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When You Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Can Impact Your Settlement

Published July 6, 2016 by Anthony Jones, II

When You Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Can Impact Your Settlement

You’ve been in an accident. People are hurt, cars are wrecked. What do you do now? Should you call an attorney right away, or should you wait to see what happens?

The moments following an automobile accident can be chaotic and confusing. Your first instinct, of course, is to help the injured and notifying law enforcement authorities.  Knowing what to do after that can be bewildering in such a situation. Having a clear-headed, experienced professional in your corner during the fast-paced events following an accident can be like finding a port in the storm.

Following a collision, you are probably operating on “auto pilot.” At the time of an accident, it’s not possible to see the big picture clearly or to grasp the implications of what might happen next. Even if you are uninjured, you’re very probably dazed or in shock. Unfortunately, the actions you take in these moments could spell the difference in the way the rest of your life will play out.

If there was ever a moment in time when clarity and caution are critical, this is it. Most of us are not presented immediately with the opportunity to stop everything and call in our legal team – this can be a very expensive delay.

Hands holding up a phone taking a picture of a wrecked car that is blurred in the background behind it.Lurking in the Shadow

What you cannot see at the scene of an accident are the complications lurking in the shadows. These complications can forever change your future. Complications like; the other driver whose car insurance may have lapsed; the passenger who is suffering from traumatic brain injury and will never be the same again; or the elderly pedestrian who was tossed like a limp rag doll onto the median. Every individual involved in an accident has rights and expectations for the future that could impact the years to come. Chances are finding justice will require legal help.

Capturing the relevant evidence is one key to making sure justice is done – that the guilty are held responsible and made to pay for injuries and damages.

Evidence Lost

It’s very possible that you don’t know precisely what happened or why. You know that somebody wasn’t following the rules of the road, but at this point you aren’t even sure if you were in the right. Unraveling the tangled threads of who is at fault in an accident is often best left to the professionals. Fortunately, the police are on the scene of an accident almost immediately and, generally, they can determine who did what fairly quickly. 

On busy highways and streets, the world doesn’t come to a screeching halt after a collision. If you’re on the way to the hospital by ambulance, you won’t be able to take pictures before the skid marks wear quickly away. Broken glass and car parts are quickly removed. Soon the accident scene looks just as it did before and valuable proof that you were not to blame can disappear leaving you defenseless.

Getting your legal team in place sooner rather than later could make the difference between winning and losing your case.

Should You Call an Attorney?

It will not cost you – quick answer yes. 

A fender bender is one thing. Many of us can find our way through a straightforward accident claim.  However, depending upon the size of the accident and the number and kind of injuries involved, you should probably assume that legal action is waiting in the wings. Following an accident where people are injured or killed you are almost certainly going to need the help of a lawyer just to be sure your rights are protected.  It’s better to have that help by your side as early in the process as possible. Wasted time will not work in y our favor.

Not only do lawyers have the capability of collecting evidence at the scene and from witnesses to the accident, but they also know how to use that evidence. With their training and experience, a good personal injury lawyer can preserve your rights after an accident and help you prove your case. 

Sometimes a case requires deeper research like extensive driving history, employment records, and previous accident claims. These are just a few places where critical information can be found. Laypeople don’t always have the time, the money, or the connections to ferret out the truth. 

Perhaps most importantly, having an attorney with vast experience in personal injury cases is essential to the preparation of a successful accident claim.

Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Specialist

In law, as in most other professional fields, we tend to specialize. This way we can focus strategically on changes that happen every day. Specialization gives us the added benefit of knowing what’s new and different in the way cases are presented, how juries decide, and courts rule in cases like ours. Having the best information leads to the best legal outcomes.

An effective personal injury specialist has built an essential network of resources to help achieve a winning record. From having a large and well-trained staff, to creating a solid network of helpful connections in the field, an experienced personal-injury-focused firm brings formidable weight and reputation to your case. Calling such a firm after the accident will give you countless advantages. Calling that firm without delay will give you an even sharper edge.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, do not waste a minute. Contact the Millar Law Firm today for a free case evaluation. When you make an appointment to meet with a well-trained member of our legal team we will assess the facts and the evidence in your case, and give our best advice on how to proceed with your claim. Best of all, you will not be charged a dime or be under any obligation to retain our firm.

Yes. When you make that call to your attorney matters in a big way. Wasted time can rob you of your legal rights. Call us today for your free consultation – you deserve justice. Let us help you find it.

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