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What Happens During a Personal Injury Consultation

Attorney Anthony Jones II advising a client

The Millar Law Firm offers free consultations to help you better understand your options and the legal rights you may have after an accident. During our first meeting, we get to know you as a person, review the facts and… Read More

Choosing an Injury Lawyer to Represent You – What You’re Up Against

When you have an accident claim, you may see the process of recovering what you’ve lost as a simple exercise. Nevertheless, before you get too far into the business of tapping an insurance company for the damages their insured has… Read More

What are the costs involved in an Injury lawsuit?

If the thought of filing a lawsuit gives you the cold chills, don’t worry. It isn’t unusual for you to hesitate when you’re wondering whether or not to hire a lawyer to handle your car accident. Most folks don’t want… Read More

How to Find the Best Injury Lawyer for Your Injury Accident

A man and a woman shaking hands

The concept of “one size fits all” doesn’t really work when it comes to lawyers these days. Like doctors, lawyers specialize. This can be an annoying fact if you’re looking for somebody to represent you after an automobile accident or… Read More

Six Reasons Not to Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Claim

When people are involved in small car accidents or fender benders, they often hesitate to call a lawyer because they fear that they will be pressured – roped into hiring a attorney whether they need one or not. This is… Read More

Six Reasons to Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Accident Claim

We’ve said previously that there are certain circumstances in which hiring a lawyer could be considered ‘overkill.’ If your accident was a very minor one and there are no injuries, hiring a lawyer might actually slow down the process and… Read More

Handling your Georgia Accident Claim without a Personal Injury Lawyer or Legal Team

Bruce Millar and Anthony Jones II look over and explain documents to a client.

Have you considered handling your own accident claim without the help of a lawyer? If so, you’re not alone. Many people who are injured in car crashes imagine that they can handle the settlement of their claim without the help… Read More

Smaller Injury Cases and Lawsuits: Why it's Worthwhile to Talk with a Lawyer

We’ve all heard about million-dollar personal injury settlements and verdicts.  And those cases can make for interesting headlines.  Sometimes, a plaintiff who has been severely injured is forced to fight it out in the court system to obtain just compensation… Read More

How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Sign-up My Case and Get Started?

As an accident victim we understand you probably have plenty of things to worry about.  Above all, you need to focus on getting the medical care needed for a quick recovery.  And, unfortunately, you probably have financial strains and concerns in… Read More

Hit By A Drunk Driver, What Do I Do Next?

If you or someone you love has been hit by a drunk driver, you may be wondering where to turn to seek justice. DUI accidents are different than other types of car accidents. A DUI accident would be entirely preventable if the… Read More