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Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Georgia

When involved in an accident with a large truck, smaller passenger vehicles and their occupants often suffer the greatest damage. Those who have suffered a wreck with a big rig already know how terrifying it can be. The National Highway… Read More

Georgia Nursing Home Neglect - How to spot the signs and how to get help with your case

Silhouettes of old people.

In our effort to help you understand the perils your older relatives and friends may face when they move into a long-term care facility, we continue our discussion of the most deadly nursing home hazards. As we’ve said previously, neglect… Read More

Georgia Nursing Home Neglect – How do I prove a case of bed sores and what is the case worth?

Hospital bed with red cross.

Bed sores, or pressure ulcers, are injuries to the skin that develop as a result of prolonged pressure upon the areas that remain in constant contact with other surfaces. The injuries impact those who must remain in the same position… Read More

An Introduction to Nursing Home Neglect and Abuses

Silhouette of older woman holding younger woman.

Neglect is the mother of all nursing home abuses. It is the worst nightmare for any spouse or adult child of a vulnerable elderly person. When the time comes, and it does for most of us, when we can no… Read More

Swimming Pool Accidents—Who is Liable?

Beach ball in swimming pool

In 2013, at least 202 children drowned in a swimming pool or spa in the United States between Memorial Day and Labor Day. These accidents happen far too often, no matter the number. While children should never be left unattended near the… Read More

Distracted Walking a Problem as Pedestrian Accidents Rise

With nearly everyone owning a cell phone or smartphone, distraction is a common problem whether you’re behind the wheel, waiting for a bus, or walking down the street. It’s this latter concern that doesn’t seem to be getting enough attention… Read More

If you are injured by falling merchandise in a Georgia retail store – do you have a case?

Virtually every day in Georgia, a shopper in a commercial retail space is injured by falling merchandise. Sometimes it is the careless customer who is to blame, but often, it is the fault of the retailer, its management or its… Read More

Dog Bite Injury, No Actual Bite Required

Must a dog actually bite a person in order for his owner to be found negligent in a Georgia personal injury case? Under the law of Georgia, the answer is not necessarily. A dog that causes injury can create legal… Read More

Product Liability – Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Sometimes we are inspired to give points to other lawyers for originality. Product liability and dog bites are completely different matters, of course. If a dog were a product, it might be reasonable to expect warning labels to be tattooed… Read More

Leashed Dogs DO Bite

When it comes to the very technical business of presenting a personal injury case, attorneys must recognize the importance of tiny details. It is usually easy to see the damage done, but establishing carelessness or negligence in a case can… Read More