Dog Trainer Receives Million Dollar Settlement Award after Bad Crash

A young man who worked training drug-sniffing dogs was operating a van on Fairburn Road in Douglas County and approaching an intersection. A commercial tractor-trailer was traveling in the opposite direction. The tractor-trailer driver had a stop sign in his direction of travel. The van did not have a stop sign. The driver of the commercial truck made a left turn in front of plaintiff’s oncoming van, and the two vehicles collided.

The young dog trainer suffered a fracture of zygomatic arch of cheek and pelvic fracture both requiring surgery. He also experienced a hip fracture requiring future hip replacement surgery and resulting in limitation of movement in left hip joint. Additionally, there was a knee injury that would potentially require surgical knee replacement. Not surprisingly, the man also suffered from depression as a result of his injuries.

This young man filed suit in the United States District Court in the Northern District of Georgia. The Plaintiff alleged that the at-fault trucker negligently failed to yield.  The plaintiff claimed $ 128,183 in medical costs and $ 19,510 in lost income.

The truck driver and his employer were both named as Defendants. They contended that: (1) plaintiff’s vehicle was one-half mile away and not visible when defendant driver entered the intersection; (2) defendant driver could not clear the intersection because to traffic coming from his right; (3) defendant driver was present in the intersection for at least 11 seconds before impact; and (4) plaintiff should have been able to avoid striking the tractor-trailer.

Even before this case could find its way into the courtroom, the parties settled for $1,000,000 in favor of the injured drug-dog trainer.

A young, single man of only 34 years has much of life ahead of him. This particular young man faced those years without much joy. He had the prospect of pain, limitation of motion, and serious depression caused by the inattentiveness of a professional driver.

Fortunately for this young man, he sought legal help. With a trained legal professional in his corner, this innocent man was able to overcome what were significant questions about the way in which the accident transpired. He prevailed in this matter with the help of good legal counsel.

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