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Four Key Steps to Take After a Work Accident

The workplace injury lawyers of  The Millar Law Firm are ready to help you collect the compensation you need and deserve after being hurt on the job in Atlanta or anywhere else in Georgia. You can contact us through our toll-free number… Read More

Missed Money

A Guide to Car Accident Settlements

Car Accident Settlement Cash

You’ve been in an accident. People are hurt, cars are wrecked. What do you do now? Should you call an attorney right away, or should you wait to see what happens? The moments following an automobile accident can be chaotic… Read More

How Long Does it Take to Get Compensation After a Car Accident in Georgia?

Car accidents are traumatic and create financial burdens for accident victims.  When someone else caused your injury, you want to know how long it will take for you to receive money, known as compensation, from the insurance company or at-fault… Read More

When Racing Turns Deadly

Racing is not everyone’s idea of a good time, but for those people who enjoy the adrenaline rush and have the need for speed, racing is one way they fulfill that desire. However, when racing is done off the track,… Read More

Wondering what your accident claim is worth? Ask a professional.

Girl on cell phone with car accident in background

If you’re the victim of an automobile accident in Atlanta or anywhere else in Georgia, you have questions that need answers. Naturally, you want to know how and when your medical bills will get paid and how much somebody else’s… Read More

A Georgia Guide to Non-Injury Totaled Car and Truck Damage Claims

Red car on tow truck bed after an accident

Finding the Value of Your Vehicle When it is Totaled Assuming that you plan to handle your own non-injury accident claim for a total-loss, one of the first matters of importance is establishing the value of your car and the… Read More

How to Recover Lost Work Income After a Car Accident in The State of Georgia

You have been hurt in a car or truck or motorcycle accident that was not your fault. As a result of your injuries, you have been out of work since the accident and have lost a significant amount of income…. Read More

More Than Blue Book Value After an Atlanta Car Accident?

There are a number of things that you have to take care of after an Atlanta car accident. From reporting the accident to law enforcement to filing a car accident claim with the insurance company, you want to do everything “right” to try to… Read More

How Do Pre-existing Conditions Impact Compensation After a Car Accident?

While all drivers in Georgia are required to carry car insurance in order to legally drive, in the event of an accident where injuries are sustained, compensation from the car insurance company is not always obtained. In cases where the… Read More