Insurance Policies and Benefits for Georgia Injury Claims

An Overview of Georgia Insurance Coverage for Negligent Injury Claims:

Insurance policies seem to be everywhere in our lives. According to the law, we are required to have certain auto insurance policies, and we are also required by lenders to carry homeowner’s policies on the houses we buy. Other insurance policies are offered and many are essential even if the law doesn’t insist that we purchase them.

You may, for example, have a rental insurance policy to cover your belongings in an apartment or rental house, or a GAP insurance policy on your new car that will pay for the difference between what you paid for it and what it is actually worth if it is totaled in an accident.

What Types of Cases and Claims Does Georgia Liability Insurance Cover?

Insurance policies on your auto, your home, and your business insurance policies are meant to provide liability coverage that will pay for damages if someone is accidentally injured or killed on your property or because of your negligence. In these cases, your insurance carrier – the company to whom you pay your premiums – promises to defend you against claims or lawsuits and will settle any claims against you.

How Do I Find and Determine the Limits of A Georgia Liability Insurance Policy?

Of course, insurance policies all have limits on how much the company will pay in any instance. It is all spelled out in the policy which is a binding contract between you and the insurance company. There could be an entire dictionary written about the definitions used in insurance contracts. Fortunately, most policies provide a declarations page where you will find the details of which people, property, or activities are insured and how much each policy will pay under what circumstances. Always read your entire insurance policy carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your agent if you don’t fully understand the provisions of your policy.

What Is Covered by a Typical Georgia Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Policy?

Knowing what your policy covers is especially critical when you’ve been in an accident, or someone is injured on your property. We always suggest you take advantage an attorney’s offer for a free consultation following an event like this. When you go, be sure to bring your policy to the consultation with you. Whether you hire an attorney to represent you or not, you should use the free consultation to get all of your questions answered. Insurance coverage can be very complicated. Because of the nature of the insurance business and the way it operates, it can also be dangerous for those of us who don’t know precisely what we’re doing.

What Types of Insurance Will Cover Injuries at a Home of Business?

It sometimes happens that lawyers will tap into different resources when other kinds of accidents or events occur. When someone is injured while visiting your home, for example, benefits from your homeowner’s insurance policy may be used. If an accident happens at your business or involves a vehicle in use for your business, a commercial liability insurance may come into play.

Other Insurance: Life and Health

Of course there are other kinds of insurances like life insurance and, health insurance that can be used when and if there is a need. Because there is such a basketful of possibilities for claims, we at the Millar Law Firm always suggest that you take advantage of the free case evaluation we (and other lawyers) offer. It doesn’t hurt to discuss the claim with a professional even if you plan to handle the claim on your own. While you’re there, don’t be bashful about discussing your insurance policies during your visit with a lawyer in order to isolate which insurance assets might be needed in your situation.

Can a Lawyer Help Determine or Discover Insurance Coverage?

Yes. Attorneys, particularly Personal Injury Lawyers are experts in reading insurance policies, discovering who is an insured, what incidents are insured, and recovering money from insurance companies. Insurance companies and adjusters are not always totally forthcoming when it comes to disclosing all sources of insurance. However, unless you are familiar with the legal mechanisms and rules regarding insurance disclosures and limits, it can be difficult to know if you are being treated fairly, or if all insurance has been discovered and/or disclosed.

If you have not made an appointment for an initial consultation with a professional, please don’t hesitate to call the Millar Law Firm. Let us use our decades of experience in handling personal injury claims help you understand what you’re up against.

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