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Social Host Liability

Individuals who serve alcohol in Georgia may be held responsible for the injuries or damages caused by a person who was noticeably drunk or underage when they served them. This is a part of Georgia’s Dram Shop Act. It applies… Read More

How These Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers Beat Negligent Truckers In Court

As you already know, truck traffic on Georgia’s highways can be awful.  But what happens when truck drivers and their companies try to blame everything from the road to other vehicles for truck accidents caused by their own negligence?  This… Read More

Three Historic Georgia Truck Accident Cases That Teach Us About Negligent Truck Driving

We like to believe that the courtroom represents a level playing field, where all parties can expect equal treatment. But, can ordinary people like you win accident and injury cases against expensive, high-powered attorneys and insurance companies? Fortunately, you can… Read More

Distracted Driving Infographic

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When an Accident Leads to Other Accidents

A car accident is a distraction to other drivers. Many times an accident can be the cause of a follow-up crash, as drivers are paying more attention to what’s unfolding on the side of the road than what’s happening right… Read More

How does the amount of each driver’s fault affect the outcome in a Georgia car accident verdict?

Man is pictured from the elbows down, standing in the center of the frame between 2 cars after a head on collision. Both cars are totalled.

Human beings make mistakes all the time. Sometimes when we do, we accidentally hurt others. In the case of car accidents, it often happens that one driver is not totally at fault for the accident. Other drivers often contribute to… Read More

Intubation Errors – What are your legal rights when mistakes are made?

Silhouette of man with intubation.

Endotracheal intubation is the placement of a flexible plastic tube into a patient’s trachea in order to maintain an open airway or to serve as a conduit through which to administer certain drugs. The procedure can be a lifesaving measure… Read More

Construction Site Injuries - Defining Third-Party Claims

Silhouette of construction site.

When you are hurt in a construction accident, most people understand that you can collect workers’ compensation benefits through your employer. These benefits can include money for medical bills and time lost from work. If another party is involved in your… Read More

Overserved and Out of Luck – Georgia’s Dram Shop Law May Not Allow the Consumer to Recover From Bar That Overserves Alcohol

What can be done when someone willingly drugs one of your loved ones and that loved one ends up dead? If the drug in question is alcohol, the answer is, perhaps not much. In Georgia, his family will most likely… Read More

How Speed is Factored into Car Accident Cases

Speeding is a Common Cause of Car Accidents With Personal Injuries Speeding is often a cause of a car accidents as well as an important part of determining fault after an accident. Nearly one-third of fatal car accidents involve speeding,… Read More