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Motorcycle Accident Injury – The Litigation Basics

Faded blue motorcycle crash.

If you are among the many people who take advantage of Georgia’s mild year ’round climate to enjoy the freedom of motorcycle road trips, chances are you also know that motorcycling has its downside as well. Motorcycle accidents are on… Read More

What’s in a Name? Georgia Supreme Court Says Children Born Out of Wedlock May Sue For The Wrongful Death Of A Parent

Children playing, and their reflections.

American society has changed much in the centuries since its founding. When the framers of our nation wrote and affirmed the constitution by which we live, the matter of children born out of wedlock was simply not discussed. There were… Read More

Can the Owner of a Georgia Bar or Restaurant Be Personally Responsible When Over-serving a Customer results in a Drunk Driving Accident? It May Depend on the Corporate Structure.

Corporate Structure.

When a corporation is formed – meaning that a business is structured and will operate according to the rules for corporations rather than for partnership or sole proprietorships – certain advantages apply. When your business is a corporation, it becomes… Read More

Do You Know Where Your Children Are? How the Law in Georgia Applies When an Adult Serves Alcohol to Minors, Resulting in a Car Accident

Kids make mistakes. In spite of our best efforts as parents, our offspring can get themselves into vats of deep, deep yogurt when they’re away from us. If you’re the parent of a teenager, you have plenty of worries to… Read More

Smoke Alarms - A Landlord’s Duty

Are you currently living in a rental home? If so, ask yourself this: Is my family protected if the building should suddenly catch fire? It is the duty of your property owner to assure that you are, yet many rental… Read More

Once Bitten… The Georgia Supreme Court (slightly) Relaxes the “One Free Bite Rule”

Silhouette of dog in front of the state of Georgia with the number 1.

Imagine for a moment that you are on a street in your own neighborhood, walking or jogging along as content as you are given to be. Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, you encounter a fairly large dog who is not only… Read More

Georgia’s Dog Bite Law — O.C.G.A. 51-2-7, Explained

Anybody who has suffered a dog attack feels justified in wanting all dogs to be properly kept away from innocent others. Interestingly, especially in the past, the law in Georgia tends to give the dog the benefit of the doubt,… Read More

Can Your Georgia Dog Bite Case Be Won Based On the Dog Being A Breed “Known” To Be Vicious?

Occasionally, when we are about the business of living our lives, we encounter an animal whose behavior frightens us. Sometimes they just bark. Sometimes they bark and lunge toward us. Even when the animal is tethered to a tree or… Read More

In Georgia, when does a dog bite or attack victim assume the risk of being bitten?

In the past we have discussed Georgia’s ‘first bite rule’ also known as the ‘one free bite’ rule in Georgia Dog Bite and Dog Attack cases.  In Georgia, courts take the position that dogs are presumed harmless. Unless it can… Read More

House Guest Bitten By Dog Prevails – Georgia’s “First Bite” or “One Free Bite” Rule Explained

Clients often ask us to determine whether or not they can win a civil case based upon injuries sustained when a vicious dog attacks. The answer to that question often comes down to one critical word in that question. That… Read More