Burned, Disfigured Lineman Sees Settlement in Thomas County

A twenty-five year old man working his job as an electrical lineman received terrible injuries working in Thomas Co., GA.

The Accident and Injuries

Injured VictimThe young electrical lineman in training had been lifted in a bucket truck to work on a high-voltage power line. He was not under supervision when he received an electrical shock of 7,200 volts. The jolt blew a hole in his back that actually exposed his intestines. He also experienced muscle tissue loss in one arm.

The young man’s injuries required two months of treatment at burn unit and 17 surgeries to reconstruct his arm and back. One might not be surprised to learn that following his work-related accident, he suffered manic depression and total disability.

The Injury Lawsuit

When the injured party filed suit against the Defendant City of Thomasville in United States District Court he claimed $ 400,000 in medical specials. Plaintiff’s wife claimed loss of consortium.

Team of LawyersPlaintiff alleged that he was merely an apprentice and was untrained to perform work in a hazardous area. He also claimed that the City of Thomasville was negligent in failing to ensure the contractor they hired was using safe practices as required by law.

The Defendant City contended that they had no duty to ensure plaintiff’s safety. They alleged that the contractor’s negligence in allowing plaintiff to perform work without supervision was the proximate, or cause of the accident in legal terms. They further alleged that the plaintiff was trained for this type of work and that the plaintiff contributed to the accident.

The Awarded Compensation

Award compensation for a completed caseThe plaintiff’s expert witnesses were doctors whereas the defendant sought the testimony of expert engineers. In the end, this Thomas County jury found in favor of the plaintiff apprentice and his wife. The jury awarded $1,000,000 in general damages and $120,000 for the wife’s loss of consortium.

This young man is currently seeking a Worker’s Compensation Claim.

According to the plaintiff’s counsel, this case should have been compensated at a higher rate, but the plaintiff made the statement that he “should have known better.” This small admission of responsibility effectively reduced his settlement significantly.

If you’ve been injured at work, you may need the help of a qualified legal team. Everything you say and do following an accident could impact the end result of your legal claim. Talking to an insurance adjustor can also imperil your case. First get to a doctor. Then, call a personal injury lawyer for an evaluation of your case.

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