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Two Courageous Georgia Residents Who Received Justice After Being Hurt By Drunk Drivers

We all know that drinking and driving can have terrible consequences. When somebody is hit by a drunk or drugged driver, fair compensation should be a given. After all, Georgia’s laws are written so that victims of DUI injuries can… Read More

A Young Mother’s Life Lost – A Foreseeable Tragedy Results in $13,000,000 Jury Verdict

Knowing that we are safe in our own homes is one of the cornerstones that make life liveable. People around the world, however, trust the security of their homes to landlords and maintenance employees every day. We make certain assumptions… Read More

Who’s in Charge Here, Anyway? When Is A Georgia Business Responsible For A Contractors’ Bad Driving?

There was a day – not too long ago, either – that one could count on owners of “commercial” vehicles to stand good for damages caused by the negligence of the drivers of those vehicles. Today, the lines are a… Read More

What’s In A Name? Dog Fighting Trainer Loses in Court

There is a theory that we humans live up to (or down to), the names our parents give us at birth. Mothers generally seek to give their babies noble, respectable sounding names to be on the safe side. Thus the… Read More

Courageous Georgia Jury Returns Large Verdict Against Six Flags for Assault From Failure to Keep the Premises Safe

Six Flags.

This case shows how important it is for business owners  – even an amusement park – to keep their premises clear of trouble on a minute-by-minute basis. Unfortunately there are places in perfectly fine locations where that vigilance is missing…. Read More

Court Rules that A Georgia College is Not Responsible For the Drowning Death of A Student During University Sponsored Trip

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We humans are often babes in the woods when we blithely send our offspring off to participate in school-sponsored trips. We imagine that the school will naturally take care of our loved ones as well and as diligently as we… Read More

Slip and Fall Case Goes to Trial Because Store Employee Knew of The Danger

Caution Slippery Wet Floor Sign.

It seems elementary that when we are injured on somebody else’s property, especially the property of a business, the property owner is liable for our injuries. That’s how it ought to work. Unfortunately, property owners are represented by insurance companies… Read More

Bad Day in Court Reversed? Appeals Court Sends Shockingly Low Jury Verdict Back to the Trial Court To Try Again

Silhouette of woman holding her head.

At The Millar Law Firm, we are big believers in our system of justice. We agree with other legal minds that the enlightened jury, after hearing all the evidence and listening to the arguments provided by attorneys for both sides,… Read More

A Deep Hole? How Georgia’s Recreational Property Act Could Block You From Bringing An Injury or Wrongful Death Claim

Silhouette of forest with hole.

In this increasingly hostile world, where stress debilitates us daily, recreation is a necessity, not a luxury. Although some of the things we do to recreate ourselves can be costly in terms of money and time, they are probably necessary… Read More

Cultural Enrichment at a Price – How Does the Georgia Recreational Property Act Apply to An Injury Claim at a “Free to the Public” Event?

Concert silhouette.

If you attend a free concert in a public place and are injured while on the premises, who is liable for your injuries? If nobody is benefiting financially for the free recreational opportunity, are the venue and the concert organizers… Read More