$1,000,000 Settlement Helps Burned and Broken Driver Find Justice in Fulton County

Interstate highway traffic, particularly during daily rush-hours, can be a fast-moving monster that provides little latitude for mistakes. Even those with lightning reflexes can sometimes fail to steer clear of potential deadly collisions.

Here’s What Happened in the Accident

A commercial truck driver, making his way down the interstate began to pass a truck stopped on the shoulder of the road. Without warning, the stopped truck veered into the traffic lane, striking the lawfully moving truck. The impact was a high speed one, which caused significant damage to both trucks. The first truck collapsed during the impact and its driver came to rest under the front of the truck.

The Costly Devastating Injuries

The driver of the first truck sustained burns over 20% of body requiring skin and tissue grafts to his arms, back, and legs. He suffered fractures of right wrist and arm requiring surgery. He also sustained fractures of ribs and left fibula, and crushing injury to right arm.

He filed a suit in Fulton County Superior court alleging that the driver of the second truck improperly, suddenly and without warning, swerved into the right lane, striking his truck. He also alleged that the defendant driver was negligent in failing to yield the right-of-way and operating his truck in an unsafe manner.

The Awarded Compensation

Plaintiff claimed $75,000 in past medical costs, $25,000 in future medical expenses, $13,000 in past lost wages and $250,000 in future lost wages.

The owners and driver of the second truck settled with plaintiff out of court for a total sum of $1,000,000.

When you use an on-ramp to join interstate traffic, you can hope you and your passengers won’t be blind-sided as this truck driver was. Had this driver not sought legal help, he might have spent the rest of his life under-employed and unable to afford his future surgeries and medical care.

When you retain a qualified personal injury specialist to represent you, you stand to make the most of your life in spite of injuries caused by negligent others. Don’t be pushed or bullied into settling your claim before you consult with the legal team at The Millar Law Firm. The quality of your life has value. By giving us the opportunity to review your case, we can advise you about what that claim could be worth and how you should proceed. Don’t wait. Call today.