Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, brain damage, or loss of a limb can be devastating. Such cases require expertise and aggressive representation. We have handled many such cases, including:

  • Paralysis resulting from automobile and motorcycle accidents.
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Permanent injuries to bicyclists from being struck by motor vehicles.
  • Loss of limbs due to accidental shootings.
  • Permanent disabilities resulting from back and neck injuries.
  • Closed head injuries, causing permanent personality changes and disorientation.
  • Serious injuries requiring multiple surgeries.

Catastrophic injuries require attorneys to be familiar with complex medical issues and to have access to the best and most-experienced experts. We have helped many of our clients achieve excellent settlement or trial results because we work hard to understand, present, and prove all of the limitations you or your loved may be experiencing.

We utilize medical experts, life care planners, health care cost consultants, economists, and other experts to help prove your unique needs and structure a recovery that may provide for your future medical needs. Future health care costs for a seriously injured person may be staggering. It is vital that you obtain experienced counsel to overcome past and future financial and legal problems associated with a catastrophic injury.