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The Importance of a Medical Examination After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Published March 17, 2018 by Bruce Millar
The Importance of a Medical Examination After a Motor Vehicle Accident

No matter the impact or severity of a motor vehicle accident, accident victims should get a medical examination by a medical professional immediately after a car accident. The purpose of the medical examination is entirely for the health and wellness of the accident victim. With how common car accidents are in Atlanta, authorized medical professionals typically have the expertise to identify injuries that resulted from the accident. Discovery of an injury early on by a medical professional can help reduce the long-term complications from it.

The fact that your car received no or very little damage does not always equate to your physical body being free from injury as well. For instance, small accidents like fender benders may not show any damage to your bumper because bumpers are designed for such impact. However, whiplash is very common in fender benders, which can result in chronic neck or spine pain from a herniated disc.

Immediately following an accident you may not be feeling any pain, but that doesn’t mean injuries did not take place in your body. If your head hit any part of the vehicle, then a concussion or traumatic brain injury is possible. Even if you feel no pain, but have some lingering fears about getting behind the wheel, then the injuries can be emotional. If your knees locked up hard or hit any part of the vehicle, then it’s possible you have a knee injury. There are many other injuries that don’t always present themselves immediately following an accident, so it’s beneficial to contact a medical professional who can help identify them for you.

Immediately following the accident, you’ll have options on how you can get the medical exam. If the accident was critical enough to the point where an ambulance or fire truck is on the scene, then it’s in your best interest to follow their advice. They have the most experience at accident scenes; if they believe you need to be rushed to a hospital, then it’s in your best interest to choose their advice. If they believe your body is in good condition and there’s no need to be rushed to the hospital, then you should first try setting up an appointment with your primary care physician. If the primary care physician is unable to take any appointments in an expedited time frame, then you’ll want to contact some urgent care clinics to see if they can provide an exam.

The best case scenario is to be able to walk away from your doctor with no reported injuries from your car accident. If, after consulting with a doctor, it’s discovered that you do have an injury that needs attention, then you need to establish a plan on how to heal or overcome the challenges of the injury. Doctors naturally do this. For an accident claim, the recommended solution to the injury can help the insurance company or the courts identify the cost and severity of the damages from the motor vehicle accident. If you do this early enough, then it will not only help your odds of overcoming the injury, but also allow for the allotment of the correct amount of funds for you to help with your recovery.

If you decide to wait and not get a medical examination after your accident, then the financial cost of the injury can be quite a hurdle to claim from an insurance company. It will make it more difficult to prove the injury was a result of the accident. Insurance companies will not easily hand over money. Even if your medical examination is just a few weeks from the time of the accident, an insurance company can argue that the accident wasn’t responsible for the injury. An examination within 24 hours of the accident makes it much easier to connect an injury with the accident.

Whether the accident happened a while ago or just recently, we can help with a free consultation. Our lawyers have experience with motor vehicle accident cases and they look forward to speaking with you.


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