When Your Apartment Isn’t Safe

There are many reasons people choose to rent instead of own. One of those is the ability to rely on someone else for home maintenance. When you rent a home or apartment, you trust that your landlord or property owner will keep the facilities safe by reducing the risk of accidents.

Keeping an apartment community safe means doing little things, such as ensuring that boards that could cause someone to fall or trip are not sticking up. It means ensuring that there aren’t any fall hazards in the grass surrounding the area and making certain that boilers, hot water heaters and other natural gas operated equipment is maintained to reduce the risk of fire or explosion.

For one family, the need for a safe apartment has never been more apparent. An 18-month old child was killed in southwest Atlanta when a door fell on her and crushed her.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the door was propped up against a wall outside and was intended for a renovation project. It isn’t clear if the work crew had gone home for the day or if they were still present when the accident occurred.

The toddler escaped from her grandmother’s view, and the unsecured door fell on top of her.

Reducing risks for rental property residents is especially important when construction work is going on. After all, construction is one of the most dangerous work fields. It would make sense that at least some of those risks are transferred to residents when construction is going on around their homes.

The door in question weighed more than 50 pounds. It was leaning against an outside wall, unsecured and accessible to the toddler. Someone dropped the ball.

Police called the incident a “tragic accident.” It serves as an extreme reminder to parents and to people who live on someone else’s property—always be aware of your surroundings and report any unsafe conditions to the appropriate people.

Whether you live in an apartment complex or if you are injured when visiting friends, there are cases where the landlord or property owner can be held responsible for your injuries. The personal injury attorneys of The Millar Law Firm may be able to help.

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