often resist paying. Our committed attorneys exert significant effort towards obtaining this form of compensation on your behalf.

Cities That Our Jonesboro Personal Injury Attorneys Serve

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