What should I do if I am hurt in a local or Interstate Highway Accident?

You need lawyers who know South Atlanta.  Because Jonesboro, Forest Park, Riverdale, College Park and other parts of Clayton County is situated along Interstates 75, I-85, I-285 and I-675, The Millar Law Firm has  become the local experts in investigating and handling serious  interstate highway crashes, accidents and fatalities.   Large truck and bus accidents with serious injuries and wrongful death, and accidents caused by negligent, drunk and reckless drivers are unfortunately a regular occurrence on our local crowded and dangerous highways.   Our team of attorneys and accident reconstruction experts can, and often does,  investigate serious accidents, such as large-truck and commercial vehicle crashes within hours of being consulted.

How to preserve YOUR evidence after a car or truck accident?  It is extremely important to have the scene of a serious accident examined by your own team of local experts before the evidence can disappear.  Hiring a law firm that is located far away from the scene of your accident can be a major disadvantage, and may result in lengthy delays at a time when fast action is needed.  Trucking companies often send their own investigators to the crash-site, shouldn’t you?  Call today and our team can begin to investigate immediately.

Do I have a good (valuable) injury case?

This is a great question that we love to answer.  Our entire legal team is trained to help quickly determine the quality of your case.  Whether you have a good case often depends on what the at-fault person or company did to negligently injure you, how badly you or your loved-one has been hurt, and how quickly you and your legal team can act to preserve all of the evidence and get proper medical care and documentation.  Many of these matters are discussed at our consultation, and all of our consultations are free of charge.  Give us a call and speak to a friendly and helpful attorney immediately.  There is no need to wait until you have already spoken to an insurance company (in fact, this can be a bad idea) or received the police report before calling us.

Cases We Handle

How do I receive medical care after my accident? Jonesboro Hospitals and Medical Centers

Prompt medical care is often key to a successful personal injury case. The Clayton County area has several excellent medical centers that can help accident victims.  Even if you do not have insurance, the emergency department at most hospitals will often give you treatment and allow you to pay for your medical care later.  As local injury lawyers, our services often include contacting medical providers and arranging to have your medical bills paid after we recover money in your injury case.  Some local medical centers and hospitals include:

Is Jonesboro or Clayton County, GA a good place to have an injury case? (Yes).

Can I get a great settlement in South Atlanta?  The fact is that most injury cases in Georgia settle without the need to file a lawsuit.  However, when lawsuits are necessary, Georgia law requires that you bring your lawsuit in either the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred or in the county in which the defendant lives, does business or is incorporated.  If you have been injured by a Clayton County resident or a business owned or operated in Clayton County, this is a good reason to hire a law firm located in Jonesboro in Clayton County, because recent history shows that even the threat of filing a lawsuit in Clayton County can help your case to settle fairly.

Insurance companies and defense lawyers fear Clayton County.  Why?  In recent years, Clayton County has gained a reputation as County that Insurance Companies fear.  This is because the citizens of our county understand the need to stand up for Justice in today’s society.  And, because our firm regularly files and takes cases to trial in Jonesboro and Clayton County, we believe this gives our clients an edge.

Great injury settlements come from preparation.  Cases that are carefully investigated and properly presented to the Insurance Company often settle, because the adjuster is convinced that the Plaintiff’s lawyer (your attorney) has put together a strong case.  Our Jonesboro personal injury lawyers will prepare your case as if it is going to trial before suit is even ready to be filed.  We send a message to the insurance company that if  you are not offered a fair settlement, we are prepared to file suit and continue to fight for you.

Courts serving the Jonesboro, Clayton County, Georgia area are:

  • Municipal Court of Jonesboro – 170 South Main Street, Jonesboro GA 30236. Phone: (770) 478-7407. Municipal Courts have limited jurisdiction to handle municipal ordinance violations.
  • Clayton County Magistrate Court – 9151 Tara Boulevard, Room 2TC08, Jonesboro GA 30238. Phone: (770) 477-3443. This court hears civil claims of $15,000 or less. No jury trials are held in Magistrate Court. Appeals from this court are made to the Superior and State Courts.
  • State Court of Clayton County – 9151 Tara Boulevard, Rm. 1CL181, Jonesboro, GA 30236. Phone: (770) 477-3389. State Court is a trial court with limited jurisdiction covering many civil actions, regardless of the amount, unless the Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction.
  • Superior Court of Clayton County – 9151 Tara Boulevard, Jonesboro, GA 30236.  Superior Court handles civil and criminal matters, including family court and felony criminal matters.

How do I Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in South Atlanta?

If you are looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Jonesboro or Clayton County, Georgia, we recommend you start by looking for a law firm with decades of experience and a proven track record and many 5-star reviews.

7 Reasons to Choose The Millar Law Firm

  • EXPERIENCE – You want it and need it.  The last thing your case needs are lawyers or paralegals who are new, inexperienced or learning while handling your case.  We are perhaps Clayton County’s most experienced personal injury law firm.  Our staff averages more than 20 years experience in the area of personal injury law.  If you call our office with an injury related question, chances are we will have seen the issue and can offer you immediate expert advice.
  • RESULTS – We invite you to review our Case Results.  Few law firms anywhere in Georgia can match our track record of success.  If you would like a law firm that is  consistently rated among the best personal injury lawyers in Atlanta and Georgia, we may be a good fit. Our firm is top rated by Martindale-Hubble and has many 5-star reviews.
  • BATTLE TESTED – Our lawyers try cases.  The insurance companies know this.  Many “TV” personal injury lawyers talk tough, but rarely enter the court room.  When interviewing any personal injury law firm, ask the lawyer when the last time he or she tried a case.  Lawyers who try cases tend to get better settlement offers.
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE – When you become a client, we do our very best to treat you like we would our friends and family.  This means we pride ourselves on great customer service.  All phone calls are returned the same day, or the next day.  We also contact our clients regularly to keep you advised and informed.
  • NO MONEY / NO FEE – You only pay for results.  Our law firm is selective on the cases we accept, and offers contingency fees.  When we work together there are no up-front charges and our law office is only paid a fee if we recover money in your case.
  • FRIENDLY, CARING AND COMPASSIONATE – When you are suffering from a bodily injury, helping an hurt child or parent, or have suffered the loss of a loved one you need attorneys and counselors who are on your side, and looking out for your best interests.  We have stayed in Jonesboro because our mission is to help our local neighbors and give back to the community.  When you hire our firm, we view it as becoming part of the same family and community.
  • A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE – We may be “local” attorneys, but our reputation is known across the State and Federal Courts.  Our firm has dozens of seven-figure recoveries and hundreds within the six-figures.  We have filed and litigated cases in over 50 counties in Georgia, over 200 cases in Federal Court, and at all levels of appellate practice.  Our appellate work includes wins before the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Georgia Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (we have handled over 20 panel and en banc matters), and appeals to the United States Supreme Court.

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