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Motorcycle Accident Oriented Law Firm 

The Millar Law Firm in Jonesboro has handled dozens of serious motorcycle accident injury cases, including wrongful death, serious traumatic brain injury claims, paralysis, and broken bones.  We encourage you to review our case results page.  Many law firms or lawyers rarely handle a motorcycle accident claim, which can be more complicated and harder to prove than other types of motor vehicle accident cases. 

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What Our Accident Lawyers Can Do For You Today 

Our lawyers handle cases across the State of Georgia, with a special focus on South Atlanta, Jonesboro, and the Clayton County area. 

Consultations are free.  Our accident attorneys will first review your case at no charge, to help you determine if you have a winning motorcycle accident case.  During our telephone or in-person meeting, we can usually offer immediate and helpful advice and help get your claim started, whether you choose to hire us or handle the case on your own. 

We also work on a contingency fee.  This means you will only be charged attorneys fees if we win or settle your claim. 

Out team will begin working on your case immediately by investigating and notifying any at-fault parties and their insurance companies so that you can focus on recovery.  If you are hiring us for the wrongful death of a loved one, we can tell you the first and next steps in the process of helping your family recover. 

Over 80 percent of accidents involving motorcycles and cars result in injury or death. Every day, motorists fail to see bikers and cut them off, turn in front of bikers or change lanes into riders. Whether your accident was in Jonesboro, Riverdale, Stockbridge, Morrow, or anywhere else in South-Metro Atlanta, we can help. 

Motorcycle Crashes are rarely just “accidents” 

The simple truth is that motorcycle collisions can happen in many different ways. A negligent driver suddenly changing lanes or turning into you could be considered an accident, but sometimes these types of incidents are intentional and pay out huge settlements for their victims! 

Unfortunately, at-fault drivers and their insurance adjusters often find creative ways to make the case more complicated. Often they blame bikers for motorcycle wrecks when the reality is that the driver simply was not paying enough attention to traffic.  

Insurance companies also prey on the image of bikers as reckless, risk-takers to try to reduce the amount paid-out in fair compensation. Knowing how to navigate these tactics are keys to success in handling a motorcycle injury or wrongful death claim. 

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How Negligent Drivers Cause Most Motorcycle Wrecks, and How to Prove It  

Every motorcycle rider knows the risks of being hit by a car or truck and being involved in a serious accident. You may be a very experienced motorcycle driver. You may have passed a safe biking course before riding your motorcycle. However, most car and truck drivers have not had the same safety training you had. 

In fact, many drivers are not looking for motorcycles; they often fail to see even safe bikers sharing the road with them. If you followed the rules and exercised care yet were hit, most likely the crash or wreck was not your fault. 

The truth is that most riders are very safe, and the cause of most serious bike accidents is a driver of a car or truck making a turn into a biker’s path or merging into you while traveling in the same direction. There are other causes of motorcycle wrecks as well, of course, and they are usually the fault of the car or truck driver who failed to see your motorcycle. 

Evidence that can help prove that a car or truck driver was at-fault includes police body and dash cam video, 911 calls, eyewitnesses, photographs and measurements taken at the scene, and accident reconstruction. Our law firm looks for all of this evidence, and more, in each motorcycle accident case we handle. 

Why Motorcycle Accident Cases Can Be Tough to Settle 

Unfortunately, even in clear-cut cases of negligence, at-fault drivers and their insurance companies around Atlanta are often quick to blame bikers for accidents involving motorcycles. Some refuse to pay all of the bills and compensation when accidents happen. 

Insurance companies have done studies. They know that many people look at bikers as law-breaking, risk takers. We know that is not accurate. But adjusters use this bias to try to hold down the amount paid-out in your case. Fortunately, this bias can be overcome when your case is properly built. 

Why You Need A Dedicated Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

We know that most of our clients prefer to settle for a fair amount without taking the case to trial. You may have heard of bikers who received a settlement without hiring a lawyer. However, was the settlement fair? How would the victim know? An insurance adjuster for the car or truck that hit you may have even told you that you don’t need an attorney. 

The truth is that victims of motorcycle accidents rarely recover fair and full compensation unless the defense knows you have a legal team that has the ability to take them to court if necessary. 

Does this mean that all motorcycle accidents cases should be taken to trial? Not necessarily. Our goal is to get you as much money as possible that allows you to recover, pay your bills and be fairly compensated. In most cases you need an attorney to meet these goals. It can be very difficult to recover what your case is truly worth without the threat of courtroom victory. 

Motorcycle Accident Settlements 

Most properly investigated accident cases will settle. In fact, it is our first goal to settle your case as soon as possible, but never for less than you deserve. If the adjuster’s settlement offer is not fair, it may be necessary to fight for your rights. It is our policy to discuss all settlement offers with you. If you are not satisfied, we may recommend filing suit and taking your lawsuit to trial. 

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How Motorcycle Accident Settlements Are Paid and Collected 

Automobile, commercial business, trucking, and motorcycle insurances cover most bike accident claims. However, insurance companies are in the business of investing premiums, not paying them out. 

If you try to handle the accident on your own, be prepared for the adjuster to give you a low offer or the run-around, constantly asking for “more documentation,” and telling you that your case has “problems.” What the adjuster may really be saying is that without a legal team behind you, you have no chance to win. 

When the motorcycle crash is not your fault and you have an attorney who represents you and your interests well, you may recover compensation for all of your losses. 

What Damages Can Be Paid In A Jonesboro Motorcycle Accident Case? 

You are entitled to recover damages for your expenses and economic losses, including: 

  • treatment at the emergency room and hospital 
  • scar revision surgery 
  • therapy bills 
  • all other past and future related medical expenses 
  • Lost pay and income 
  • Property damage for your damaged motorcycle. 

General or Non-Economic compensation you may receive can include: 

  • A Family’s recovery for Wrongful Death of a loved one 
  • Emotional trauma 
  • Pain and Suffering 
  • Permanent impairment 
  • Loss of quality or enjoyment of life 

Free Consultations 

The Millar Law Firm offers free consultations and legal advice. Because we have nearly 30 years of experience in handling motorcycle crash claims in the Atlanta area, our office is able to answer almost all common questions about your case. When you contact our office, one of our leading motorcycle experts can answer your questions today in a free consultation by telephone or in person. 

Free Hospital or Home Visits 

Because motorcycle accidents often involve serious injuries, such as broken bones, severe road rash, brain injuries or paralysis, we are often contacted by victims who are still in the hospital. If this applies to you, one of our attorneys can come to the hospital and meet with you and your family to discuss your rights and the value of your case. There is no obligation, and you are not required to hire the firm. 


Local Legal Experts 

Our law firm specializes in motorcycle accident cases. We are also trial lawyers who have worked with local law enforcement for years and litigated dozens of cases in South Atlanta’s court systems in Jonesboro, Clayton County, Henry County, Fayette County, Coweta County, Fulton County, and many more. 

Branded “Motorcycle Accident Law Firms” with fancy names, patriotic-looking ads, or cartoon-animal logos claim to exclusively handle motorcycle cases all over the United States. Many of these are out-of-state lawyers or referral services who will simply refer your case to another lawyer. You may not even have a choice about whom your case is sent to. 

When you choose an attorney who specializes in motorcycle cases and who lives in your local area, you gain the advantage of being represented by a legal expert who knows the local court system, judges, and the values of the local jury pool. For example, our firm has over 29 years working in the South Atlanta area and courts, and we have successfully handled dozens of serious motorcycle cases. 

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A Respected Law Firm 

Our client testimonials and online ratings prove Jonesboro residents trust The Millar Law Firm. Between our South Atlanta office and downtown Atlanta office, we have top peer reviews and well over 100 5-star Google Reviews! We constantly seek feedback from our clients so we can be sure we are meeting your needs.  Although our record and top-ratings speak for themselves, we believe our client service sets us apart from other injury Lawyers.

  • We are compassionate and supportive 
  • Free case reviews and evaluations 
  • We will work with you to understand your needs and goals 
  • Our legal support team averages over 20 years of experience. Each! 
  • We have established a large network of medical and technical experts to maximize every case 
  • Our firm has the financial strength and resources to handle the most complex cases 
  • we strive to provide great client communication and keep you updated about your case 
  • To achieve our goal to settle for the highest dollar, we prepare every case as if it were going to trial.

How Our Lawyers Investigate Motorcycle Accident Cases 

Fast and detailed investigation is the key to success. Our Jonesboro, GA motorcycle accident attorneys quickly obtain all reports, investigate the scene, and gather the physical evidence. We identify all factors that contributed to or caused the accident. 

All witnesses are interviewed and the lawyers, along with accident reconstruction experts, review and measure the scene, skid marks, and road surface scrapes. We routinely interview police officers and first responders and review 911 calls. We also check body and patrol car camera records to determine the truth. 

We will also investigate the circumstances of the accident. Was the at-fault car or truck driving recklessly before the crash? Were they willfully disregarding the safety of other motorists? Claims involving drunk or drugged driving under the influence or road rage may allow you to claim punitive damages

Other causal factors we will investigate include: 

  • Distracted driving – was the at-fault driver using a cell phone or texting? 
  • Was the driver watching a video or using social media, like Facebook? 
  • Was the driver a commercial trucker violating the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act? 
  • Did the driver run a red light or stop sign? 
  • Was reckless or aggressive driving involved, such as weaving, speeding, or tailgating? 

Motorcycle Injury Claims Our Attorneys Handle 

The Law Firm successfully handle serious injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes. Here are some examples: 

  • Wrongful Death (fatal motorcycle accidents) 
  • Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injury 
  • Amputations 
  • Broken bones 
  • Surgery 
  • Road Rash 
  • Leg Injuries 
  • Head injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 
  • Herniated disks 
  • Back and Neck injuries 
  • Nerve injuries and nerve pain 
  • Knee and Shoulder Injuries 
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When the Motorcycle is Damaged or Destroyed 

When we accept an injury case, part of our service includes assisting you to ensure you are compensated for the damage to your bike, known as property damage. You may be entitled to have your cycle repaired, either to diminished value or to the total value of the bike, depending on the local market replacement value. 

There is no extra fee charged for helping with your motorcycle damage. In most cases you will keep all of the money paid for the property damage settlement. 

Broken Leg on Tara Boulevard: Our client was hit by a U.S. Army employee at the intersection of Tara Boulevard and North Main Street in Jonesboro. He was riding north on Tara Blvd (Highway 19/41) when an on-duty officer attempted to turn left onto North Main St., directly into the young man’s path. The accident resulted in a broken leg. We recovered over $460K for our client. 

Head Injury from Broken Motorcycle Helmet: Our client was driving his Harley Davidson in the right lane of Highway 78 near Atlanta when a motorist suddenly moved from the inside lane and side-swiped him. The man was thrown from his motorcycle, and his head hit the curb. Unfortunately the helmet failed and cracked due to a manufacturing defect, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. We eventually recovered over $2 Million from the at-fault driver and the helmet maker. 

Paralysis from Collision with Fixed Object: Our client crashed into an improperly marked fence, lacking proper reflectors and lighting, in a parking area southeast of Atlanta. He was paralyzed in the crash. A verdict of $25 Million was received, and the case later settled during bad-faith litigation for a confidential amount. 

Crash with Logging Truck: In Henry County, Georgia, an unlit logging truck pulled in front of our client’s oncoming motorcycle. The biker suffered numerous injuries and although the trucking company fought the claim, the case settled on the courthouse steps for policy limits. 

Your Family’s Financial Future Could Be At Stake 

Even if you do not hire our law firm, if you have been injured in a motorcycle crash in South Atlanta, do your research carefully and interview an attorney located near you. Fast investigation and a local network of doctors and experts can be a major advantage compared to hiring a “television” lawyer or Big-Advertiser located in a city far away. 

Safe Riding Tips and Helpful Georgia Laws: 

The State of Georgia requires all motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear a DOT and DPS approved helmet and proper eye safety protection. We encourage all riders to wear a properly fitting and constructed helmet. This can mean the difference between receiving scratches and a brain injury or death.

To operate a motorcycle on a public road or highway, a Class-M driver’s license is required.

In Georgia, bikers may not engage in lane splitting or lane filtering. Lane splitting means riding on the white line between lanes of traffic. Lane filtering refers to driving between rows or columns of slow or stopped cars. Such maneuvers are considered dangerous by some, and you can receive a ticket.

Not only is riding two-bikes-abreast legal in Georgia, many riders believe lane sharing enhances safety. Two side-by-side bikes are easier for other motorists to see. Additionally, at night, drivers of cars and trucks will see two headlights or tail lights. This means you may be less likely to be hit by accident.

We have all seen riders wearing shorts and a t-shirt. If you are hit or ejected from your bike and tumble or slide, you need protection. Wearing a helmet and leathers will not prevent all injuries. However, failing to take precautions such as motorcycle boots, a durable jacket and long pants can make otherwise minor injuries much more severe.

The majority of collisions happen at intersections. Use caution and scan for cars as you approach intersections. Avoid alcohol and medications. And, check the weather – sudden storms, wind and fog all contribute to motorcycle crashes. 

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