Are you an Attorney Seeking to Refer a Client to a Trusted Personal Injury Law firm in Atlanta?

Meet our Atlanta lawyers that will gladly consider your case.

Are you an Attorney Seeking to Refer a Client to a Trusted Personal Injury Law firm in Atlanta?

The Millar Law Firm Takes on Referral Leads for Personal Injury Cases

We get it—managing every promising personal injury lead isn’t always feasible. Maybe your practice doesn’t extend to Georgia, perhaps personal injury isn’t your specialty, or maybe your caseload is simply overflowing. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re looking for a trusted partner in the Atlanta metro area to give your client a strong shot at a substantial personal injury settlement, you’ve found the right ally in us. Partner with our firm and rest assured that your referrals are in expert hands, where commitment meets capability to achieve exceptional results.

Why Referring Your Leads to The Millar Law Firm is the Right Choice

Honesty, Trust and Integrity Mean Everything to Us

You definitely don’t want to worry or question if our law firm will pay you, if we settle a case for your referral. At our firm, integrity is more than just a word—it’s the foundation of how we operate. When you send a case to us and we win a settlement, rest assured that a check for the agreed amount will be sent to you promptly. We keep careful track of all referred cases to ensure our promises are kept. Our aim is to foster a partnership that not only meets your client’s needs but also values your trust in us. Ultimately, your satisfaction is crucial; it strengthens our relationship and encourages you to consider us for future referrals. Winning and keeping your business is our top priority.

Offering Excellent Client Service is What We Do

The last thing you want is for a client you referred to us to report a less-than-stellar experience. We understand that the legal sector often struggles with customer service, but that’s where we stand out. At our firm, we prioritize exceptional client service so seriously that we’ve specifically staffed our team to ensure every client interaction is a positive one. We keep our clients fully informed, minimize hold times on the phone, and handle each case with diligence and care. Our approach is to treat every client with the utmost respect and kindness. Don’t just take our word for it—our reviews speak volumes. We take any client dissatisfaction to heart because our reputation is integral to our brand. If there’s ever a concern, we address it head-on, committed to maintaining the trust you place in us.

Our Experience is Real and it Helps Us Significantly

Since we opened in the spring of 1993, our law firm has focused exclusively on personal injury cases. More than thirty years later, we still only take on personal injury claims. We are one of the few firms in the Atlanta metro that can claim over three decades dedicated solely to personal injury law. This extensive experience has given us deep knowledge of personal injury regulations, local courts and judges, and the roads and highways around here. We’ve learned a lot over the years, from both our successes and our failures. With all this experience, we know what it takes.

What Type of Personal Injury Cases We Take On

We handle a wide range of personal injury cases, from car accidents to nursing home abuse and everything in between. While we do not take on medical malpractice cases, we can refer those out. For a comprehensive list of our practice areas, please visit our Legal Services page.

How the Process of Referring a Lead to Our Law Firm Works

Initial Contact

Start by reaching out to us via phone to speak directly with our intake team. Provide preliminary details about the case and your contact information.

Case Review

Our team will review the information provided to assess the case’s potential. We might request additional documents or details to better understand the case specifics.

Attorney Referral Agreement

If the case aligns with our expertise and we believe we can achieve a favorable outcome, we will send a referral agreement outlining the terms, including the referral fee percentage and responsibilities of each party.

Transfer of Documents

Once the agreement is signed, transfer all relevant case documents to our firm. We ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption to the client.

Client Introduction

Introduce the client to our firm. We prioritize a smooth handover to maintain client comfort and trust throughout the transition.

Case Management

Our experienced attorneys take over the case management, keeping the referring attorney updated on major developments and milestones.

Settlement and Referral Fee

Upon securing a settlement or court victory, we process the agreed-upon referral fee promptly and ensure it is disbursed according to the terms of our agreement.

Feedback and Future Collaborations

We value feedback on our collaboration to enhance our partnership. We look forward to future referrals and continuing our successful relationship.