Truck Accident Lawyer in Ellenwood, Georgia

Truck Accident Lawyer in Ellenwood, Georgia


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Truck Accidents

Ellenwood, Georgia’s Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys   

Since 1993, The Millar Law Firm has been helping Georgia families in and near Ellenwood, GA recover top compensation after being injured in truck accidents.

Our team of experienced truck accident lawyers located in Clayton County, Georgia has a proven track record of success.  We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in personal injury claims. 

Why Choose The Millar Law Firm for Your Truck Accident Case? 

  • We have over 30 years of experience handling truck accident cases. 
  • We are located near you, with offices in Clayton, Henry and Fulton County, Georgia. 
  • Unlike “Television” lawyers – many of whom are from out-of-state – we will work quickly to locally investigate your case and can begin working on your claim immediately.  
  • We will fight for your rights and make sure that you are treated fairly by the insurance company. 

Cases Our Ellenwood Truck Accident Lawyers Handle 

The Millar Law Firm handles truck accident cases involving a wide variety of commercial vehicles, including: 

  • Semi-trucks / tractor-trailers 
  • Delivery trucks 
  • Dump trucks 
  • Garbage trucks 
  • Box trucks 
  • Refrigerator trucks 
  • Tow trucks 
  • Tank trucks 
  • Mobile cranes 
  • Cherry pickers, boom trucks, and bucket trucks 
  • Large passenger vans 
  • Logging trucks 
  • Flatbed and lowboy trucks 
  • Concrete mixer trucks 
  • Forklifts 
  • Rental trucks 

The Millar Law firm will investigate your claim and analyze and apply federal and state regulations, including operation, weight, and licensing requirements. 

Semi-Truck and Tractor-Trailer Accidents 

Semi-trucks, also known as tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, or big-rigs, are some of the largest and most complex accident cases. These accidents can involve extensive damage, severe injuries, and multiple victims. 

Claims against Delivery Companies 

Our truck accident lawyers often have ongoing injury cases against large delivery companies, including UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart, and others. These companies are often held to a high standard of care, and they can be held liable for accidents caused by their drivers’ negligence. 

Dump Truck Accidents 

Dump truck accidents are another common type of truck accident that our lawyers handle. These accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including improper loading, negligent backing up, and difficulty stopping. 

Garbage Truck Accidents 

Garbage truck accidents are also a common type of truck accident that our lawyers handle. These accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including driver fatigue, improper training, malfunctioning brakes, and unsecured loads. 

Other Commercial Vehicle Cases 

In addition to the types of cases listed above, our truck accident lawyers also handle a variety of other commercial vehicle cases. These cases may involve forklift accidents, rental truck accidents, and accidents involving other types of commercial vehicles. 

The Millar Law Firm is Here to Help 

If you have been injured in a truck accident, please contact The Millar Law Firm today. We will be happy to discuss your case with you and answer any questions you have. We will fight for your rights and make sure that you are treated fairly by the insurance company. 

Put Our Ellenwood Truck Accident Lawyers to Work for You 

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Ellenwood, Georgia, you need an experienced Ellenwood truck accident lawyer who knows the law and the local legal system. The Millar Law Firm has been handling truck accident cases in the Ellenwood area for almost three decades. We know federal, state, and local laws, the local legal system, and local roadways and highways. Just as importantly, we know how to combat the tactics of insurance companies and trucking carriers. 

Our Experience 

Our firm has been independently rated among the best lawyers in Georgia. Please take a look at the 100+ five-star reviews posted to this website and Google My Business for the firm’s South Atlanta office locations in Clayton, Fulton and Henry Counties. Our firm and attorneys have also been awarded top “AV” and SuperLawyer ratings, which are established through anonymous surveys of other lawyers to ensure unbiased results. 

Our Commitment to You 

We understand that being injured in a truck accident can be a very traumatic experience. We are committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve and to making the process as easy for you as possible. We offer free consultations and we do not charge any attorneys’ fees unless your case results in a recovery of money for you. 

If You Have Questions 

If you have questions or are interviewing Georgia truck accident lawyers for your truck accident case, call and speak with us free of charge. 

When you call us you will speak with an attorney committed to helping you recover full compensation for your injury claim.

Experience and Focus: The Personal Injury Cases Handled by Our Ellenwood Attorneys

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We Are Here to Help 

We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed and confused after a truck accident. We are here to help you through this difficult time and to fight for your rights. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.