Why Did an Apartment Complex’s Negligent Security Result in a $2,500,000.00 Settlement?

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Does a disabled woman have the right to expect a measure of safety and security from sexual assault at the hands of an apartment complex employee? She certainly does.

Fulton County Injury Case

A civil suit was brought in Fulton County against an apartment complex when one of their employees made a duplicate key to the apartment of a disabled woman and used it to gain entry and assault her sexually. She was unable to defend herself against the assailant due to her disability.

The plaintiff alleged that she asked management to ensure that the maintenance man not be given access to her apartment after he had begun acting oddly around her. He was able to obtain a duplicate key in spite of her request for extra protection.

2.5 Million….Very Painful Injuries

This case was settled out of court for $2,500,000.

What rights do you have to live in a safe and secure apartment? Can you reasonably expect that your right to privacy, your safety, and your freedom to live without fear of deviant employees of the apartment complex will be protected? Yes. In Georgia, every person has the right to quiet enjoyment of his/her home.  You have the right to expect that strangers or employees of the Complex will not enter your dwelling without notice unless there is a dire emergency.

This right to quiet enjoyment means that one need not worry about somebody just barging in to repair a shower curtain. It goes almost without saying that one should never have to worry about an employee gaining access for the purpose criminal activity.

If your rights have been violated by the negligent security of a company or its employee and a serious physical injury has happened as a result, you may be able to recover in court. Call or email us today with a summary of your case. We’ll be happy to review it to see if we can help. Time can be your enemy – don’t wait to discover whether or not you may be entitled to compensation.

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