Peachtree City Accident and Injury Lawyer

Peachtree City has grown into a major business and commercial center. With the growth of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Peachtree City has grown to a population of almost 35,000 residents. While many of our residents commute into Atlanta, Peachtree City is home to several large international corporations and hosts many large industrial companies in the local industrial parks. Peachtree City continues to grow with plans to annex the western part of Fayette County near the Coweta County border, or what is called the West Edge.

peachtree based law firmSitting at the intersection of two major metropolitan highways, Peachtree City has seen dramatic increases in traffic and commercial traffic, including large trucks traversing the city en route from local industrial complexes. This increase in traffic unfortunately results in many car accidents and truck accidents. With many large trucks on our roads, the risks and hazards have increased and make our local streets and highways particularly dangerous to cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

Proudly Serving the Golf Cart City

peachtree city georgia lawyersIn addition to car and truck traffic, over 9000 Peachtree City households have a golf cart. The city has dozens of miles of golf cart paths that allow residents to travel in their golf carts throughout the city. The golf cart paths also double as paths for joggers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Because Peachtree City was designed around several large golf courses, the city is very attractive to golfers, particularly given the fact that your golf cart can serve as another form of transportation. With a large number of cars and trucks on Peachtree City roads and a large number of pedestrians and bicyclists, bicycle and pedestrian accidents are all too common.

state court houseThe local courts serving Peachtree City residents and Peachtree City personal injury victims is located in the county seat of Fayetteville. The Fayette County Superior Court and Magistrate Courts are located in the Fayetteville Justice Center and is likely the court in which a car accident or other personal injury claim would be filed if you proceed with a lawsuit. Fayette County courts have jurisdiction over Peachtree City car accidents and may have jurisdiction if your personal injury is caused by a resident of Peachtree City or Fayette County. You should consult a Peachtree City personal injury attorney if you have questions about your specific personal injury claim as each individual case is different.

experienced and professional law firmIf suffer a personal injury in Peachtree City or the surrounding area of Fayette County, you should consult an attorney who is familiar with the Peachtree City area and the local Fayette County court system. If you suffer a personal injury in Peachtree City due to someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. A Peachtree City personal injury attorney can help you navigate the local court system and get you the compensation you need if you are injured in a car accident on local Peachtree City streets.