The Millar Law Firm, LLC’s ‘Atlanta Injury Attorneys Legal Blog’ Discusses Recent Rulings in Premises Liability Cases

A new blog article on two recent Georgia appellate court decisions concerning the role of the jury in personal injury cases is especially relevant at a time of year when winter weather increases the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, says attorney Bruce Millar of The Millar Law Firm.

Atlanta, GA (Vocus/PRWEB) February 2, 2013 – Two recent decisions by the Court of Appeals of Georgia underscore the important role of the jury in personal injury cases, including those involving premises liability claims, according to a new article on the Atlanta Injury Attorneys Legal Blog published by The Millar Law Firm.

“Unfortunately, this is a time of year when premises liability cases – specifically, slip-and-fall accidents – tend to increase due to winter conditions such as snow, water and ice,” said Bruce Millar, managing partner of the Atlanta personal injury firm. “Those who believe they have a legal claim after a slip and fall should find this article to be helpful and informative.

“As the article explains, in these recent decisions, the Court of Appeals essentially said that juries – the people – should decide issues that were central to the complaints that were brought forward by Georgia residents who had suffered personal injury,” Millar continued.

“Those decisions are significant reinforcements of a cornerstone of the American judicial system – that we have the right to be heard by a jury of our peers.”

The Court of Appeals’ decisions discussed in the blog article are:

  • Tyree v. Westin Peachtree Inc. (Docket No. A12A1287), in which the trial court had dismissed a case involving a woman injured by a defective automatic revolving door at the Peachtree Plaza Hotel in downtown Atlanta; and
  • Samuels v. CBOCS, Inc. (Docket No. A12A1525), in which the trial court concluded that no inspection would have led to the discovery of a wood fragment that a patron slipped on in a Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lot, and, even if it had, no person inspecting the parking lot would have felt it necessary to remove the fragment.

In each case, the Appeals Court sent the case back to the lower court with instructions that it be heard by a jury.

“In other words, property owners can be held accountable for injuries suffered by their guests and visitors, and when these dispute come before the court, both sides deserve a proper hearing before a jury,” Millar said.

Millar said the Atlanta Injury Attorneys Legal Blog features several other helpful articles on the latest news and developments in Georgia personal injury law, including recent posts on safe driving in winter weather and liability for car accidents, legal responsibilities in a dog attack, pedestrian accidents and distracted driving.

“With our blog and our website, our firm’s goal is to provide information that can generally answer questions that personal injury victims and their families may have,” Millar said. “However, it’s always important to contact an attorney directly to discuss the specific details of one’s case and review one’s rights and options.”

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