Owners May Be Liable For Renters’ Injuries

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When you live in an apartment, you count on the people who share your walls to be responsible neighbors. If someone is careless and starts a kitchen fire, everyone else in the building is at risk. Likewise, the building owner has a responsibility to keep things safe.

In a recent fire in an Atlanta apartment building, a little girl turned out to be a big hero. The 10-year-old is credited with saving the life of at least one child in the fire at the Arbors on North Decatur Road.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the girl fled the building when her apartment filled with smoke. As she ran outside, she saw her upstairs neighbor hanging out the window with her children in her arms.

“I started yelling, ‘Help! Help! Help! Help!’ And I saw three little kids run up,” said the upstairs neighbor. “Three kids were running in front of the apartment and they came up to the window.”

It was then that the woman decided her children’s best chance for survival was exiting the building immediately, through the window. She told the 10-year-old to catch her 1-month-old infant, and the little girl outstretched her arms.

The infant fell from the apartment window and into the girl’s arms. Although the girl was unable to catch the other two children, both toddlers, she was able to break their fall, perhaps preventing life-threatening or catastrophic injuries.

Everyone, including the children’s parents, is praising the 10-year-old for going out of her way to help in a moment of fear and potential tragedy.

Both families lost everything in the fire, which was believed to have started in the kitchen of one of the apartments. Both families found temporary housing through the American Red Cross.

The families are now forced to deal with rebuilding their lives.

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