Why you need local slip or trip and fall lawyers:

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Slip or trip and fall (premises liability) cases often require immediate investigation. If you cannot prove both that the merchant knew or should have known about the dangerous condition, and that you were unaware of the hazard, often your case cannot be won.

A lawyer or law firm located many miles away from Jonesboro or Clayton County may lack the time, investigator or staff resources necessary to immediately investigate your case. We have over 26 years’ experience in handling slip and trip and fall accidents. In addition, most of our legal staff has, on average, more than 10 years of experience in investigating and handling premises liability cases.

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Gathering and preserving evidence needs to be done quickly. Your investigative team must be able to spring into action – claims notices, spoliation (preservation of evidence) letters must be sent, photographs and measurements taken, and witnesses interviewed quickly. Before you hire a law firm, ask whether the firm has the expertise and resources to get these things done promptly. The Millar Law Firm regularly investigates and handles slip / trip and fall cases across South Atlanta and can investigate your case promptly before important evidence disappears.

Jonesboro Injury Lawyers Proving Your Injuries

Injuries caused by a fall must be proven through medical treatment and testimony. Over the past quarter-century our Jonesboro law firm has worked regularly with many local doctors and clinics, with top results. Chances are good that we have worked with your local doctor, therapist or medical office through past cases. Building a reputation of trust and excellence in the local medical community takes time and can be critical to the outcome of your injury case.

Insurance companies and large retail businesses know which law firms in the Jonesboro and Atlanta area are willing to fight hard for their clients, and which firms take the easy settlement money. Because slip and trip and fall cases can be difficult to win, your lawyer’s reputation and ability matters. Bruce Millar’s law firm has been filing claims in South Atlanta for over 26 years and is well known for our competence, professionalism, willingness to fight and for our great results.

Review our case results and client reviews, then put our premises liability legal experience to work for you.

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