Injuries to the Head Caused By Dog Bites

Dogs offer joy and companionship to so many people. And while most dogs would never cause harm to others, accidents happen. Dogs are animals, and whether their actions are due to lack of proper training or out of the blue, when dog bites occur, they can cause serious harm.

Children are often victims of dog bites to the face

Dog bites can be traumatizing to anyone, but especially children. Because of their size and proximity to a dog’s face, they are more likely to obtain facial injury as a result of an attack.

Reconstruction and recovery from dog bites

dog about to attackWhen a severe injury occurs due to a dog bite incident, reconstruction, if possible, can take months or years to repair.

After any facial dog bite, it is wise to visit a doctor for immediate medical attention. You may also be referred to a plastic surgeon for suturing, depending on the nature and location of the lacerations. Your doctor will be able to advise if facial reconstruction will be necessary.

The basic reconstruction of the musculature and repairs to the underlying network of tissues, tendons, blood vessels, and bone can take many surgeries, depending on the extent of the damage. Bone grafting is sometimes necessary, and when fractures to the facial bones are involved, multiple surgeries are often required to ensure each bone is aligned correctly.

Dog attacks can easily result in thousands-of-dollars-worth of surgeries to restore basic facial functionality. This is even before the equally important issues of scarring or disfigurement can be addressed.

Thanks to modern medicine, even a badly-scarred face can usually be restored close to its previous appearance—with time and the correct medical care.

Aesthetics often impact how we feel emotionally, how we behave socially, and how well we perform professionally. Victims of facial injuries can go through serious self-esteem issues.

Getting the help necessary to restore the dog bite victim’s appearance is a significant part of why obtaining an adequate insurance settlement is essential.

If the dog has previously demonstrated that he or she is dangerous, and the dog’s owners are aware of his disposition, you may be able to hold the dog’s owners liable for your injuries.

Dog bites can be complicated claims to prove and win. If you are the victim of such an attack, you must choose a lawyer who is experienced and very skilled at winning these challenging cases. A personal injury specialist who handles dog bite claims regularly and has a good winning record is the lawyer you need.

Such a specialist will also be very aware of the real and emotional costs of dog bite injuries. There are consequences to be understood, and your case should be credibly presented to the court to recover the funding necessary to recover fully from your injuries—and to include all the cosmetic surgeries required to restore your appearance.

What a settlement for facial injury can cover

Fair compensation can cover past and future medical bills that are a result of the care needed for your recovery. This includes any necessary reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation, or medical devices.

dog running towards a personA settlement can also cover any lost income the victim has or will continue to suffer. Fair and just compensation can also help to secure your way of life as long-term medical procedures continue. An appropriate settlement can help you get the psychological tools necessary to move beyond the trauma as well.

To accomplish this, though, the victim must be represented by a formidable legal team with hands-on experience that can estimate and prove even non-economic damages accurately.

Unless you retain a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases, many of the costs and consequences of your accident may never be recognized. Therefore, you won’t receive adequate compensated.

At The Millar Law Firm, we always recommend that you take great care in retaining a lawyer. We suggest that you take time to discuss your accident and its aftermath with a qualified personal injury lawyer who understands that the rest of your life will never be the same. You need a lawyer who knows what it takes to get every last dime possible to compensate you for your losses.

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