School Bus Accidents: What You Need to Know

Whether your child rides the bus every morning and afternoon or only takes the bus on field trips and special events, it’s important to know about bus safety and what your child can do to reduce the risks of being injured. In any given week it seems there is another bus accident in the Atlanta area, underscoring the importance of being informed of bus safety issues.

In Dekalb County, a school bus crashed when the driver had a diabetic reaction and blacked out. He was uninjured in the crash, and there were fortunately no students on the bus at the time. But the accident could just as easily have ended in tragedy.

The same week, a bus accident in Fulton County sent five students to area hospitals. According to, the bus was rear-ended on Fairburn Industrial Boulevard. Five high school students were treated at Piedmont-Fayette Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Buses are designed with passenger safety in mind. Using something called compartmentalization, a bus is designed to limit movement within the bus if it is hit. Although many people worry when they learn most school buses don’t have seat belts, the design of the seats themselves is a safety measure.

While on the school bus, your child is just one of many riders. And when ten or twenty children are on a bus talking and making noise, the driver understandably has to use considerable focus to drive in a way that will avoid accidents. In some districts, bus monitors are placed on buses to help keep an eye on the children. But in others, it’s the bus driver’s responsibility. You can help by talking to your child about the importance of staying in their seat and minimizing distractions for the driver.

In addition to safety while on the bus, your child must be cautious when boarding and leaving the bus. Standing far enough away from the curb when the bus comes to pick him or her up will ensure they are not hit. Make certain your child understands that not all drivers are respectful of a bus’s stop arm and to be cautious when leaving the bus and walking out into the street.

Bus accidents are relatively common, and the results of such accidents can be tragic.

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