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Georgia Truckers Complain of Monitoring Systems

With the overwhelming use of technology in today’s world, it’s no surprise to hear that truck drivers are being monitored by their employers more than ever before. And the move towards a more strictly watched fleet on our roads should… Read More

Why Do Dogs Cost Millions Of Dollars in Georgia?

Silhouettes of dogs with reflections.

For many pet owners, a beloved dog is a member of the family. But a vicious dog that bites, attacks or menaces visitors is a serious liability. Georgia has strict dog bite laws, and according to the Insurance Information Institute, Georgia… Read More

Car Accident Rates Higher Among Pregnant Women

Silhouette of pregnant woman by car.

When a woman is pregnant, she will likely make lifestyle changes to ensure her baby is born as healthy as possible. A mother-to-be may cut out soda and junk food, stop drinking alcohol, and try to get extra rest. But… Read More

Staying Safe from the Dangers of Summer After Memorial Day

Summer beach.

Memorial Day is generally recognized as the official start of the summer season. It’s the time of year when long, summer weekends begin and kids anxiously anticipate the end of the school year. The months after Memorial Day can be… Read More

Top Causes of Georgia Motorcycle Crashes and Accidents

As the weather warms, we begin to see more motorcycles on Atlanta-area roadways. It’s a sign of the coming of spring. Not only are there more bikes on the road in warmer weather, there are more motorcycle crashes. Taking steps to… Read More

Drivers Too Confident In Their Texting Skills

Distracted driving kills thousands of people every year, yet many drivers continue to text behind the wheel because they think they are good at managing both tasks. The numbers illustrating the dangers of cell phone use while driving are downright… Read More

Recovering Lost Work Wages After a Car Accident

Financial losses from motor vehicle accidents can run deep–from not only damages and health care, but also lost wages after an accident–and insurance companies are known to ignore the wages and even possible job loss. Hiring the right lawyer and having the… Read More

New Vehicle Safety Rules Behind Schedule Says NHTSA

When it comes to your safety, running behind schedule isn’t an excuse. However, when it comes to governmental action, running behind schedule is nothing new. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it is far behind timelines when it comes… Read More

NHTSA Reveals Efforts to Curb Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving is a serious problem. Whether you are texting on your phone or inputting an address in your GPS, when you take your eyes off the road, you put yourself and everyone else at risk. New guidelines unveiled by… Read More

Comparing Atlanta Traffic to Other Parts of the World

Overhead view of rush-hour traffic on a freeway.

Sometimes at rush hour, Atlanta traffic seems like something dreamed up by an evil scientist—a mess of cars filled with impatient drivers and the risk of a crash at every turn. But, according to a new report, traffic laws in… Read More