Increased Pedestrian Accidents in GA

According to the GDOT, pedestrian deaths and injuries have increased some 37 percent since 2015. Surprisingly, 93 percent of those injuries and fatalities occur outside of the designated crosswalk.

What has spiked the increase of Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrians are often combating heavy motor vehicle traffic, poor street lighting, and a shortage of crosswalks.

Sidewalks in Need of Repair in Georgia 

As Atlanta grows at a rapid pace, there are several of its sidewalks that remain in poor condition or merely have not been erected yet. According to the AJC, the conditions of the sidewalks has often led to pedestrians walking in the roadway, which significantly increases the risk of injury and/or death.

Poor Lighting During the Night

According to a study conducted by PEDS, over half of pedestrian fatalities take place during evening and nighttime hours. Walking at night in an area with poor or no lighting to illuminate the sidewalks or the crosswalks significantly impairs a driver’s ability to see and subsequently avoid collisions with a pedestrian.

Speedy Drivers in Atlanta, Georgia 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding is also a contributing factor to the increase in pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Because motorists typically drive at a higher rate of speed on highways or multi-lane roads there is often not enough time to safely cross them. To decrease the risk of injury, pedestrians should avoid crossing such roads.

Going out for a Walk? Here are some safety tips:

At some point or another, you will likely find yourself having to cross a street. The GDOT has come up with several tips to decrease the risk of pedestrian injury:

  • Always remain alert
  • Look both ways
  • Eliminate the use of cell phones or other electronic devices that may cause distraction
  • Wear bright colors
  • Walk on available sidewalks
  • If no sidewalks are available, ALWAYS walk on the shoulder of the street FACING traffic
  • Always cross in designated crosswalks
  • Avoid crossing street in dimly lit areas
  • Avoid crossing multi-lane streets and highways
  • Use reflective gear
  • Use a flashlight

What If I Am Injured By A Vehicle as a Pedestrian?

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