Truck T-Bones Car – Leaves Blindness, Head Trauma, Misery and a $2.9 Million Dollar Verdict Behind

Two big-rigs and a passenger vehicle traveling southbound on I-75/85 in a drizzling rain became the recipe for a nightmare in Fulton County. Before it was over, innocent lives were changed forever.

A bob-tail truck, (meaning the tractor traveling without a trailer in tow,) is a difficult vehicle to manage since the weight of the trailer and its load help to stabilize the cab. The driver of just such a truck lost control of his tractor, causing it to fishtail into a vehicle that then spun around and collided with a vehicle in which two people were traveling. That vehicle was stalled perpendicular to the wall of the median for just a few seconds before it was broadsided by a fully-loaded tractor trailer weighing over 70,000 pounds.

The Traumatizing Life Changing Injuries

The passenger and the driver of the car suffered many devastating injuries. The driver suffered multiple head injuries requiring brain surgeries and partial frontal lobotomy, blindness in right eye, loss of his senses of taste and smell. His forehead and nose were shattered. The passenger in the vehicle incurred neck and back injuries and a severed nerve in hand.

The Injury Lawsuit

The two filed suit in Fulton County State Court, alleging that the driver of the bobtail truck was negligent in speeding and in failing to maintain proper control of his vehicle and that the driver of the second truck was negligent in failing to stop within an assured clear distance ahead. Plaintiff A –the driver of the car claimed $192,000 in medical specials and $760,000 in past and future lost income. The Passenger, Plaintiff B claimed $11,000 in medical specials and $14,000 in lost income.

Defendant A, the driver of the bobtail truck, contended that plaintiffs’ injuries were sustained in the second collision. Defendant B, the driver of the fully loaded truck, contended that he was confronted with an emergency situation.

The case was heard in a Fulton County courtroom. Accident reconstruction experts and several medical professionals were called to testify. Ultimately the two plaintiffs prevailed, being awarded $2,900,000. ($2,825,000 for the driver Plaintiff A, and $75,000 for the injured passenger, Plaintiff B).

Neither the driver of the car, nor his passenger will ever be the same again. The driver of a single commercial truck who failed to maintain control of his vehicle set off a chain of events that catastrophically altered two innocent lives forever.

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