Dog Bite Liability: Who, What, When and Where?

Dog bite attacks are a complex type of personal injury case that often involve state tort law, dog bite ordinances, premise liability law and various other nuances of the law relating to negligence. Liability for a dog bite injury is factually dependent and we recommend that when someone else’s dog has bitten anyone, the bite victim (after seeking medical attention) should certainly consult with a licensed attorney to help sort out his or her case. To simply put it, there is rarely ever such a thing as a “slam dunk” dog bite case. Even if it’s as clear as day that the owner was negligent and it resulted in a person being bit there will be gruesome legal war. If dog bite cases were easy we wouldn’t be needed at all.

A Door Salesman Was Bit

For example, our firm was recently contacted by a door-to-door salesman that was bitten by a potential customer’s dog when the salesman walked on to the dog owner’s property to talk to them about giving them an estimate on a new roof. Upon the door being answered, an unleashed dog bit the man on his leg. Thankfully the injury did not require any serious medical attention and the man made a full recovery. When the man called our office for a free case evaluation we were able to explain to him that his case would require some investigation and research and he was thankful for the information and help that we were able to provide.

Knowledge is a Key to Success With Dog Bite Cases

In a dog bite injury case, we want to know as much about the incident as possible. We want to know whether or not the dog has ever bitten anyone before. A previous dog bite or act of aggression can be a necessary element in securing a settlement in a dog bite attack. We may also want to know the circumstances of whether the injured had been invited on the property or whether he simply walked on the property uninvited. Under Georgia law, a property owner’s liability for an injury that happens on their property can often depend on the status of the person that was injured; for example whether the man a licensee, invitee or trespasser. Under Georgia law, those are legal determinations that carry different amounts of care that are owed to the injured. The amount of care that was owed to the injured can depend on their status as to why and how they were on the property when they were injured.

Different Dog Bite Laws For Each County

Lastly we would also want to know what local, county or state laws apply. For example a dog bite injury that happened in Cobb County will have different county “leash laws” than say that of a dog bite attack that happened in Fulton County. Also, some counties and cities don’t have such laws and Georgia state law may be the governing body of law for such a situation. Our firm understands the complex nature of finding the applicable laws and the information that is necessary to thoroughly investigate a dog bite injury. By asking the right questions and properly analyzing the facts as applied to law, we are able to help dog bite victims and those that are injured by the negligence of others. We do it every day!

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