Revolving Door Injury Victim Will Get Her Day in Court

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently found that a woman who was knocked down by a Hotel’s automatic door is entitled to have her case decided by a jury.

The case began when a woman was suddenly struck from behind when an automatic revolving door lurched forward as she was exiting the Peachtree Plaza Hotel in downtown Atlanta. The impact knocked her to the ground, causing a fractured hip and other serious injuries.

The victim filed suit against the hotel, alleging that the door was defective and that the hotel negligently maintained and inspected it, which the hotel denied. She presented evidence that the hotel owner was aware that the door had malfunctioned several times within a few months before the door struck her.

The Court of Appeals followed Georgia law requiring that a commercial property owner must reasonably inspect and keep its property in reasonably safe condition for members of the public invited on to the property. The Court also found that a hotel owner may not expose invited persons to unreasonable risks and ruled that a jury should decide whether the hotel owner knew about any malfunction with the door and negligently failed to fix the defective condition.

The case is Tyree v. Westin Peachtree Inc., Docket No. A12A1287.

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