Truck Driver Fatigue

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People who drive while feeling physically and mentally exhausted are a safety threat. Professional truck drivers who are tired behind the wheel pose an even greater risk because they are in charge of vehicles that weigh tens of thousands of pounds more than a typical car. Yet far too many tired truck drivers stay on the road in Georgia despite hours-of-service regulations and other laws meant to prevent fatigued truck driver accidents.

In fact, estimates show that truck driver fatigue contributes to 30 to 40 percent of all tractor-trailer crashes. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), tired truck drivers  kill more than 750 people and injure over 20,000 individuals each year. Tragically, truck accidents that result from fatigue could have been prevented.

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Georgia Accidents Caused by Tired Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are under a tremendous pressure to make deliveries quickly. Tight deadlines and incentives to get to their destinations by a certain time can motivate them to spend more hours on the road than they should. Being paid by the mile means these drivers are encouraged to drive more in order to earn more. As a result, commercial drivers often suffer from exhaustion, which decreases their alertness and increases the chances of having a collision.

Some trucking companies are more concerned about making their numbers than they are about safety. Unscrupulous trucking companies might encourage drivers to falsify their logbooks that record the number of hours driven, or they might turn a blind eye to such activities. These businesses often don’t consider that their fatigued drivers may put innocent people in jeopardy.

While government agencies such as the FMCSA take action to regulate trucking companies, industry lobbyists often voice their opposition to many of the imposed guidelines. One of the biggest battles between the government and lobbyists involves limitations on how long drivers are allowed to drive each day. This issue is called hours of service or HOS.

Due to unrealistic schedules that trucking companies often demand, some truckers may find themselves on the road for more than 77 hours per week, which is still considered legal. But by July 2013, new regulations are expected to go into effect that will limit truckers no more than 70 hours each week. In addition, truck operators will be required to rest 30 minutes out of every 8 hours of driving time. Also, these drivers will not be allowed to exceed an 11-hour driving day. Truckers and trucking companies that ignore the new laws will face steep penalties.

The trucking industry is fighting these rules, arguing that the research behind the stricter laws is flawed. The American Trucking Association (ATA) also believes that the new limitations will cause trucking companies to suffer financially because deliveries will take longer to reach their destinations. Advocates of the revised regulations fear that the new laws aren’t enough to prevent accidents caused by fatigued truck drivers.

Exhausted truck drivers can lead to dangerous actions on the road such as:

  • Swerving into other traffic lanes
  • Lack of concentration
  • Constant yawning
  • Heavy eyelids, which can close at any moment, allowing the driver to miss critical traffic information.

One of the most effective ways to address this kind of fatigue is to force drivers to maintain detailed logs of their hours on the road. Furthermore, it’s essential to make sure these logs follow all of the regulations set by the Department of Transportation.

While logbooks are essential to holding drivers accountable, some truckers keep one containing truthful information and another that is falsified in order to fool law enforcement officials. These are sometimes called “comic books.” An attorney who is knowledgeable and skilled at uncovering the truth in truck accidents can determine when a driver has a fake logbook and is guilty of violating hours-of-service rules.

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