Staff Profile – Christin Calloway

Christin Calloway

Christin Calloway joined Millar & Mixon, LLC in Spring 2011 and has made it her objective to learn as much as possible about the business. She is a graduate of Mercer University and is currently putting to work her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing for Millar & Mixon, LLC.

When she is not making calls and sending emails, Christin loves to be outdoors and spending time with her family. She says that nothing will make you feel better than jumping in the car on a beautiful day, driving to somewhere you’ve never been and just enjoying the outdoors.

She has said she loves the challenges that come along working at the firm and the learning experience that Millar & Mixon, LLC has provided her. Ms. Calloway believes customer service and compassion are the keys to making a business successful; it’s not always just the ABC’s of the legal world that make a great company.

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