Four Key Steps to Take After a Work Accident

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In order to help us get started on your case, we suggest that you take the following four steps after you have been hurt on the job. Taking these steps can have a significant impact on not only your physical recovery but also your ability to secure compensation for your losses.

1. Report your accident and injury to your employer.

You should immediately report your accident and injury to a boss, supervisor or foreman. If you wait too long to report your accident, you may lose your right to collect Georgia workers’ compensation benefits. (You may seek these benefits even though you are also pursuing compensation through a personal injury lawsuit or claim against a non-employer, or a “third-party liability claim.”)

However, before you sign any written report, make sure it clearly, completely and accurately describes the incident that occurred. This report will ultimately help in establishing what caused your accident and who should be held legally responsible. You should retain a copy of this report as well.

If you have any questions about filing an accident report or concerns about how your accident was documented by your employer, make sure to contact The Millar Firm right away. Employers are often out to protect themselves when a worker is hurt. Our attorneys are always out to protect you.

2. Seek care (medical attention) for your injury quickly.

In many instances, a work accident may require you to be treated by emergency medical workers (EMS) on the scene and even transported by ambulance right away to the hospital. If not, you should still go to the emergency room soon after an accident in order to be checked for injuries.

After your initial treatment, it’s important to follow up with a doctor within a few days. You may be suffering from injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or damage to internal organs, which were not immediately apparent. You may put your health at risk if you don’t follow up.

As you receive medical treatment, make sure to retain all medical records and bills. By keeping track of this information, it will help The Millar Law Firm to determine the extent of your injuries and the amount of compensation that you deserve.

3. Document your accident and injury.

We encourage injured workers to write down everything they can recall about their accident and the injuries they suffered as a result. Ask yourself:

  • What work-related task were you performing?
  • What equipment were you using?  (make, model and manufacturer)
  • Who was your supervisor?
  • What safety or first aid equipment was available?
  • Did anyone witness the accident?
  • What was your employer’s response after the accident happened?
  • How has the injury affected your ability to work and enjoy your life?

If it’s possible to take photos of the accident scene, do so. Use a digital camera or even a cell phone camera. You should also take photos of your injuries if you are able to do so.

As stated above, it’s important to keep track of all accident reports and medical records in your case. You should also retain any other information that may ultimately help your claim, including a police report if one is filed (such as when your injury involves a car accident).

When you take this step, it will help The Millar Law Firm to preserve and collect evidence that can be used in your case when seeking a settlement or arguing your case before a jury.

4. Don’t talk to an insurance company before you talk to an attorney.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often won’t wait until you are feeling better before they begin asking questions about your accident. Within only a few days – even hours – after an accident, you may be contacted by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer or the insurer of another party who may be liable for your injuries.

Insurance companies want to protect their profits. They will likely seek to use anything you say to help them to minimize the amount you can recover in any legal claim you file after the accident.

Your attorney will be focused squarely on protecting you. Before you talk to any insurance company, consult a lawyer such as one from The Millar Firm in order to ensure that you do not say anything that will hurt your claim.

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