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Accident Lawsuits in Jonesboro

lawyer jonesboroMillar & Mixon, LLC has been practicing law in Jonesboro for almost 20 years. Our  office is located on Williamson Mill Road and many of our employees are residents of Jonesboro or Clayton County. We take pride in representing our neighbors and fellow citizens.

Whether you are driving on Tara Boulevard or biking on Highway 54, you will see how congested our streets and highways have become over the years. With the growth of Atlanta and the metropolitan area, older cities like Jonesboro have seen substantial change in the congestion and volume of traffic. Residents need to take extra precautions to avoid car accidents.

With many large businesses and nearby industrial and commercial areas, large tractor trailers and trucks use our roads regularly and often without the necessary precautions and care to avoid risking the lives and safety of Jonesboro residents. These large trucks are extremely dangerous, particularly when driven by improperly trained or fatigued truck drivers. Truck traffic coming from Interstate 75 often passes straight through our city and past the businesses and schools that our families and residents attend and visit everyday.

If you are injured in a car accident, you should be aware of the local court system in your jurisdiction. The Harold R. Banke Justice Center on Tara Boulevard is the center of the Clayton County court system. The State Court of the Clayton Judicial Circuit is located at the Justice Center, which also houses the Superior Court of the Clayton Judicial Circuit. Collectively, these two courts service the majority of civil and criminal matters in Clayton County.

attorney jonesboroThe historic courthouse is a beautiful old building located on McDonough Street. Many visitors to the Jonesboro area enjoy this historic building with its clock tower. A nearby complex houses the Clayton Juvenile Court which exclusively has jurisdiction over juvenile crimes. Clayton County also has a Magistrate Court located at the Banke Justice Center that has jurisdiction over smaller civil claims involving $15,000 or less in alleged damages.

If your car accident occurs in Jonesboro or if the person who causes the car accident resides in Jonesboro, your case will likely be filed in Clayton County. Georgia law requires that you bring your lawsuit in either the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred or in the county in which the defendant lives. A local Jonesboro accident attorney can provide you with a free evaluation to discuss your Jonesboro or Clayton County accident case. Millar & Mixon, LLC has been practicing law in Jonesboro since 1993 and is located on Williamson Mill Road.