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Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Our Atlanta, Georgia lawyers specialize in dog bite and attack settlements and lawsuits.  Homeowners, business owner and renters insurance covers most dog bite claims and lawsuits.  We will investigate the facts of your case and discover if there is insurance coverage.  Above all, there is no charge for our investigation or services unless we recover money for you.

Our attorneys have helped many children, adults and seniors near you recover large verdicts and settlements for medical bills, puncture and tear wounds, nerve damage, pain and suffering and physical and emotional scars. Our Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help You.

At The Millar Law Firm, our lawyers and investigators search for evidence that a dog has been a problem or menace in the past. Often, our attorneys and investigators will speak with neighbors, animal control, local officials and gather records in order to prove the legal elements necessary in Georgia to win your case. In Georgia, winning a dog bite case can be difficult without evidence that meets these strict legal standards.

Discovering any violations of local dangerous dog and leash laws is critical. An owner’s failure to keep a dog inside a secure fence, on a leash, muzzled or under the control of its owner can lead to liability.

If there is a legal violation, it is not always necessary to prove the dog’s owner knew the dog was dangerous. Instead, you may show that the owner:

  • Violated leash and restraint laws. Local leash laws, a court order and county ordinances can all impose certain obligations on dog owners to make sure their animals are under control.
  • Failed to control the dog. A dog owner’s failure to secure his or her dog on a leash or keep it confined, is failing to handle or control the animal. The dog owner can be liable for allowing the dog to go free or for not muzzling the dog.

If you experience a dog attack or bite in Atlanta, consider these steps:

Seek Medical Attention.  Although as injury lawyers we cannot recommend what type of medical care you should seek, if you or a child has been bitten or attacked, calling 911 and seeking professional medical care as quickly as possible is usually the best and safest thing to do.  In Georgia after you call 911, most cities and counties will automatically notify animal control, who can meet you at the hospital or at home when you return.  Hospitals and other medical care providers will also generally call animal control.

Another reason to immediately seek medical attention is due to the risk of certain diseases that dogs and other animals can carry, such as Rabies, Tetanus and certain bacterial infections.

Make an Animal Control Report.  The City of Atlanta and Fulton County both use Fulton County Animal Services, and can be reached at 404-613-0358.  IT is recommended that you make an animal control report as soon as possible.

Obtain Proof of Vaccination.  You should try to determine who owns the dog and ask the owner whether the dog is current on its rabies vaccination, and for any homeowners or renters insurance that may cover your medical expenses, lost income, and your trauma and pain and suffering.

If you are not sure whether a dog has been vaccinated, let your medical provider know.

Fast Investigation. Begin to investigate immediately to discover if there are any witnesses and if the dog had been vicious before, or has bitten anyone else. You may want to contact an attorney, such as our law firm, to do this investigation as we have the experience and private investigators on staff to discover the truth.

Read more in our blog article:  What Injuries can come from a dog bite?

Read our FAQs or refer to the Related Pages sidebar above for more information on Dog Bite cases.

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