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Georgia Truck Accident Cases: What Happens When You Sue The Insurance Company Directly?

In many Georgia truck accident cases, you can sue the trucking insurance company directly in what is known as a direct action. This means that—unlike in Georgia car accident cases – the insurance company can be a defendant in your… Read More

When Insurance Companies Don’t Fight Fair

Unless you spend a lot of time in courtrooms, you may not understand how auto insurance litigation works. You may wrongly assume that insurance companies simply pay the damages as they should—after all, that’s why we pay for liability insurance… Read More

Beyond Auto Insurance – How Other Policies Help When You’re Hurt

Woman writing a life insurance policy

We humans get hurt in amazing ways and under surprising circumstances. We don’t even need to be near a car to become injured. Fortunately, there are insurance policies designed to cover just about any possibility. From dog bites to falling… Read More

Insurance Policies and Benefits for Georgia Injury Claims

Woman writing a life insurance policy

An Overview of Georgia Insurance Coverage for Negligent Injury Claims: Insurance policies seem to be everywhere in our lives. According to the law, we are required to have certain auto insurance policies, and we are also required by lenders to… Read More

Understanding Insurance Subrogation after a Car Accident

After a car accident you’re bound to hope that everything in the process of settling your insurance claim goes smoothly. If you’re among the wisest accident victims, you’ve had your injuries treated medically, and you’ve retained a personal injury lawyer… Read More

Is Your Health Insurance Paying for Your Injury Accident?

Accidents can be scary, especially when injuries are involved, no matter how severe. After you are involved in an accident, it is the obvious choice to seek medical attention right away for any injuries that you suffered in the accident…. Read More

The Man Behind the Curtain at Your Georgia Jury Trial is Usually an Insurance Company!

There are some things in life you’re just happier not knowing about. More often than not, though, knowing who is pulling what strings is very useful information. In the classic film, The Wizard of Oz, the great and powerful wizard… Read More

How to Get What's Fair from the Insurance Company After A Georgia Car Accident

One of the first things that you will likely do after you have been hurt in a Georgia car accident is to file a claim with the insurance company. However, when you go to file the claim, you may be met with… Read More

Court Rules That Insurance Company May Not Reduce the Amount of Your Uninsured Motorist Coverage Without Your Consent

In a major victory against an Insurance Company, the Georgia Court of Appeals has found that an Insurance Company may not reduce your Uninsured/Underinsured motor vehicle insurance limits below the amount of your liability insurance coverage unless you give express… Read More

Can an Insurance Company Deny Coverage?

The George Court of Appeals recently ruled against an insurance company that wanted to deny underinsured motorist coverage to a man who was hurt in a Georgia traffic crash because of language in the insurance policy excluding such coverage. Hiding language deep… Read More