Bike Accident Lawyer in College Park, Georgia

Bike Accident Lawyer in College Park, Georgia

Bike accidents often result in serious injuries. Bike riders usually have to navigate through confined spaces, and they lack sufficient protection on the roads, particularly here in College Park. Despite wearing a helmet, they remain at high risk for catastrophic injuries

The grave consequences of a bike accident can have long-term effects on the victim’s life, not to mention the financial burden of medical expenses and bills that could potentially lead to financial ruin. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident in the College Park area, it is essential to seek legal assistance. The costs resulting from a bike accident can be so substantial that it becomes challenging to regain financial stability without the aid of a College Park bike accident lawyer.

That’s where our law firm, The Millar Law Firm comes into play. Based next to College Park, our legal team has been assisting local residents navigate the complexities of the legal process for three decades

Our attorneys at The Millar Law Firm understand what it takes to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve for your injuries. They are committed to providing personalized attention and steadfast support throughout the legal process. 

Growing Popularity of Bicycling in College Park 

Over the last few years, College Park has seen a rise in bike riding due, in part, to investments in bike infrastructure, including the Phoenix Trail, which connects to the Atlanta BeltLine and offers a dedicated bike path. Another trend that has emerged is the growth of bike share programs, like the Relay Bike Share program in Atlanta, which has set up stations in College Park. 

Also, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in biking and other outdoor activities as people look for safe and socially distanced ways to exercise and commute. 

Thanks to the great weather we see all year long, it’s easy for our neighbors to head out for a ride with friends for the evening. Or simply use their bikes as a more economic and environmentally friendly way to commute in the morning. Residents in College Park are out and about on bicycles. 

Even with these healthy modes of transportation, area residents still worry about their safety when out riding their bikes thanks to heavy airport traffic and drive time commutes. 

Because College Park is located to the south of Atlanta, we see heavy commutes from nearby counties who travel through our area to reach the city or the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Between that and a significant rise in population, College Park, inevitably leads to a higher number of  bike accidents.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in College Park 

Bike accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence, often resulting from various instances of carelessness. It’s crucial to recognize that not all of these oversights are on the part of car drivers. For a cyclist to have a valid claim in the event of an accident, determining who was at fault is a significant factor. Here, we outline a few common causes of bike accidents: 

Drivers Not Paying Attention

Sometimes drivers don’t see bikers because they’re not looking out for them or they’re too busy with other things like their phone. The biker would likely not be at-fault if the driver was not focused on the road. 

Bikers Not Paying Attention:

Bikers can also cause accidents if they’re not following the rules of the road, biking unpredictably, or if they’re not focusing on the road. The cyclist would likely be at-fault. 

Car Doors Opening:

Accidents can happen when someone in a parked car opens their door and a biker doesn’t have enough time to stop. The cyclist would likely not be at-fault here. 

Turning Problems:

Accidents can happen when a driver or biker doesn’t properly yield to oncoming traffic when they’re turning. The fault would be determined on who made the negligent turn. 

Passing Too Closely

Accidents can happen when a driver tries to overtake a biker and gets too close, causing a crash or making the biker swerve. 

Bad Roads:

If the road is in poor condition, like having potholes or debris, a biker might lose control and crash. 

Bike Malfunctions:

If something goes wrong with the bike, like the brakes failing or a tire bursting, it can cause an accident. 

Bad Visibility:

If it’s dark or foggy out, or if it’s raining or snowing, drivers and bikers might not see each other until it’s too late. 

Going Too Fast:

Whether it’s the biker or the driver, going too fast can cause accidents because it gives less time to react to unexpected situations.  

No Safety Gear:

Not wearing things like helmets or not having lights on a bike doesn’t cause accidents, but it can make the injuries from an accident a lot worse. No safety gear does not make it so the cyclist is at-fault. 

Biking the Wrong Way:

Biking against traffic is dangerous because it increases the chance of a head-on crash and it’s harder for drivers to see and predict what the biker will do. 

Biking on Sidewalks

Biking on sidewalks can be dangerous because drivers aren’t expecting to see fast-moving bikes at crosswalks. 

Insurance Company Miscalculations May Cause Bike Accident Victims to Struggle with Medical Bills 

When bike accidents occur, victims can suffer serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment. Insurance companies often estimate the costs upfront, without even viewing a medical bill, and will send out a check, hoping you’ll accept it because it contains a contract that will protect them from a legal claim. 

However, these estimates are almost always incorrect, leaving the victim with insufficient funds to cover their medical expenses. If insurance companies do not provide full compensation, the accident victim will have to find a way to pay for the bills out of their own pocket. This cost will likely put the person into debt. If they hire a bike accident lawyer, they have a chance of not losing money. 

One fact that distinguishes our law firm from the other law firms in College Park is we focus on maximizing a cyclists compensation. We do not settle for less. We do not run through cases. We pay close attention to every little cost, as well as the large expensive costs, and then we work the expenses into a settlement. This help prevents the bicyclist from going into debt.  

How Our College Park Bike Accident Lawyer Can Help You Overcome Challenges 

If you get into a bike accident in College Park, filing a legal claim can be tough. It’s not easy to gather strong evidence by yourself to support your claim, especially if you need witness statements or surveillance footage. Identifying which laws were broken can also be hard if you’re not familiar with Georgia’s bike accident laws. 

Additionally, it can be difficult to communicate with insurance companies to negotiate for a fair compensation especially if you don’t have any legal experience Plus, figuring out the exact amount of compensation you should receive for your injuries can be tricky. 

This is why it’s crucial to seek the help of a skilled bike accident attorney at The Millar Law Firm who can guide and take over to work to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Our Lawyers’ Successful Strategies for Proving Evidence in Bike Accident Cases  

The bike accident attorneys at The Millar Law Firm have successful strategies for proving evidence in bike accident cases in the College Park area. One approach is gathering evidence from sources such as 911 calls and police reports, which can provide important details about the accident and help determine fault. Our lawyers may also search for video footage captured by surveillance or dashcam cameras, as well as statements from eyewitnesses. 

Also, medical reports can be crucial in proving the severity of injuries sustained in the accident. Our lawyers may use x-rays and other diagnostic imaging to demonstrate the extent of harm to the victim’s health. By presenting strong evidence in the settlement process our lawyers can help accident victims have the highest chance of receiving the compensation they need to cover the total cost of the accident. 

What Expenses Can Be Compensated for in a College Park Bike Accident Claim 

With the lack of a vehicle, a bicyclist’s legal claims might seem simple but when they actually happen they are not because medical bills and recovery costs add up. Here’s a breakdown of everything that can be compensated for a bike accident:

Suggestions for Those Involved in Bike Accidents 

Hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

It’s important to get a lawyer quickly. Waiting too long could result in important evidence being lost or destroyed, which could harm your case. It’s also crucial to choose a lawyer with experience handling bike accident cases, like those at The Millar Law Firm. Our attorneys can guide you through the legal process and negotiate with insurance companies to make sure you receive fair compensation. 

Seek medical help quickly

Getting medical treatment quickly is critical, even if you don’t think you’re badly hurt. Seeking treatment early helps establish a record of your injuries, which can strengthen your case. Our lawyers may recommend that you see a doctor or specialist to ensure you receive the best possible care. 

Finally, it’s important to not settle for less than you deserve. Our skilled attorneys will work hard to help you understand the value of your case and fight for the compensation you’re entitled to. Medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering can quickly add up, so it’s important to be aggressive with your claim. 

Experience and Focus: The Personal Injury Cases Handled by Our College Park Attorneys

Starting Your Bike Injury Case with The Millar Law Firm 

Starting the process is easy. You can call or chat with us, and we will arrange a meeting with you, either over the phone or in person, to talk about your bike accident. Our team will explain the legal choices that are available to you, and you can decide if you want to work with us. 

We’re here to support you during this challenging time and are excited to help you out.