A man and a women reading a letter about an injury 

How To Recover Compensation for Lost Income Due to a Car Accident

Your settlement compensation after a car accident in Georgia may include recovering past and future lost income and earnings. This guide explains how lost pay can be included in your personal injury damage claim. Key Points Employment is crucial because it makes it so we can pays our bills, buy food, pay for housing, pay […]

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Example of a roundabout: a scheme for managing the flow of traffic at the junction of two or more roads

Everything to Know About Roundabout Car Accident Claims

Key Points: Injured in a Roundabout Accident? Roundabouts are increasingly recognized by city planners, especially in Atlanta, as superior alternatives to traditional intersections with traffic lights or stop signs. Their design not only facilitates smoother traffic flow by minimizing stop-and-go traffic but also significantly lowers the risk of fatal accidents by reducing vehicle speeds and […]

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Distracted young male driver looking at the screen of his mobile phone while driving into a pedestrian

Texting and Driving Car Accident Legal Claims Facts and FAQS

Key Points: When other drivers on the road divert their attention to their phones, it’s as though they’re navigating through traffic with a blindfold on. Each glance down to tap or swipe transforms their vehicle into an unpredictable hazard, moving at high speeds yet guided without full attention. Imagine a car speeding at 55 mph, […]

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Photo on white background of a red car impacted on the driver side, front fender by a silver sedan

Everything to Know About Sideswipe Accident Legal Claims and Lawsuits

Key Points: Side-impact car accidents can happen for all sorts of reasons, from a moment of distraction to someone blatantly ignoring the rules of the road. And with Atlanta’s packed roads and highways, these crashes are sadly pretty common, leading to some serious injuries. Ever been caught in one of these side-impact collisions? Figuring out […]

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figures on a cross walk

Facts and Legal Information About Pedestrian Accidents Within School Zones

Key Points: Understanding School Zones and Their Purpose A school zone is a designated area surrounding a school where specific traffic regulations are enforced. Overall, school zones are crucial for protecting children and fostering a safe learning environment. By understanding the purpose of these special areas and obeying the regulations, everyone can contribute to a […]

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A calculator and a ballpoint pen on top of large US currency

How to Accurately Calculate a Car Accident Settlement

Key Points: Auto Insurance Companies Don’t Accurately Calculate Accident Expenses When you’re not at fault in a car accident, you might expect it won’t cost you anything. Yet, often, that’s not what happens. Auto insurance companies frequently face criticism for not accurately calculating accident costs, which leaves many people feeling they haven’t received enough compensation. […]

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Two male drivers look at their bumper damage and steam or smoke after they get into an accident

Atlanta Rear-End Collision Claims: Your Comprehensive How-To Guide

Key Points The increasing number of distracted drivers, using cell phones and electronic devices, has made rear-end accidents in Georgia and across the country a common occurrence. Despite their reputation as minor fender benders, these accidents can lead to serious injuries. Victims filing claims against the responsible driver’s insurance often encounter resistance, as insurers prioritize […]

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time moving through a calendar

Can You File a Legal Claim One Year After a Car Accident? 

Key Points:  Can I Still File a Legal Claim at the One Year Anniversary from the Accident?  Most insurance policies require claims to be filed “promptly” or “within a reasonable time” after the accident. While the exact definition varies by state and insurer, waiting a year is highly unlikely to fall under either category. This […]

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man showing off money.

Why Car Accident Settlements Vary for the Same Injury 

Key Points:  What is a Car Accident Settlement?  A car accident settlement is a legal agreement between the parties involved in a car accident, where the at-fault party or their insurance company agrees to pay a sum of money to the injured party (or parties) to compensate them for the damages they suffered as a […]

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Food Delivery Services

How Compensation Works for DoorDash Injury Accidents 

During the recent COVID pandemic, food delivery services such as DoorDash exploded in popularity throughout the United States. Even though the pandemic has subsided, DoorDash and similar companies have continued to flourish and grow, particularly in metropolitan areas like Atlanta.   DoorDash partners with restaurants to provide food delivery to people and businesses via an ordering […]

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Close-up on two ppl using the GPS

How to Get Car Accident Compensation from Lyft

Key Points: Thanks in part to the Hartfield-Jackson Airport; Atlanta is a bustling hub of international travel. In and around Atlanta, the rideshare industry is growing exponentially. Companies like Lyft, which uses cell-phone apps to connect passengers with drivers who offer transportation in their private vehicles, have become a valuable new player in the transportation […]

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Several cars vans trucks parked in parking lot

How Car Accident Claims Work When a Business Owns the At-Fault Vehicle? 

In the bustling Metro Atlanta area, business vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from large semi trucks to small sedans operated by Uber drivers. When the drivers of these vehicles cause accidents, injured victims may have a legal claim against them, the company they work for, or both. Receiving compensation for your car accident […]

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pregnant women driving a car

How Pregnant Moms Can Seek Compensation After a Car Accident

Key Points: Unborn Babies Face Increased Risks During Car Travel for Pregnant Women The unborn baby in a pregnant women’s womb has the least amount of protection in a vehicle. Cars have many safety features to protect people, but when a woman is pregnant, there are extra concerns. Even small car accidents or quick stops […]

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Fly over the drone of the bridge

How Car Accident Insurance Settlements Are Divided Among Multiple Victims

Key Points: Car Accidents Are Not Simple, Especially When More Are Involved When a car accident involves just one at-fault driver and a single victim, with no injuries and evident liability, negotiating a settlement with the insurance company is typically straightforward. However, the situation becomes more complex in accidents involving three or more parties, such […]

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Medical record folders and stethoscope on a desk

Why Medical Records Are Crucial to Your Car Accident Case

Key Points: Whenever anyone visits a hospital after a car accident, the medical professionals will document the visit, in what is called medical records. These records will include a thorough account of the patient’s injuries, the results of any examinations and tests performed, treatments or medications administered, and any recommendations for follow-up care. This documentation […]

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Insurance coverage for cases.

Can Umbrella Insurance Coverage Pay for a Car Accident? 

If you are involved in a serious car accident, you may suffer injuries that require a long hospital stay, surgeries, physical therapy, and more. The cost of medical care has been steadily increasing for decades, with certain healthcare costs, such as prescription drugs and hospital visits, even outpacing general inflation in the United States. As […]

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An exhausted male truck driver who is parked outside a warehouse, sleeps hunched over his stearing wheel

How to Prove the Other Driver Was Sleeping At the Wheel

Key Points: The highways of Georgia are busy, fast-paced places with thousands of risks. In just driving to work you may be taking your life in your hands. More to the point, you are often placing your life in the hands of others who might be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, road rage, or […]

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Lawyer in a Courtroom

Understanding the Role of Expert Witnesses in Winning Car Accident Settlements

Key Points: When considering witnesses of a car accident, one typically imagines individuals who directly observed the incident, such as nearby drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. Indeed, these eyewitnesses are crucial due to their firsthand accounts of the event, lending significant credibility and value to their testimonies. However, it’s important to recognize that not all witnesses […]

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police officers responding to a traffic accident

How Police Reports May Help With Your Car Accident Injury Claim

Key Points: Police Reports from Car Accidents are a Big Deal Police reports are used in car accident legal claims to help accident victims achieve more compensation in a settlement payout. Without a police report, it can make obtaining more compensation challenging. The best way to get a police report for a car accident is […]

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A Paramedic Helps a Female Driver With Whiplash After The Driver Was In A Traffic Accident

Understanding Pain after a Car Accident 

Key Points:  How Pain is Defined and Understood  Pain is a complex sensation caused by the activation of specific nerve fibers in the body. It’s a subjective experience, meaning it varies in intensity and perception from person to person.  Pain can be classified into two main types:  Pain is a Very Common Symptom Following a […]

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Insurance agent holds clipboard

A Post-Accident Guide to Understanding the Insurance Policies Involved 

Auto Insurance Basics  What you need to know about auto insurance can seem daunting. There are so many different coverages available that it can all be very confusing. Here are the basic coverages you should understand before buying an auto insurance policy.  Liability Coverage  Accident liability is when someone is legally responsible for paying for […]

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A team of workers is repairing a traffic light

The Importance of Accident Reconstruction in Fatal Car Crash Cases 

What is Accident Reconstruction?  Accident reconstruction is a scientific process used to analyze the factors and events leading up to, during, and following a car accident. In other words, accident reconstruction is used to determine how and why an accident happened. To make this determination, accident reconstruction experts collect and analyze physical evidence from the […]

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Glass on the street after a car accident

What Happens If an Insurance Company Acts in Bad Faith?

Key Points: Traditionally, insurance companies hold a distinct status under the law due to the essence of their business—offering the promise of financial protection. When you buy coverage from an insurer, the company commits to covering your damages according to the policy terms in the event of an accident. Should you be liable for injuries […]

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After two women drivers get in a fender bender, each tell their side of the story to a police officer on scene

How to Report Car Accidents and What to Do If They Aren’t Reported

Key Points: At-fault Drivers Might Try to Stop You From Calling Police or Insurance At-fault drivers might try to avoid consequences by asking you not to call the police or file an insurance claim. This old trick could prevent you from getting compensation, especially if you’re injured. They may promise to pay for damages privately. […]

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Close-up on two ppl using the GPS

Can You Sue Uber for an Accident as a Passenger?

Uber accidents introduce complex legal scenarios by adding more parties to the usual two-car collision. Ordinarily, an average car accident involves two vehicles, each with its own driver and corresponding insurance company. However, in an Uber accident, even if only two vehicles are involved, a major corporation—Uber—is also a party, along with the passenger. The […]

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Male Motorist Involved In Car Accident Taking a Photo Of Damage For Insurance Claim

How Car Accident Lawyers Use Photos to Win Settlements

Key Points: Photo Evidence Helps Strengthen Car Accident Claims After a car accident, an insurance company – or if your case goes to trial, a jury must consider different people’s stories to recall a traumatic event. These recollections often dissolve into “he said – she said” situations. Sometimes, human memories can be flawed, but photographs can […]

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A man takes a photo on his smartphone of an accident scene between a car and a motorized scooter

What Exactly to Photograph After a Car Accident

Key Points: Acting swiftly and decisively in the moments following a car accident is crucial. Quick thinking and prompt action can significantly influence the outcome of your settlement, potentially leading to a fair compensation that adequately addresses your injuries, as opposed to a minimal offer. One of the most critical steps, if you’re physically capable […]

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Doctor doing surgical stitches

Can Stitches Resulting from a Car Accident be Compensated? 

Key Points:  Why are Stitches Necessary after a Car Accident?  Stitches are often necessary after a car accident, especially if the accident caused a laceration (deep cut) or puncture wound. Lacerations and puncture wounds can be caused by broken glass, metal, or other debris from the accident. They can also be caused by contact with […]

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A young male driver is shouting and throwing his hands up, showing his inpatience with the driver in front of him

What Is Road Rage, and How Can Victims Seek Compensation?

If you have been the victim of a car or truck accident caused by road rage, our law firm has put together this legal resource for you. The Millar Law Firm represents victims of road rage and aggressive driving in the Atlanta area and across Georgia. Key Points: What It Is Considered Road Rage? Road […]

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Insurance agent holds clipboard

Understanding UIM Coverage in Georgia Car Accident Claims 

If you are injured in a car accident, having insurance coverage for your medical bills and other costs is crucial to your emotional and financial recovery. Unfortunately, about one in eight drivers on the road in the United States do not carry liability insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute.   In Georgia, it is estimated […]

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medical stethoscope and pills on paper

What is MedPay Coverage and How Does it Work?

Key Points: What is Med Pay Insurance? MedPay insurance, also known as medical payments coverage is an optional add-on to auto insurance policies available in most states. It helps pay for medical expenses related to vehicular accidents, regardless of who is at fault. Who is Covered by a Med Pay Policy? MedPay can cover expenses […]

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A lawyer reaching a settlement

Understanding Car Accident Settlements in Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide

Starting the Settlement Journey: The Initial Steps After a Car Accident What Exactly is a Car Accident Settlement? A car accident settlement is a legal agreement reached between the parties involved in a car accident, often facilitated by their respective insurance companies or a car accident lawyer. Rather than going through a lengthy and potentially […]

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An agent inspecting a car crash 

How to Get Compensation for a Totaled Vehicle After a Bad Accident

Key Points: What Does it Mean for a Vehicle to be Totaled? A vehicle is considered “totaled” when the cost of repairs exceeds a certain percentage of the vehicle’s actual cash value (ACV). This percentage can vary depending on insurance companies and local regulations. If an insurance company determines that a vehicle is totaled after […]

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Medical Team Meeting

Medical Professionals who Treat Car Accident Victims 

It is important to note that the specific medical professionals who will work on a car accident victim will depend on the severity and type of injuries the victim sustained. For example, a victim with a minor head injury may only need to see an emergency room doctor, while a victim with a severe spinal […]

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Insurance negotiation

How Does Insurance Subrogation Work for Car Accidents

Key Points: What is Insurance Subrogation? Car accidents can lead to hefty medical bills. Usually, when you end up in the hospital after an accident, the first thing they’ll ask for is your health insurance information to cover the costs. But think about it: if another person or their insurance should be covering those costs […]

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Injured woman with arm sling and neck corset

Understanding Shoulder or Rotator Cuff Injuries From Car Accidents

Car Accidents Exert Immense Force on the Shoulders In a car accident, the shoulders are subjected to a myriad of forces that can result in significant injuries. When a vehicle suddenly stops or collides with another object, the body continues to move forward due to inertia, often pushing the shoulders against the restraint systems, like […]

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Doctor examining a persons knee 

Understanding Knee Injuries from Car Accidents

Suffering a knee injury is tough. Beyond the pain, there are medical bills and questions about what comes next. This guide sheds light on the damage a car accident can do to ones knee. Get informed and tackle your case with confidence. Key Points: The Vulnerability of Knees in Car Accidents Car accidents often result […]

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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injuries That Can Be Caused by a Car Accident

Key Points: Car accidents frequently inflict trauma on the spinal cord. As attorneys that focus on car accidents, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to deepen our understanding of the spine. Even with safeguards like seat belts and airbags, the spinal cord often bears the brunt of a collision’s force and displacement. This vital structure is […]

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Two MRI radiologists sitting in the control room

Using Medical Imaging Tests as Valid Evidence for Car Accident Claims

Key Points: What is Medical Imaging? Medical imaging tools are essential for diagnosing and managing a wide range of medical conditions. They allow doctors to see inside the body without having to perform surgery, and they can help to guide treatment and monitor progress. Even though medical imaging tests can be expensive, having the evidence […]

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hip injury

Understanding Hip Injury Compensation for Car Accidents

Our Atlanta personal injury law firm handles serious hip injury cases. This Georgia legal article explains your rights to damages and compensation. Key Points: Common Car Accidents That Risk Hip Injuries Despite the protection offered by seat belts, cushioned seats, and side airbags, your hips remain vulnerable in car accidents. The intense force during such […]

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How to Obtain Your Georgia Car Accident Police Report

Key Points: When you are involved in a serious car accident, treating your injuries is only the beginning of your recovery process. The next step will be to locate the necessary documentation to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages in an insurance claim. To start, you will want to get a copy of the police […]

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A whiplash accident victim

How a Car Accident Settlement Is Valued for a Whiplash Claim in Georgia

What is the settlement value of a whiplash injury case in the Atlanta area? This guide discusses how Georgia personal injury lawyers value and prove neck injury and whiplash claims. Key Points: Understanding Whiplash: A Quick Overview Whiplash is a neck injury resulting from a forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, resembling the cracking […]

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A view into the cabin of a car after the airbags deployed and the driver was helped out

Whiplash Injuries from Car Accidents

Key Points: What is Whiplash? Whiplash is an injury to the muscles and ligaments in the neck and upper back that occurs when the head and neck are suddenly and forcefully jerked back and forth or side to side. This rapid movement causes the cervical spine (the neck region) to experience acceleration and deceleration forces, […]

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Police at an accident scene helping a lady 

Can You Seek Compensation for Minor Impact Car Accidents in Georgia?

Key Points: Fortunately, the amount of damage to your vehicle is not the only thing that affects whether the at fault driver or his or her insurance company may owe damages. In some minor-impact cases, especially rear-end collisions, the car that hit you from behind often has more damage to its front bumper or hood […]

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911 Dispatch Center in Georgia

How 911 Calls Can Help You Win Your Georgia Car Accident Case

This Atlanta Advocate Legal Guide explains how audio recordings and electronic data from 911 can help win your Georgia car accident case. Find out more here: Key Points: After being involved in a car accident, most people will contact 911 to report the incident and request first-responder assistance. These calls can help strengthen a legal […]

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A woman who was injured at work receives a check to settle her claim against her employer

How to Seek Compensation for Lost Income Due to a Car Accident

What happens if you’re unable to work because of your injuries? Can you recover lost wages after a Georgia car accident? The answer is yes, but it may not be as easy as you think. Keep reading to learn more. Key Points: For Accident Victims Employed by a Business, Organization or Corporation Can You Recover […]

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Human brain to represent brain injury

What Is Traumatic Brain Injury, and How to Seek Compensation After an Accident

Key Points: Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) in Car Accidents If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, it’s essential to be aware of the potential for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). These injuries can result from various mechanisms during a vehicular collision. Here’s a breakdown of the primary causes: Safety […]

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Doctors talking a car accident victim

Why It’s Important to Get a Physical Examination After an Accident

Key Points: If you aren’t immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance after an accident due to visible or severe injuries, you might question the need for a doctor’s visit. While it can be tempting to delay or skip a medical checkup, this decision could harm you in the long run. Moreover, without a doctor’s […]

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agent holding insurance claim form

Georgia Auto Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist (UIM) Insurance Rules

Key Points: Georgia’s UIM, or Uninsured and Underinsured Insurance, Laws and Requirements The OCGA, or Official Code of Georgia Annotated, is the codified law of the state of Georgia. Section 33-7-11 of the OCGA deals with uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage is designed to protect motorists who are injured in accidents caused by uninsured drivers. […]

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a witness at an accident scene

Why Credible Witnesses May Help You Win a Larger Car Accident Settlement

After a Georgia car or truck accident, finding one or more credible witnesses may help you or your attorney prove that you deserve fair compensation. This Georgia legal resource written by our attorneys may help. Key Points: When a motor vehicle accident happens in the busy Atlanta region, there’s a good chance other drivers, pedestrians, […]

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lawyers meeting with the accident victim

Why Hiring a Lawyer Might Benefit You Even When You’re Not at Fault

If you’ve been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you might assume that navigating the claims process will be straightforward and result in a fair settlement from the other driver’s insurance company. However, it’s important to recognize that insurance companies have their own interests at heart and may seek to deny or […]

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view into a vehicle after an accident, with the back window and front windshield shattered

What Happens If the At-Fault Driver is Killed in a Georgia Car Accident?

Key Points: When you are involved in a serious car accident in Georgia, the driver responsible for causing the crash can be held liable for the costs, even if that at-fault driver did not survive the collision. Whether it’s medical costs, lost wages, or past and future pain and suffering, you can hold the (deceased) […]

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Incident report investigation

Traffic Citations and Their Role in Georgia Car Accident Injury Cases

In Georgia, how a traffic ticket was handled after a car accident can help win your personal injury case. Learn more in this legal guide by The Millar Law Firm. Key Points: Can Traffic Ticket Outcomes Impact the Verdict in Georgia Car Accident Injury Cases? The issuance of a traffic ticket at a car accident […]

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Two cars (taxis) parked in the street, after colliding head-on

Is There a Perfect Time to Sue After a Car Accident?

Key Points: You Should Never Delay Calling a Lawyer Starting a legal claim and talking to a personal injury lawyer are two separate things. There’s a best time for a lawyer to file the claim, which is usually when all the costs are known, and the total price of the accident is clear. This helps […]

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man getting angry on the road

How Evidence of Aggressive Driving May Increase the Settlement Value of A Georgia Car Accident Case or Claim

Key Points: What Is Aggressive Driving in Georgia? Aggressive driving often means moving traffic violations that puts other motorists, pedestrians or property at risk. In Georgia, aggressive driving is treated as a serious traffic offense because it often leads to severe accidents, injuries, or even fatalities. Examples of aggressive driving include: Interesting Facts About Aggressive […]

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A car with major damage to the front-right fender

Will My Car Insurance Rates Increase After a Car Accident in Georgia?

Insurance companies usually raise the prices, or premiums, after a car accident because they see the driver as riskier. The main goal of an insurance company is to handle risks and make sure they can pay for any claims that might happen. When a driver has an accident, it could mean they’re more likely to […]

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two women core training

How a Physiatrist Can Help Car Accident Victims

Key Points: What Does a Physiatrist Do? Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians are also known as physiatrists. These specialists treat a wide variety of medical conditions as well as trauma-related injuries involving the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.  Physiatrists, unlike physical therapists, are actual medical doctors who have completed medical […]

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City Traffic at Night

Why Atlanta’s Busiest Highways See More Car Crashes

Key Points: Atlanta is a city that is known for its bustling highways, with interstates like I-285, I-75, and I-85 serving as major transportation arteries for the region. However, with heavy traffic volume and congestion comes an increased risk of car accidents. In fact, Atlanta consistently ranks among the most dangerous cities in the country […]

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medical in usa

Can Medicaid Help Me Pay Medical Bills After a Georgia Car Accident?

If you’re injured in a car accident, the cost of medical care can be a tremendous burden on you and your family. When another driver is to blame for the accident, you may have an injury claim against their auto insurance company. However, even if someone else is ultimately held responsible, settling a claim can […]

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US, Georgia map

How Are Car Accident Legal Claims Handled With Out-of-State Drivers?

Key Points: Atlanta’s metro has drivers coming and passing through from all over the nation. Unfortunately, these drivers are not immune from getting into car accidents.  Where to Start: Focusing on the Out-of-State Driver’s Insurance Policy If injured by an out-of-state driver on the road in Georgia, one of the first things to investigate is […]

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Neck pain

How Neurologists Can Help Auto Accident Victims

Key Points: What Does a Neurologist Do and Focus On? A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in treating injuries or other conditions related to the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. This means they are often called upon to treat victims following vehicular accidents, sports injuries, or other cases where a blow […]

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A chiropractor adjusts a patients back

Should You See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

Key Points: Insurance adjusters may claim that chiropractic treatment is an attempt by the chiropractor to squeeze more money out of the insurance company. However, if chiropractic treatments help an injured person or client obtain relief, you should not be concerned with an adjuster’s opinion of chiropractors. As car accident lawyers, we are sometimes asked where […]

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man in pain holding his chest.

How Car Accidents Can Result in Heart Attacks

Key Points: The tissue of the heart, known as the myocardium, is made of highly specialized cells that keep the heart beating and oxygenated blood flowing throughout the body. Any disruption or injury to this system can trigger a heart attack. Because of the severe impact car accidents have on the body, ruptures or tears […]

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Two drivers arguing after having a parking lot accident

What to Do If the At-Fault Driver Is Lying About Your Car Accident

At an accident scene, drivers often tell the truth. Once the consequences of the accident start to become known to the at-fault driver – they might work up a lie to protect them from declared at-fault. Having the evidence in place to prove the accident will not allow for them to get away with the […]

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Brain injury clinic

How Car Accident Victims Might Benefit From Visiting a Brain Injury Clinic

Key Points: What Is a Brain Injury Clinic? Brain injury clinics are multi-disciplinary facilities where the treatment of many forms of traumatic brain injuries and physical disabilities – both temporary and permanent – can be diagnosed and treated. Brain injuries are often caused by automobile accidents but can also result from sports and playground injuries […]

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doctor stretching someones elbow

How Orthopedic Doctors Can Help Car Accident Victims

Key Points: What Does an Orthopedic Specialist Do? Orthopedists are doctors who specialize in the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are essential to our movements. While orthopedic doctors are often referred to as “sports doctors,” their expertise goes far beyond the treatment of impact injuries suffered by athletes. In […]

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<strong>How to Receive Compensation for Medivac Services After an Accident</strong>

How to Receive Compensation for Medivac Services After an Accident

Key Points: What Is an Air Ambulance? An air ambulance, sometimes called a medivac, life-flight, or angel-flight, is an aircraft specially equipped and staffed to transport sick or severely injured patients to hospitals where critical care can be provided. Because these aircrafts do not have to rely on highway routes and can fly directly over […]

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car crash

How Weather Can Impact a Car Accident Settlement 

Georgia weather can be hard to predict. While many days are mild and sunny, thunderstorms and flash flooding can happen frequently and suddenly, especially in spring and summer. Though snow and ice occur less often, roads and highways in Metro Atlanta can become hazardous and congested quickly in the winter, even with small amounts of […]

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man talking with doctor

Should You Visit Your Primary Care Physician After an Accident?

Key Points: Medical Attention from a Competent Medical Professional Is Critical Not seeking immediate medical care can be a deadly mistake, if you’ve been in an accident. Although you may seem relatively fine, some life-threatening injuries, such as brain or internal organ damage, are not always immediately apparent. Unfortunately, an adrenaline surge from the accident […]

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Nurse and patient talking in urgent care

Should You Visit an Urgent Care Facility After a Car Accident?

Key Points: What Is an Urgent Care Facility? An urgent care facility acts as an intermediate step between your primary care provider and the emergency room. These clinics are often used if someone has a minor illness or injury that cannot be postponed or wait for a doctor’s appointment. As the name implies, these facilities […]

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Traffic jam. Cars are queuing up. Various vehicles got stuck on the road in a traffic jam.

Did a Stalled Car Cause Your Car Accident?

Key Points: For many people, living in the Metro Atlanta area means long daily commutes across busy interstates and roadways. Frequent driving in heavy traffic can not only wear you down but also take a major toll on your vehicle. For example, you use your brakes more often during rush hour and may have to […]

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How to Recover Compensation for a Construction Zone Car Accident in Georgia

As most drivers can see on a daily basis, there are always many construction zones along Georgia’s busy interstates and roadways. While these construction projects help improve and maintain our roads, they can also present significant challenges for drivers, such as unfamiliar signage, reduced speed limits, detours, lane pattern changes, frequent stops, and less space […]

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child injured

How to Detect a Concussion After a Car Accident

Key Points: If you’ve been in an accident, it is imperative that you see a doctor as soon as possible. Although you may feel and look unscathed, there could be damage that’s not apparent immediately. In fact, many brain injuries can take hours or even days to appear. While not all brain trauma events are […]

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A close up view of a traffic collision report form

Can Paying a Traffic Ticket Establish Fault in an Accident? 

After most car accidents, police officers are called to the scene to help and investigate what happened. Typically, the officer will interview drivers and witnesses, take pictures, make diagrams, and inspect the vehicles and conditions at the scene. If the officer believes a driver has broken the law, they will issue a ticket, or citation. […]

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<strong>5 Ways to Obtain Video Evidence After a Car Accident</strong>

5 Ways to Obtain Video Evidence After a Car Accident

Key Points: How Video Evidence May Help You Win a Larger Settlement After an accident, human eyewitnesses can be wonderful advantages to help paint the picture of what occurred and who was at fault. But unfortunately, people’s memories quickly fade. Video evidence, on the other hand, remains clear and difficult to refute. Because most video […]

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women holding her phone next to a vehicle

Atlanta Uber/Lyft Rideshare Accident Attorneys 

Key Points: Home to the world’s busiest international airport, Metro Atlanta has seen the number of rideshare vehicles—mostly Uber and Lyft— on its highways and roads multiply dramatically in recent years. Because of this trend, more and more passengers are riding in commercial vehicles and have no personal relationship to the person driving them, which […]

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man showing off money.

Can You Recover More Than the Auto Insurance Policy Limits?

When another person’s negligence causes you or a loved one to be hurt in a car accident, you may have a legal claim to recover compensation. Under Georgia law, a victim is entitled to compensation for the total cost of the accident, which includes all economic and noneconomic losses.  Generally, the first step in recovering […]

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A person in jaw pain

How to Recover a Car Accident Settlement For a Jaw or Dental Injury

Recovering a personal injury settlement that involves a jaw or dental injury can be tough. Car insurance companies often insist that you were not hurt or your injury was pre-existing. The following legal guide applies in the State of Georgia and may be helpful with your injury claim. Key Points: How to Prove Jaw and […]

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medical evaluation

Why You Should See a Doctor After a Car Accident

Key Points: When you’re involved in a car accident, seeking immediate medical attention can save your life. If you experience severe pain and other symptoms right away, you may realize you need medical help at the accident scene. However, if your symptoms seem minor or nonexistent in the immediate aftermath, you may believe that a […]

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neck pain from a car accident

How Car Accidents Can Cause Damage to Cervical Discs

Key Points: Try as they might, automobile manufacturers can do little to protect the neck and head from car accident-related trauma, even with modern-day car safety features. When a collision occurs, the unrestrained head and neck whip back and forth – coining the term whiplash. However, whiplash is only one of the serious neck injuries […]

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Person holding shoulder

How to Obtain Compensation for a Labral Tear After an Accident

Key Points: Understanding the Labrum and Its Purpose The labrum is a cup-shaped rim of cartilage that lines and reinforces the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder. There are also labra located at each hip that serve the same purpose — to secure the ball joint in the socket. Imagine a cup and saucer — the […]

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car that is hit from the side

How to Know If an Insurance Company Is Acting in Bad Faith 

Key Points: When you purchase auto coverage from an insurance company, that company makes a promise to protect you under the terms of the policy. In other words, your relationship with the insurance carrier is based on trust—if you get into an accident, it will pay your damages. If you injure someone else in an […]

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Police officer speaks with a woman driver after making a traffic stop

What Is an Accident Report and Why Is It Important for Legal Claims?

Key Points: Police Reports Can Impact Georgia Car Accident Legal Claims When trying to obtain compensation after a car accident, any evidence that explains how and why the accident took place can help with your case. An accident report from a police agency can be extremely valuable when making a legal claim because it acts […]

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A close up view of a traffic collision report form

How to Preserve Crucial Evidence After a Car Accident

Key Points: If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you’ll need to seek compensation for your injuries by filing a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Most insurance claims are settled through negotiations with the carrier—in rare situations, the victim must file a civil lawsuit to get full compensation. No matter how your […]

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A teenage girl gets instructions on how to protect a wrist injury, as her doctor puts a brace on her wrist

How to Seek Compensation for a Hand or Wrist Injury After a Car Accident

Key Points: When a person first recognizes an impending car accident collision, their first—and often involuntary—reaction is to grip the steering wheel firmly. But once the impact occurs, the hands and wrists bear the brunt of the force and exploding airbag. This tremendous jolting can leave these body parts badly injured. Insurance companies often like […]

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Photo of Teenage driver and her father

Who Is Held Accountable If an At-Fault Driver Does Not Own the Car?

Georgia’s Family Purpose Doctrine can allow you to receive compensation from the owner of a vehicle whose family member was using the car, truck, or motorcycle for a family purpose. Key Points: Who is responsible for paying when an accident is caused by a teenager or young adult, still living at home and is driving […]

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Automotive business, rental

Who Pays for My Rental Car After a Car Accident in Georgia?

Key Points: If you are involved in an accident that was clearly not your fault and your car is damaged, not knowing how long you will be without your car and worrying about rental charges can add even more stress. Fortunately, there options to get your rental car bills covered by an insurance company This […]

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Woman holding cash in two hands, with an alarm clock on top

What Issues Can Delay a Car Accident Settlement

Key Points: When you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you may be concerned about how long it will take to recover settlement compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In Georgia, and in most other states, the majority of car accident claims can be settled without the victim having to file a lawsuit. However, […]

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Women working on her car accident injury at a physical therapist

How Physical Therapy Expenses Are Paid in Car Accident Settlements

Attending prescribed physical therapy after a Georgia car accident can mean your injury case settles for more money. But, how will you pay for it? This resource written by The Millar Law Firm car accident attorneys may help. Key Points: Here are some important things you should know about receiving and paying for physical therapy […]

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passengers injured in a car accident 

Can You Seek Compensation for a Car Accident Claim If You Were a Passenger?

Key Points: The Atlanta area’s congested and busy roads too commonly result in car accidents that lead to injuries and property damage. While passengers are rarely the cause of a car accident, they often face devastating results due to their impact. Drivers are usually covered by their car insurance policies, but what happens when a […]

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Aftermath of Multi-vehicle collision

How Legal Claims Are Handled for Multi-Car Pileups in Georgia

Key Points: Atlanta’s fast-moving and busy highways sometimes lead to accidents that involve multiple vehicles. When several cars are involved in an accident, it can mean a tangled and dangerous situation on the road for anyone involved. A multi-car pileup can also add to the confusion about what legal options are available to those who […]

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Elderly women driving a car

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured by a Senior Citizen Driver in a Car Accident

Key Points: As most people age, their ability to quickly process information weakens, response time slows, and senses like vision and hearing start to decline. Unfortunately, because driving requires split-second decision-making, this lag in judgment and physical capabilities means accidents with senior citizens are more likely to occur. According to the Georgia Department of Driver […]

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UIM Papers

What If Both Drivers in Georgia Accident Have The Same Auto Insurance?

What happens if both drivers in a car accident have the same car insurance company? This guide by The Millar Law Firm, Atlanta car accident lawyers, can help. Key Points: As Georgia has become one of the fastest-growing states in the US, increasingly congested roadways and auto accidents have become a daily reality for its […]

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When Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

When Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Key Points: In Georgia, it is not always necessary to hire an attorney for your car accident claim. Our rule of thumb is that if your case involves only damage to your car or you were only treated at the emergency room for minor injuries, you may not need an attorney. In these instances, it’s possible […]

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insurance talking with victim

How to Talk with an Auto Insurance Company After a Car Accident

Key Points After you’ve been hurt in a car accident, good communication is critical. Knowing how to talk to an insurance company agent — what to say and what not to say — can have a huge impact on the settlement amount an insurance company will offer as compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, understanding how […]

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A man gestures that he has upper left abdominal pain

Common Rib Injuries After A Car Accidents

Key Points: Car accidents often cause blunt force trauma injuries. This trauma commonly happens when the impact of the collision throws the victim violently against the steering wheel, the dashboard, or even the seatbelt – all of which can cause rib cage injuries. The rib cage is a crucial part of the body that surrounds […]

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A traffic yield sign is shown on the side of a country crossroads with the sun off camera, but illuminating puffy clouds and a rainbow seen in the distance

How Failure-to-Yield Car Accidents Settlements Are Handled

In failure to yield cases, the settlement value of an injury claim is determined by key evidence. This legal resource is provided to help you understand how car accident injury claims are investigated and won in the Atlanta area and all across the State of Georgia by people like you and by accident lawyers. Key […]

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A Paramedic Helps a Female Driver With Whiplash After The Driver Was In A Traffic Accident

Do’s and Don’ts After Being in a Car Accident

Key Points: Definitely DO THESE THINGS The aftermath of a car accident can be so chaotic and stressful that people may act in ways that they normally wouldn’t. There are some things you definitely want to do after a car accident and several costly mistakes you can avoid in order to ensure the best outcome. […]

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Mother Comforts Daughter After a Minor Car Accident

Can You File a Car Accident Claim on Behalf of Your Child in Georgia?

Key Points: Despite safety laws and recommendations aimed at protecting children in car accidents, motor vehicle crashes remain a leading cause of death and injury for children. According to the CDC, more than 91,000 children age 12 and under were injured and 608 died in motor vehicle accidents in 2019. Under Georgia law, children 8 […]

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A man with a personal injury meets with a lawyer

What Settlement Amount Can I Anticipate from a Car Accident in Atlanta?

Key Points If you’ve sustained injuries from a car accident in Atlanta, or perhaps in the vicinity of Atlanta or anywhere across North or South Georgia, one of the foremost inquiries you’re likely to have following a severe car or truck collision concerns the potential value of your car accident claim settlement and the criteria […]

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Atlanta GA Map

What to Know About Georgia’s Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements

Involved in a car accident? Our guide to Georgia auto insurance law and how to make a claim may be helpful after your collision. Key Points There are around 400,000 car wrecks on Georgia’s roads each year. Many of these accidents result in insurance claims to compensate victims for their damages and injuries. Unfortunately, auto […]

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