Heavy Truck Causes Wrongful Death in Athens, GA Resulting in Large Out-of-Court Settlement

In an avoidable tragedy, a 52-year-old electrical maintenance technician lost his life when a box truck ran over and crushed his 1999 Acura TL as he was traveling on the Highway 10 Loop near Athens, Georgia.

Stopping for a Deer and Loses His Life

When the Accura’s driver slowed down to avoid hitting deer in the roadway, a box truck owned by a company specializing in landscaping materials, slammed into the Accura with such force than it over-ran the top of the passenger vehicle crushing it along with the driver. The driver of the Accura died at the scene.

The family of the decedent alleged that the truck was speeding at the time of the collision and did not stop in time to avoid the Accura. The decedent’s estate proposed to file a lawsuit in Athens-Clarke County Superior Court claiming wrongful death.

Even before a lawsuit could be filed, the case was settled out of court for $2,000,000.

While the truck driver admitted that he was following the van between him and the Accura too closely, he contended that he was moving with the flow of traffic. The van swerved into another lane to avoid the deer, leaving the Accura directly in his deadly path. The truck driver was unable to stop.

A Corporate Responsibility to Train Good Drivers

When a company hires a driver and puts him behind the wheel of a big, heavy truck capable of deadly force and speed, that company accepts the responsibility to assure that their equipment and their driver will adhere to the laws of the road. When a driver fails to follow the law, the company must stand good for the damages caused by his recklessness or negligence.

If you’ve been injured by someone who did not take that responsibility seriously enough, you may be entitled to compensation. We cannot bring loved-ones back to life, but we may be able to help the families of wrongful-death victims fill in the financial gaps.

When the course of your life has been disrupted by the negligence of others, the law is on your side. Call or email The Millar Law Firm us today so that we can discover whether or not there could be help in a court of law for your future.