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Injured in Georgia Due to a Defective Product or Prescription Drug?

In legal terms, when one person suffers harm at the hands of another, it’s referred to as a “tort.” Whether you’re an individual who has been injured or part of a group affected by the same defective product or hazardous device, a skilled attorney can play a crucial role in seeking justice. When multiple people are injured under similar circumstances, it is often termed a “mass tort” claim.

Since its inception in 1993 by Bruce R. Millar, our firm, The Millar Law Firm, has been steadfastly dedicated to a singular mission: safeguarding the rights of Georgia residents who have endured injuries, harm, or wrongful death due to the negligence of others. If you or a loved one has suffered harm in Georgia as a result of a dangerous drug or a defective product, and you suspect you may have a products liability case, or if you’re curious about your eligibility to participate in a mass tort claim or class-action lawsuit, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We are here to enlighten you about your rights and options.

If you have been injured by a defectively manufactured or maintained product, call us today for a free consultation and find out more. 

Should you become part of a Class-Action Lawsuit, also known as a Mass Tort Claim?

While most people are familiar with the term “class-action lawsuit,” it’s important to note that there are other prevalent forms of mass tort claims that might be relevant to your particular case. As you navigate through a mass tort claim, you might come across some of the following terms frequently:

  • Product Liability: When you suffer harm due to a dangerous product or a defective device, you may possess grounds for a product liability claim against the manufacturer, seller, or any entity within the distribution chain.
  • Multicounty Litigation (MCL): In cases where numerous akin product liability claims emerge in various counties within the state court system, a court might consolidate them into an MCL to expedite proceedings.
  • Multidistrict Litigation (MDL): Similar to an MCL, when analogous product liability claims arise in federal courts across multiple states, a panel of judges may opt for MDL consolidation.
  • Bellwether Trial: Within the MDL process, it’s customary to select one or a few claims to serve as test cases. The outcomes of these trials significantly influence the course of action for plaintiffs with similar cases.
  • Global Settlement: In the event of a favorable outcome in a bellwether trial, defendants often extend comprehensive or global settlement offers to resolve other related claims.
  • Class-Action Lawsuit: Distinguished from MDL or MCL cases, class-action suits consolidate a substantial group of plaintiffs into a single lawsuit, as opposed to plaintiffs maintaining separate suits while being grouped together. Class-action suits may be pursued in either federal or state courts and can encompass victims who have yet to be identified. This explains the prevalence of advertisements aimed at notifying potential class-action claimants.

Class Action and Mass Tort Cases Our Attorneys Are Monitoring:

At The Millar Law Firm, our dedicated team of Atlanta injury lawyers is unwavering in our commitment to assisting Georgia residents who have suffered harm due to hazardous medications or other faulty products. Here are some of the ongoing mass tort cases we are closely monitoring:

The Millar Law Firm specializes in handling cases involving dangerous products and defects on an individual basis. Presently, we do not serve as lead counsel in class-action mass tort cases. However, we maintain valuable partnerships with firms that specialize in this area and have the experience required. In certain instances, we may associate or refer your case to these specialists. Additionally, it’s worth noting that we frequently offer our services as local counsel to our clients without any additional costs. Your best interests are always our top priority.

In February 2016, a jury in Missouri awarded a woman’s family $72 million after determining Johnson & Johnson had failed to warn consumers about the risk of using its talcum powder products. The woman had died from ovarian cancer after putting talcum powder on her underwear every day for years, Bloomberg News reported. This verdict followed a federal jury decision in 2013 that indicated another ovarian cancer victim had been put at risk by the company’s talc baby powder products. More than 1,000 women are now suing the giant maker of health care products.  If you have questions about Talcum Powder Lawsuits,** feel free to give us a call. 

Many thousands of cases are now filed over the medication Xarelto (or rivaroxaban), a blood-thinner, which is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical (a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) and marketed by Bayer. The drug, which is often prescribed to prevent blood clots, has been accused of causing excessive internal bleeding that led to death in some patients. The drug is currently the subject of Multidistrict Litigation in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana.  Call us if you have questions or are are trying to decide what to do next.** 

Manufacturers of transvaginal mesh are facing thousands of lawsuits over the implants, which are commonly used to help women who are suffering from pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, many women claim they have experienced serious health problems related to the transvaginal mesh, and now investigations are under way. 

Farmers across the United States are claiming they took a huge financial hit when Syngenta introduced its genetically modified (GMO) corn to American crops, causing China to block U.S. exports of the crop because the country had not approved the GMO corn. Georgia corn farmers who faced financial harm due to GMO corn** may contact our Atlanta lawyers to find out more. 

Don’t Know Where to Begin?

The right to safety from harm is a fundamental and non-negotiable one. You absolutely deserve protection, and even if we are unable to directly assist you, there are numerous law firms out there dedicated to handling cases like yours. They recognize the paramount importance of ensuring that consumers like you receive the justice they rightfully deserve when confronted with danger or unscrupulous individuals who prioritize their selfish interests over everyone else’s well-being.

However, exercising caution is crucial. Don’t leave things to chance by randomly reaching out to any law firm.

Instead, take the first step towards securing your rights. Schedule a free case review or evaluation with us today to kickstart the process. During this consultation, we will comprehensively explore all your legal options and discuss how we can effectively support you in pursuing the full and equitable compensation you deserve for the injustices you’ve endured. Your pursuit of justice begins here.