What to Do If You Are Hit By an Out-of-State Driver

Published September 4, 2014 by Bruce Millar

Being involved in a serious automobile accident changes your life. Whether you are involved in a collision or rollover or you are hit by a car while walking or bicycling, a crash means insurance claims, medical bills, and often weeks or months of physical and mental recovery.

When an out-of-state driver causes the accident, the effort to settle your insurance claim and get the compensation you deserve become more complicated. The out-of-state driver may live hundreds of miles away and may refuse to cooperate with you or your insurance company, presuming that at such a distance, you can do little to hold him or her driver accountable.

In fact, drivers who cause crashes in other states assume these things at their peril. With the help of an experienced Atlanta, Georgia car accident lawyer, you can pursue and receive the compensation you deserve.

Two Facts You Must Know About Out-of-State Driver Accidents

If you’re hit by an out-of-state driver or know someone who has been, knowing these two facts will help you pursue your claim:

  • You can bring a claim against an out-of-state driver.

The insurance an auto insurer provides to a driver depends on the state where the driver resides, the driver’s record, and what coverage the driver has chosen to purchase. Most insurance companies provide coverage that applies to accidents no matter where in the United States the driver is operating a vehicle. Some insurers even cover drivers who cross international borders to drive in Canada or Mexico.

If you are injured by an out-of-state driver, don’t hesitate to get their insurance information and contact info, just as you would from a Georgia driver. In most cases, you will be able to file an insurance claim even if the driver lives out of state.

  • You can require an out-of -state driver to appear in a Georgia court.

Out-of-state drivers are responsible for the harm they cause when they leave their home states. Although some out-of-state drivers assume that “what happens in other states stays in other states,” in fact, a Georgia court can summon an out-of-state driver to return to Georgia and face responsibility for causing a car accident or other harm within the state.

One thing to remember, however, is that other states have different minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage, and the driver’s policy may pay only the limits of the driver’s coverage in his or her own state, not in Georgia. If this happens, your attorney can help you seek the difference from the driver directly, or from any third party whose negligence may also have contributed to your injuries.

At The Millar Law Firm, our experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers will help you secure the compensation you deserve and hold a negligent driver accountable for his or her actions – no matter what state the driver calls home. Contact us today to learn more.